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People's Motives in Viewing/A Good Series

Author: Absalom1991
19 August 2015

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The George Gently series (in the American sense) has been a pleasant surprise. The scripts are smart and usually avoid pomposity. The 1960s setting is managed in a fun, usually subdued way that lets things look like reality for the times rather than a "look at all this retro kitsch!" camp trip. Cinematography is excellent, sets and costumes are great and show a generous budget, editing is clean, direction is well-paced. The characters are believable enough, and the actors are very good. It offers a pleasant mix of police-show subgenres.

The only downside is a tendency at the end of each episode for an overlong and tedious summing up, with moralisms, explanations, and overacting that drags things down for 5-10 minutes. By then the plot has resolved so I usually divert myself with something else until they're finished. This episode was characteristic of the positive qualities of the show - and the small- scale negative tendencies.

Other reviews here seem confused, but people watch for their own reasons and are welcome to their priorities, of course. But.

Someone who saw Gently as a meanie and was disappointed that he seemed like too much of a good guy in this episode wasn't paying close attention in earlier episodes. Gently is not Morse. (For that matter, neither was Morse, when you get down to it.) Gently is, if anything, a bit too smoothly superior about his high moral code and his down-to-earth persona.

And the person who cannot abide television shows unless they align with her own moral code not only will inevitably miss the deeper meanings of popular art, but will likely get things wrong. Taking this episode and praising it for calling aborted fetuses babies and complaining that a show about a Playboy-bunny-type establishment shows scanty costumes perhaps needs to go back to "Highway to Heaven" and "Touched by an Angel" in order to better fulfill her preferences. The point is that the show does have an ethical basis, expressed in a historical context where sexism and other benighted attitudes prevailed.

However, as a gay person I can't help wondering if the reviewer approved Bacchus' homophobia or Gently's tolerance in the last episode.

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Jumping the Shark?

Author: Laight from United States
27 October 2011

Up until this episode, the Gently series was quite well done: very well written, well directed, and of course, well acted. Inglesby is superb as the weasel sergeant under Gently's command. And the themes of the stories have all been moving and compelling, even though the episodes tackle issues from 1964, when the series takes place. The problem with this particular episode is that up till now Gently himself has been portrayed as an unpleasant, high-handed, rude, borderline personality type. I was under the assumption that the viewer was supposed to dislike him, but retain a grudging admiration for his moral clarity as well as his iron will. In this episode it appears that we're actually supposed to be rooting for him as a good person. Doesn't work. He's one of the most entertainingly unpleasant characters ever conceived by television, and I hope they return to that meme.

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Religious people portrayed as zealots

Author: ctyankee1 from United States
22 July 2013

This episode is about a woman found dead and laid on a altar like table in a church. She was murdered. She was portrayed as a nurse but that was not her job she was a prostitute.

There are several suspects but the writer went after the people that were against this type of lifestyle and women's health issues like abortion and birth control pills.

1. It had several women/cocktail waitresses dressed like call girls to temp the customers in the restaurant .

2. It has people protesting abortion and their ideas were mocked and their belief in God. Mrs Bishop the religious zealot was made to be target as being a suspect.

In the end the killer is not who they thought it was. Gently does use honest language that says a "baby" is killed regarding abortion not like series in the US where they say "fetus/product of conception" etc.

I do like a lot of things about the Gently series, he is honest and tough. His partner Bacchus is smart and a jerk at times.

What don't like in this episode the women are dressed to sexy and that the killer is not injured. The police have guns but Gently won't let them use them when the killers escapes or runs away. He tells the police not to shoot that the person is unarmed. This makes no sense to me letting killers get away and not injuring them because they are unarmed.

There are lots of good values in this series but like anything else it has propaganda and inaccuracies about people that believe in God that don't know how to make the sign of the Cross and how they act out their lives.

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