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That's how Indian Cinema can progress.
bobbysing21 December 2009
Frankly speaking, "Rocket Singh" is not the usual bollywood kind of movie with the same ages old ingredients of action, love & comedy. It may not be appreciated by the masses, but for a change it's a simple and refreshing flick with everything just in the right proportions as required. The movie neither has any sick side stories yelling loudly to impress the viewers nor there are any silly unwanted songs jumping into the screenplay from nowhere. In other words it's a great piece of art made by a thinking team strictly on the lines of innovative Hollywood projects which are based on variety of subjects written around our daily routine life.

The story talks about a fresh and honest graduate who is looking for a descent job to make his future career. The wickedness of his colleagues and seniors in the office helps him transform into a clever and strategic businessman. But in the process he also has to opt for some unethical means and uses his present job office and resources for his personal benefit. The innovative plot not only enlightens us about the cut throat competition in the Sales line but it also showcases the hardships faced by the innocent customers due to the evil practices adopted by the service providers. The film commences slowly and starts growing on the viewer with its to the point narrative and highly realistic sequences. In fact most of the viewers will find it very easy to relate with various characters in the script portrayed just like the real life people we meet every day.

After his masterpiece "Chakk De India", Shimit returns with another brilliant work which again has a huge contribution coming from his writer Jaideep Sahni. Shimit's subtle treatment of the subject never slides down and he maintains a firm grip on the movie right till its impressive climax. Interestingly, all the incidents in the movie strongly point towards some similar personal experiences of either Shimit or Jaideep in the past. Jaideep splendidly comes up with the most original description of his characters quite close to his "Khosla Ka Ghosla" which also revolved around Delhi and its Punjabi culture. Actually the whole setup of a computer company and its premises in "Rocket Singh" is more relevant to New Delhi's computer hub, Nehru Place (which Jaideep must have seen) and everyone who has visited the premises would readily agree to that. Taking into account all their works together in the past, the writer-director duo is a great team in formation and you can easily expect many more brilliant projects coming from them in the near future.

In the performance arena there are good things to write about almost everyone in the cast. With the most authentic Sikh character's portrayal on the screen till date, Ranbir Kapoor once again excels and makes everyone in the Kapoor family feel proud of their young energetic and hardworking kid. His choice of projects after the unexpected debacle of "Saawariya" clearly proves his gifted cinematic sense and intuition power. While watching him on screen, not even once you feel that he is in a fictional get up of a Sikh. In simple words he just slips into the body of Harpreet Singh Bedi and delivers an effortless, enjoyable and the most impressive performance of his career.

Prem Chopra delivers a lovable cameo. Gauhar Khan impresses in her role of a receptionist and she surely has got the oomph factor to burn the screen. Shazahn Padamsee is fresh and confident as Ranbir's customer cum friend. Everyone else in the team lead by Rocket Singh is perfectly chosen and they skillfully act as true to life realistic characters, especially the computer engineer and his sexy desktops glowing in the night. Cinematography is nothing exceptional and Salim-Sulaiman music is just above average with all the songs used shortly along with the background score.

However, the only probable mistake, the marketing team of "Rocket Singh" has made is that they wrongly promoted the film as a comedy. The promos with Ranbir dancing to the tune of "Pocket Mein Rocket Hai" clearly give you an idea of the movie being a funny take on office politics and life of an salesman. Whereas in reality it's a sensible story of a fresh graduate who goes on to make a confident mark in his very first job of a salesman. Though it has many comedy sequences coming in at regular interval throughout, but still that doesn't allow anybody to simply call it a comedy movie. In fact all the viewers coming in for seeing just another routine, over the top, bollywood comedy may get highly disappointed from the end result they get. So, once again it's an example of wrong promotion tried by the makers to bring in some more crowds in the opening weekend.

But if you ask me then just don't take it as a comedy and go for it if you really want to see a fresh, cool and uplifting movie completely different from what we have been seeing in all this year. In short, "Rocket Singh" is one of those few rare movies which are made without thinking of any favorable box office results. If majority of the viewers like it then that's a good sign of progress being made in the Indian Cinema. But if most of them take it otherwise then that will be the most unfortunate outcome of 2009.

Highly recommended for everyone yearning for a change in Bollywood's choice of subjects.
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Rocket Singh - ROCK IT Singh!!
jSk11 December 2009
Wow. What an unexpected surprise! Fresh out of the box... Rocket Singh looks you in the eye with an innocent yet promising look - as if it were saying, "I'm sweet, amn't I?" And you have no choice but to agree.

It's full of everything - subtle, clean, sensible, humane, but, above all, GENUINE humour; witty dialogues that make you smile; a good flow; touching moments; moments that make you smile... and what else do you want? Oh, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year is worth every penny you spend on it. It starts with a humorous yet touching scene, where our very own Harpreet (Ranbir Kapoor) finds out that he's passed his MBA - with 39%. You expect him to cry, be frightened, sweat... but no. He smiles, and thanks Wahe Guru. And then he says, "Number kam hai, dimaag nahin." Rocket Singh is that boat-ride that makes you want more and more of it. This year has been full of disappointments for the industry, starting with the strike, moving on to some drastic releases... but here we are! One of those gems that bollywood has produced this year... after Dev.D, Kaminey, Paa... Rocket Singh.

It has a soothing soundtrack and some amazing moments, and it once again reminds us why Sardars are some of the most amazing people on this earth. The biggest disappointment to me was that the first day first show hall here, in Punjab, was only 1/5th full. What could be more disastrous? We have people rushing to see an SRK or an Aamir Khan production, but why are the seats empty in better movies like Paa, Kaminey, and now Rocket Singh? Why don't we have to FIGHT for the ticket? I give it a well-deserved 8/10, and I'm cutting off 2 merely because it ended.

And yes, people. Go watch it.

I promise you'll smile.
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Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is a film with all heart.
sumanbarthakursmailbox19 December 2009
Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is a film about the importance of basic goodness. In an industry driven by opening weekends and bumper collections, it's that oddball film that seldom compromises on its intentions for the sake of becoming more box-office friendly. As a result the film feels too long, indulgent even, and ever-so-often it appears uncinematic. That's hardly surprising, considering much of the film is shot in basic office spaces and features long conversations between its characters. But don't be fooled by its appearance; Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year is a film with all heart. Ranbir Kapoor plays Harpreet Singh Bedi, an idealistic young graduate who lands a sales job in a computer firm run by a boss who sets unrealistic targets for his team. His rose-tinted glasses come off early in the day as he watches receptionists being wooed for prompt appointments with busy managers, and security guards being bribed for information on rivals. For his own part, he stays strictly upright, going so far as to file a complaint against a client who wants his palm greased. That act of honesty, however, is rewarded with a demotion. Convinced that a business can be run clean, Harpreet sets up his own company within the one he works for, roping in a handful of fellow colleagues as partners. Operating honestly and diligently, this team discreetly sets up a thriving business that eventually rivals the one they work for. Meticulously written by Jaideep Sahni, the genius behind such gems as Khosla Ka Ghosla and Chak De India, the script of Rocket Singh is its real star. Seeking inspiration in real life and real people, the film avoids stereotypes and goes for characters and situations that are refreshingly familiar – the team-leader who fudges conveyance vouchers, the cut-throat competitive co-workers, the porn-surfing maintenance guy, even the promotion-seeking receptionist. Taking the cue from Sahni's script, director Shimit Amin bravely resists any temptation to glamorise the world they've set the film in, by rooting the drama in a space that is basic and without frills. An office party scene is filmed with colleagues drinking out of plastic cups, loosening their ties and dancing to songs being played out of a computer. Even the film's opening credits sequence in which the camera lovingly floats over a middle-class home's bric-a-brac is evidence of the makers' commitment to authenticity. But Rocket Singh touches a chord because it's that rare film that urges us to examine our lives and to question the rules by which we live it. It has a life-affirming quality that will appeal to every one of us who has ever hesitated before taking the easy way over the right way. The film isn't without hiccups, though. Overly long, especially in its first half, Rocket Singh suffers on account of sluggish pacing, and occasional indulgences like that unduly stretched-out confession monologue by Harpreet's boss in the film's climax. Remarkable casting has resulted in some fine performances by key players, although even the bit parts are filled out convincingly. D Santosh as the affable maintenance guy, Mukesh Bhatt as the tea-man with computer-repair skills, Naveen Kaushik as the oddly sideburned team head, and Gauhar Khan as the cutting receptionist pitch in commendable performances. Of course it's topped off by Ranbir Kapoor's compelling, effortless portrayal of Harpreet Singh Bedi. Ranbir adds the little touches that make all the difference: combing the beard, tucking in the turban, lifting the 'kada' further up his arm before dipping his hand into a bucket of wet clothes. He's an actor you can't take your eyes off. In the end, Rocket Singh is a clean, honest film with noble intentions. It requires patience to appreciate it fully, but deserves a viewing because films like this are hard to find. I am giving a thumbs up for director Shimit Amin's Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year; whatever else you do , don't miss this film.
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Rocket Singh Rocks!!!!
S Rao12 December 2009
I went to watch Rocket Singh with the expectation to see a good movie knowing that the same creative team (Shimit Amin and Jaideep) had put together a good movie previously with Chak De India. By the time "Rocket Singh" was over I sat in my seat spell bound and amazed by some excellent story telling by the same creative team. Half way thru the movie I was certain that I was witnessing a special piece of work by a talented team. What works for Rocket Singh is an absolutely crisp script, screen play, dialogues (some of which are very witty), sharp direction and awesome performance by an amazingly talented cast. The casting fits perfectly and Ranbeer deserves special mention for his performance, it is hard to believe that he is only a handful of movies old as an actor. In fact I could not pick anything negative or faulty with the film in my first viewing. Coming to the plot itself, it is about a fresh graduate with ordinary grades who lands a trainee salesman job and is shocked to see the cut throat methods used to succeed both at individual and team levels. He is soon found wanting in terms of the "killer" instinct necessary to survive. But he continues to believe in his ways and shows everyone how success is achieved with out resorting to cut throat/unethical means. The climax is very interesting; the conversation between "Rocket Singh" and Mr. Puri (his ex-employer) is one of the highlights of the movie.

In summary Indian cinema needs more of these movies - engaging stories of "real" people made with utmost attention paid to the story itself. Indian cinema can do with out "Love stories that have blood on them".

--S Rao
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Ranbir Kapoor: Find of the Year
codenamepaulie12 December 2009
The way the opening credits are presented, they raise your expectations from the film. And the first 30 minutes are typically reflective of a salesman's life. It is easy to connect with the situations and giggle at the workplace jokes. Our protagonist has just barely graduated & wants to make a career in sales. But he is naive, and has to learn the tricks of the trade soon. To complicate matters, he has demanding bosses & non co-operative peers. Been there.

But soon enough, our guy, with a few other employees of the same company, hatches a plan to prove a point & make some money by creating a dummy company that provides superior service & works on ethical lines only. A good intentioned simple storyline from Jaideep Sahni, but a bit too far-fetched. So, once again, it is up to the director & the actors to elevate it. And they do. Once you get past the fake moustaches & loose wigs, the movie engages you. The script is kept tight & there are no silly song & dance routines to break the flow.

Ranbir Kapoor & Prem Chopra (who plays Ranbir's grandfather) have very good chemistry & all their scenes together are so real & touchy. Ranbir's friends & his love interest do have their moments in the sun, but the movie is not about them. As the director did with ChakDe India, the characters who take the movie forward, including the office peon & the receptionist, are developed well & are given ample screen time & they also carry their characters with ease. Salim-Suleiman have little to do barring the title track (which is missing in the movie), because the movie is not a dramatic melting pot a la Chakde. The screenplay is good, direction is good, and the actors deliver. What the film really lacks is a climax. It ends without a bang; it ends all so smoothly, with a social message thrown in.

One thing that this film confirms is that, in Ranbir Kapoor, we have found the next big thing. As with all his other movies this year, he gets right under the skin of the character, hence making it utterly believable. A director's actor, never the star. 2009 may well be the year in which all his movies came oh too close to being the biggest hits of the year. Rocket Singh may well be the next in that category.
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Rocket Singh: Clever, witty and smart
rhitwick12 December 2009
Rocket Singh:Salesman of the year 8/10

One of the best movies of this year.

Well, watched it last night but couldn't get a chance to write about it. I had my eyes on it since its news came in papers that a movie of such a name is going to be released. I made a it in my mind it being a must watch and yesterday I got a chance to watch it.

Its about a new guy in salesman-world, how he handles all those un-realistic goals set by his boss, clients and tackles his ideologies.

Now the movie has very dynamic characters with most witty and cut-throat dialogs ever seen or heard.

Don't go to watch this movie thinking of watching Ranabir giving a very powerful performance. IMO each and every character has given same brilliant performance as anyone.

Specially mentionable are D. Santosh (PC assembler), he has the most witty and funny lines in the movie. After he opens his mouth in the movie for the first time, you'll always be eager to listen to him whenever he comes again. And, he never disappoints you. Koena (Gauhar Khan as operator) has the all cut-throat dialogs. Executes her role properly. Nitin (the boss) is very good. His parts are very well crafted. One thing I want to mention is that, only two scenes in the movie brings out the feel that this is a movie and its the two scenes where he's leading. Chotelal as peon, is a good character. Puri as the M.D. is also good character.

Another thing I like is the choice of girl as GF for Ranbir. She is not very beautiful or so-called actress material. She is just another girl-next-door character that u interact everyday but ignore. Yes that is the kind of gal who can be GF of the character Ranbir is playing in this movie. Hats off to whoever did the casting. Not a single character is out-of-place.

If I analyze the movie:- Acting: Brilliant Screenplay: Asset of the movie Directing: Brilliant Cinematography: Very good, just watch out for the initial scenes when the title rolls and the background chosen for it. Simple but portrays enough. Editing: One and only weak point of this movie. Could have been much shorter than its current length. A few stretched scenes just spoils its sleek approach.

In a nutshell: its directed to a part of the crowd, not everyone would like it or understand it. But, whoever is somehow related to sales or any corporate would find something in it. (At least for India its true :P)
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Bollywood getting mature
Meghal28 December 2009
With a funny sounding name and Ranbir Kapoor as a lead character, I assumed that this might be one of the popcorn movies that target the college going demographics, who want a "time pass" movie. But boy I was wrong.

This movie is not a typical Bollywood movie. There are no spoilt rich college kids, characters do not hangout at McDonalds or other "hip" joints, no designer clothes, no gaudy weddings and "balle balle" dances, characters do not break into a song every 5 minutes. There are no "Rahuls" and "Priyas" and "Poojas".

The movie deals with the issue of business ethics - especially ethics in sales and its importance in customer relations. The hero - who is almost a failure in studies, but has very high moral standards, tries to fight and survive in the dog-eat dog world of selling assembled computers.

The story line is taut, focused and do not deviate from the main theme, the direction is excellent. In directorial terms, Rocket Singh is far ahead of Chak De India. I think that has more to do with storyline.

The only weak point is an unnecessary love angle - the director could have complete avoided that character. Also, the storyline could have avoided a predictable mushy ending

Also, why does characters have to swear so much - "s**t" word is careless tossed around in the movie, while the female characters uses the word "a@@&**e". Is swearing in English considered to be "hip and cool" while criticising Vishal Bhardwaj for using Hindi swear words in "Omkara"?

But the real show stealer is Ranbir Kapoor. He breathes life into the role of computer salesman. He gets into the skin of character, he is not afraid playing a role of loser and does not look uncomfortable speaking Hindi or Punjabi. I hope he gets a nomination for this role.

9/10 - 8 would have been fine, but 9 because it is a Yash Chopra production and still avoid all the clichés of Yashraj banners.
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A Nutshell Review: Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year
DICK STEEL11 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I started to look at Bollyfood films more seriously, it was at the time when Saarwariya was released, starring the rookie Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role as a man pining, and scheming to get the girl of his dreams. Then came films like Bachna Ae Haseeno in 2008, and the acclaimed and successful Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani this year, propelling him to become one of the promising young actors who could take over the reins from the reigning, ageing Khans of Bollywood. And his latest film Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year, just cements his position as a front runner of emerging stars.

One cannot talk about the movie without first raving about his delivery of the role, where he disappears behind the heavy beard and turban, and plays not a romantic superhero, or an unbelievable all singing all dancing lead, but an everyday, average joe in Harpreet Singh Bedi whose mediocre grades (pass with grace marks, as the trailer puts it) spells out his destiny of hard work, supported only by an old, doting grandfather who has no qualms that his grandson can become a somebody in the world.

As with any graduate, Harpreet enters the work force full of idealism, if only to see that being shattered early on, together with his wide-eyed amazement of how the world actually works, with the greasing of palms to get appointments, insider information, and even the closing of deals. His foray into Sales, which once he would have thought was his calling with his slick ways of persuasion and negotiation, was to turn into a nightmare given his uncompromising stance on integrity and principles.

I suppose in the world of business, you can either make your millions through corrupt means, or with solid work ethics. In some ways the film, written by Jaideep Sahni, serves as a critique that old and corrupt ways of current (Indian) society can be changed, and everyone will likely be in a better position through fair competition and an even playing field. Business ethics based on sound values of customer service, and non-exploitative profits could be working business models, as opposed to one with deeply seeped orruption across all levels.

There's also the focus on the ethics of the workforce, where rookies are belittled, and those who make mistakes ostracized without remorse. The first half of the film, with Harpreet Singh joining the firm "At Your Service", a computer assembly company, sees a myriad of caricatures in a typical office environment which piles on the laughter. Rocket Singh is not a one man show, and the ensemble here, though at times cardboard, do present enough avenues for laughs, with the emphasis on teaming and the leverage of one another's strengths to achieve results. After all, there is unity and diversity in strength, where people count and shouldn't be just treated as digits.

And on Harpreet's side are carefully recruited partners from within the AYS firm to form a renegade competitor Rocket Sales Corporation from right under the nose of AYS Managing Director, Mr Puri. Rounding up the supporting cast are Mukest Bhatt as the tea-man Chotelal Mishra, Gauhar Khan as the multi-tasking and under-appreciated receptionist, Naveen Kaushik as the slimy sales manager Nithin, and D. Santosh as Giri the computer genius with a penchant for scantily-clad pictures of women on the internet, and almost steals every scene with some of the most hilarious lines and antics.

The film has an effective, delicate balance between comedy, drama and being a social critique from within the confines of the office eco-system, and there's always that sense of immense danger once Harpreet's plans kick starts itself into action, given that there's an angle of fraud and the abuse of company resources in going about doing his own thing, and not to mention being in direct competition with the company and the director he loathes. You know two wrongs don't make one right, and each slip up they make comes with it the threat of being found out, especially when business for RSC starts to boom.

Rocket Singh also departs from the usual Bollywood masala formula, and there's no musical song-and-dance interludes to detract you from its very pacey narrative that makes this quite the definitive film for those in the sales line. One will probably chuckle at how sales folks tend to over-promise and under-deliver (or at least it's left to the service folks to fulfill), and contains many real world elements and treatment that you'll come to expect from the profession. Definitely one of the best I've seen this year, and it's no doubt highly recommended!
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Rocket Ranbir!!!
puneet-kkv12 December 2009
Ranbir Kapoor has truly taken the Kapoor legacy forward today. He is exceptional as a young sardar guy. The movie is as great as its script, story and dialogs. The movie captures the ethical dilemma of a young entrant entering the corrupt world of selling. The protagonist takes the lead out of the compromiser of values and creates his own organization with ethics and values. He shows that for your long term sustainability one must be honest with his work and people he is working with. The dialogs were well written by Mr. Sahni. One of my favorites is "do business but don't become businessman". Some might not like it not being like a typical bollywood movie with naach-gaana and melodrama but still it has something for everyone - a great lesson - don't be hypocrite.
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Rocket Singh: Attempt of the Year
satyanshu_singh11 December 2009
As I came out of the theatre, a lady was telling to her husband, in one of the most innocent tones possible in Mumbaiyya Hindi, which roughly meant: "I did not get what they were talking throughout the film". It did not surprise me at all. During the interval, my brother had called me. He was in the interval too, coincidentally. We talked for 10-15 seconds. And in that short period, we mutually agreed: it is a difficult film.

What do you expect from the director of 'Ab Tak Chhappan' and the writer of 'Company' and 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'? What do you expect from the next project by this duo, after the hugely successful 'Chak De India'? The problem is, whatever you expect gets hugely affected by the promotion of the current film, and the filmography of these talented people remains nothing more than factual details in the minds of people who care.

This problem, promotion, or selling itself, is the biggest error committed by a film that, ironically, comes with a tag line: "Salesman of the Year." And this could be fatal for the film. It has been promoted as the story of a protagonist who appears to be funny enough to entertain. Sadly, the film is not a comedy. So, if you want a laugh-riot that can make your weekend, it is not the correct film for you. It is a difficult film. And not all difficult films are masterpieces! Rocket Singh is far from that. It is not even the story of this young Sardar. The protagonist of the movie is 'Rocket Singh' which does not exist in person, but as an idea. That idea is the theme, the story and the protagonist of the film. That idea is the message.

But this film manages to achieve something that is rare in this industry madly following a 'formula' that does not exist. This film takes some daring steps. It tries to bridge the gap between the actual changes Indian society has been going through and the stagnancy that has plagued the commercial cinema of this country. The traditional villain has been replaced by the corporate set-up. The point of confrontation is not modesty of a woman or the love-interest of the hero. Here the humiliation is not physical. It is verbal and mental. And it hurts you as much as it has always done. And you want revenge. But even the revenge is not relying on adrenaline, but on planning and making smart moves, and taking calculated risks. There is no comedian. The life itself is a big, dark comedy. And the hero is not a tough guy protecting the poor, but a middle-class man who is running as a salesman in spite of having a place to live, food to eat, and friends to party with. But this is what the life of today has become. And this film tries to explore that reality. The reality that does not have strong, emotional points of conflict, but which is a continuous, never-ending struggle.

In its attempt, it has become a difficult film. During the interval I was thinking: is this subject powerful enough to be made into a feature film? The second half picks up and there are some genuinely funny moments. And a convincing Ranbir Kapoor tries his best to keep you emotionally connected, as does most of the support cast. But in the end, Rocket Singh remains an honest and gutsy 'salesman' that did many things right, but failed while trying to sell itself. If you can ignore this mistake and appreciate the attempt, you might like it. An actor who makes her debut with this film has said that it does not belong to any genre, and this is what will work for the film. I almost agree with the first part of the statement. But will it work? If it is successful, I would be pleasantly surprised, but it is unlikely. As for me, well, I liked it, almost.
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Scores with its simple story and its core of honesty!
Vikas SS15 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Coming from the writer of movies like ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’ it was expected that Rocket Singh would have in core, a simplistic protagonist driven by values put in an unforgiving world leading him to come up with intelligent solutions driven by honesty albeit with a twist. Directed by Shmit Amin of ‘Chak De’ fame, the movie lives up to its expectations, especially those hinged around Ranbir, script writer Jaideep Sahani and its Director!

Fresh out of college and low on marks, Ranbir, the young Sardar lives on the principle of ‘number kam hai, dimaag nahi’ (my marks are low, but not my brains) and believes firmly in his skills of persuasion. His belief leads him to join the sales team of AYS, a computer assembly and service company. Tough benchmarks set by his street-smart sales manager Nitin and boss Puri and revelations of corporate corruption bring the honest youngster down to earth with a thud.

Sympathizing his helplessness, receptionist Koyna played by Gauhar Khan minus the charm from her Miss India days, gives him a lead. He soon discovers that the profit on delivering those computers on his own gets him more money, he recruits his porn obsessed colleague Giri to assemble them for a share in profit. An insult by Puri, leads him to expand his own ‘Rocket Sales’ business based on values, secretly within AYS.

Going the Khosla ka Ghosla way and living on the essence of goodness and heart that movies like the Munnabhai or its likes thrived on, Rocket Singh sells his way by being a decent entertainer with realistic characters. The sales struggle, typical office environs, simple office parties, hard nosed bosses, etc make sure that the movie does not lose its touch of reality. Nevertheless, sermons on goodness tend to bore you at times though.

Neat script apart, Music doesn’t have emphasis. Even the song ‘pocket mein rocket’ is not seen in the film. Other pitfalls include the seemingly long first half. Talking of his look, was it really relevant to turn Ranbir into a Sardar for the story? I don’t think so. Probably the makers of the movie wanted the young star to wear different look this time Or, were they keen on not making this movie look like ‘Wake up Sid’ part two! Any guesses?

Ranbir Kapoor proves yet again that he is completely capable of carrying a movie on his shoulders. Taking to his roles as a fish to water, his talent is undeniable. Debutante Shazahn Padamsee doesn’t have much to do in the movie. In supporting roles, Naveen Kaushik as the sales manager with the long side-burns and the role of Giri are very well scripted. In all, Rocket Singh sells itself to you as ‘values’ for the money you've spent!
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Zip, zap, zoom
sniperswagat20 December 2009
Shimit Amin returns with his latest offering after 'Chak De India', and expectations skyrocket! Sorry, had to get that one out.

Harpreet Singh Bedi, a fresh graduate, has barely survived college, while getting just enough marks to pass muster. Unable to get a well-paying job elsewhere, he decides to go into sales and joins AYS computers as a sales trainee. On his first day on the job, he refuses a bribe and reports the client. Unfortunately, this ends up making him the ridicule of the office staff for his naiveté. Stung by this criticism, Harpreet proceeds to set up his own firm - Rocket Sales, right under his boss' nose. He gets 3-4 people from the office to join him on this venture, and together they set out to take on AYS in the field.

The story is a simple one, and it has been effectively brought alive by the lifelike characters and dialogues. The screenplay is brilliant through most of the movie, though the final 20 minutes play out a little strangely.

Shimit Amin has an eye for detail. Everything looks and feels like it does in real life, with people drinking from plastic cups in office parties, to no one wearing designer clothes, and Ranbir's mentor telling him methods to keep the shirt clean. Amin extracts great performances from his ensemble cast as well. My only grouse is that the flick could have been around 15-20 minutes shorter. That would have kept the effort crisper.

Ranbir Kapoor as Harpreet is great. As refreshing it is to finally see a Sardar in a non-comic lead role, it is because of Ranbir that the character becomes real. Even when he dances at the party, he doesn't do anything hero-ish. He just dances like a normal guy would. Naveen Kaushik as his mentor, who joins him at Rocket Sales, stands out. In fact, he overshadows Ranbir in many scenes! Manish Chaudhari as the unscrupulous boss Puri is brilliant, as is D. Santosh as the techie who surfs for bikini-clad women on the net. Prem Chopra as Ranbir's granddad is a delight. Mukesh Bhatt as Chote Lal, Gauhar Khan as Koena and the many actors playing the sales team are effective. Shazahn Padamsee hardly has 3 scenes in the movie.

The songs in the movie are there only as part of the background score, and serve no purpose. The background score is good. The set design is brilliant. You truly get the feel of the constricted office space and the inside of a regular middle class home.

Final Verdict: The effective story-telling and great acting lifts this story, which could have been shorter by 15-20 minutes.
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zain raza12 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A brilliant film in all aspects, the film had all genres put together very well, SHIMIT AMIN is a chef that serves a brilliant mixed dish very beautifully, The movie tells the story of a young graduate Harpreet Singh, who looks for a job in sales, but when he starts his job, he faces a lot of problems because of his innocence and kindness. JAIDEEP SAHNI's dialogues are first rate, excellent! the screenplay was convincing and simple. The music was according to the movie, and the lyrics were okay. The movie had a simple message that know one can take away your talent from you. The dialogues made you think about you, there is a harpreet is all of us, who quits before he starts. Ranbir's acting was superb and he showed that he belongs to the oldest family in bollywood. The movie was an image of all of us, as he says in the trailer, it is about the common man. The movie gives some good lessons as well as entertains you!!! RATING RANBIR 10/10 SHIMIT'S DIRECTION 9/10 JAIDEEP'S DIALOGUES, STORY, SCREENPLAY, LYRICS 20/10 SALIM SULAIMAN'S MUSIC 8/10 CINEMATOGRAPHY 8/10 On the whole, the movie is a must see for every common man and will certainly be a good one on the box office, Ranbir is the next superstar of bollywood, and there are absolutely no questions about it!!!! STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO WATCH IT NOW!!! EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED!!!
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Journey of an honest salesman
navneet-011919 October 2017
This is not an usual Bollywood flick with songs, action and comedy. The movie revolves around a Sikh graduate(portrayed authentically by Ranbir Kapoor) who aspires to be salesman. As he steps into the corporate world, he is shocked by the reality of sales business where unethical practices, cut-throat atmosphere, unrealistic targets, selling products with high markups are norms & customers are seen just as numbers. He doesn't wishes to abide by these norms drawing a lot of flak from seniors and colleagues and gets isolated by them.

He realises that by being nice one can never survive in this competitive world. So he decides to crave his way through the sales business by following his ideology of treating customer as people with heart not as numbers as they are the one who gives business to them and not the other way around. Also stressing on services before sales.

Realistic movie, definitely worth a watch.
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Exceptional Storytelling
Pranav Agarwal12 May 2017
Rocket Singh is my favorite movie till date after chak DE till date. The movie is excellent in every aspect - story , screenplay , acting , casting. It is not only just about Business , but also about many important facts that we forget in this success pursuit mission called as life. It talks about people bonding,teamwork and most importantly seeing people with an unbiased vision. It also highlights the fact that every individual has an x factor hidden inside him, just need an opportunist to see and bring that out. A business can never succeed without a happy and bonded team .That opportunist who puts all these things together is called the Businessman/Salesman of the year as the title suggests . MUST WATCH TO EVERYBODY .
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fantastic movie
nikoncloud22 September 2016
ACTOR is exceptional as a young PUNJABI guy. The movie is as great as its script, story and dialog. The movie captures the ethical dilemma of a young entrant entering the corrupt world of selling. The protagonist takes the lead out of the compromise of values and creates his own organization with ethics and values. He shows that for your long term sustainability one must be honest with his work and people he is working with. The dialog were well written by Mr. Sahni. One of my favorites is "do business but don't become businessman". Some might not like it not being like a typical Bollywood movie melodrama but still it has something for everyone - a great lesson - don't be hypocrite. I HAVE STARTED FINDING OUT GREAT ULTIMATE MOVIES THROUGH FLICKSTREE.COM AND IT ALSO HELPS TO FIND OUT WHERE TO WATCH THESE GREAT MOVIES. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Service first, then sells
Jawad M Rashid15 May 2015
It is one of the best Indian films I have ever seen. Here the director tried to show that service is everything in the industry. You may sell everything but service is the most important thing. I helped me to understand the marketing philosophy. This movie also creates a social awareness. This movie also shows that making relationship with the customers are also very important. Ranveer Kapoor was well suited in the character. This movie will help a lot to the entrepreneurs also the marketing staffs. This movie showed that it was very easy to start a business. In real life it is not that much easy to start a hidden business. Here dishonesty was also praised. Overall it is a movie for viewers of every stage of life.
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namashi_12 May 2015
Shimit Amin's 'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year' is an underrated Gem from 2009! An overlooked stellar film, that's both, humorous & poignant. And Ranbir Kapoor is top-notch, yet again!

'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year' Synopsis: Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor), a Sikh B Com graduate, joins a sales company to push his career, only to later realize that's working under corrupts. Harpreet then decides to teach his bosses a lesson, by starting a company of his own, without their knowledge.

'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year' has a strong script, which undoubtedly, is its trump card. Jaideep Sahni's Screenplay, which focuses on an underdog, is so sharp & humorously written, that I was arrested in the goings-on. The characters, though diverse, work wonderfully & the dialogue, are pure gold. Its sad that 'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year' didn't fare well & not many people saw it. Disappointing indeed!

Shimit Amin's Direction is perfect. Cinematography captures the claustrophobic atmosphere, ably. Editing is good, but the film could've been trimmed, by 15-20 minutes. Salim-Sulaiman's Score is wonderful.

Performance-Wise: Ranbir is a chameleon. Seriously, how fearless can this actor get? Right from playing a love-struck lover in Saawariya, to a Casanova in Bachna Ae Hasseno, to playing a Rockstar in Rockstar, to playing the ever-lively Barfi & to 'Rocket Singh'. His extraordinary portrayal here of the underdog deserves distinction marks. A Special Mention for the delightful supporting cast, that includes Prem Chopra (outstanding), Gauhar Khan (fantastic), D. Santosh (fabulous), Mukesh Bhatt (terrific) & Manish Chaudhary (deliciously mean). Shazahn Padamsee, in her debut role, is barely passable.

On the whole, 'Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year' is a winner. Go, visit this gem that you might have missed!
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Light, yet Shades of Grey
nikhil damodaran18 June 2013
Ranbir Kapoor's effort to move out of his stereotypes and believe in a smooth low glamour script has produced a movie which would be watched by you again and again.

The screenplay is simple yet something which one could romanticize in our own office space. The young aspiring India, wants to engage in entrepreneurship and has ideas. One such aspirant is Ranbir. Movie is about his move to open a start up in an age where start-ups were believed to be suicidal. And the moment you would open one up, it would be annexed by a bigger firm. The screenplay treads their journey amidst suspicion, logistics of opening up a new firm and trying to avoid being annexed by the big fish.

The casting is fresh and grounded to the roles demanded of them. Mukseh Bhatt(the peon and the partner), Naveen Kaushik (the marketing head aka Nitin Rathore) have all essayed their roles neatly. And this film deserves an audience. It clings on to an easy aspiring Indian middle class and is fit for family as well as friends. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Its worth the effort to sit back and watch Rocket Singh in action!
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G Singh4 June 2013
Just like Shimmit Amin's past 2 ventures, Rocket Singh starts as a colorless, bland film. However, once one starts to go deep into the narrative, the viewer sees different colors. Rocket Singh is unconventional, yet very conventional and that's what works about it!

Harpreet Singh Bedi, just graduated from college with barely passing grades, is applying for a job as a salesman at AYS. He gets the job, but his naive nature gets him into trouble and fired from the company. This leads him to venture into his own company as a competitor of the same company that fired him.

A section of viewers not aware of the business/sales world may not relate to the idea of the movie. Still, it's a very gripping screenplay.

Some scenes to look out for:

  • Harpreet's first interview scene - Harpreet's confrontation scenes with Puri - Harpreet's plan to compete with AYS - Climax

Music is disappointing and songs weren't needed.

Writing is top notch and Jaideep Sahni's dialogues are intelligent and brilliant.

Shimit Amin's direction is excellent of course.

Ranbir Kapoor is brilliant as the naive Harpreet Bedi. The film belongs to him.

Overall, a great experience and inspirational movie.
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Superb film
silvan-desouza5 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Yashraj is a banner who normally does mainstream entertainers with huge cast and big locales.etc but this time there made an offbeat film ROCKET SINGH. The trailers gave an indication of a youthful entertainer something like WAKE UP SID. But the film is completely different.

It shows life in a corporate world, the snake and ladder games played by the corporate bosses.etc The characters aren't sugarcoated but seem straight to life though the resolution may seem a bit hard to digest but in the end the film manages to make a large impression.

Direction by Shimit Amin(Ab Tak 56 and CDI) is superb Music by Salim Sulaiman is used as background, Pocket mein rocket is missing

Dialogues are superb

Amongst actors Ranbhir Kapoor plays a normal character and that works, he isn't larger then life like APKGK. He does a superb job and proves he can carry films that are offbeat too Shazahn Padamsee does a superb job for her debut, Prem Chopra is admirable, Gauhar Khan is superb too D.Santosh for once in not a cop role does a superb job Manish Chaudhary who went on to prove his villainy further in Jannat 2 and Blood Money was launched here and he does a brilliant job The guy playing his subordinate does a good job too rest are all good
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A nice lesson for the business world....which they'll probably never adopt!
MartinHafer27 August 2012
"Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year" is a very enjoyable film--and one that has some great lessons for the business world...if they cared to learn them. The film begins with Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) graduating from college and realizing that with poor grades, he isn't qualified for being an executive. So, he gets a job in sales--but he's like a lion among the wolves. The computer company where he works is cold and cut-throat-- and he needs to learn the art of bribes and half-truths to make it there. But he's basically a good guy at heart and it's soon apparent he'll soon get fired--as he's too good. Then he comes up with an idea--to beat his own company by forming a NEW company, Rocket Sales. Rocket Sales is dedicated to being honest, providing a product with far less markup and providing 24-hour service. Not surprisingly, clients LOVE getting what they pay for and Singh's such a nice guy, the company soon takes off. However, here's the kicker--now Singh has several employees--most of which STILL work for the old company and work for Rocket Sales on the side.

There's much more to the film than this, but what I liked was the film's heart and the many lessons it COULD use to their own betterment. However, bribes (especially in certain parts of the world--where it's routine), lying to customers and providing crappy service are just EASIER and probably will continue to be the norm. However, I can think of a couple huge computer companies that are now MUCH smaller--as a result of their standards. We can only hope they watch this film. In the meantime, however, it's great fun and is well worth your time.

Also, just to let you know--the usual song and dance numbers you'll find in modern Indian films are not in this one. There are some musical interludes but the characters themselves neither sing nor dance during these.
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Well acted
Sherazade14 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting film, I'm glad I rented it. Ranbir Kapoor(son of Veteran Bollywood actors Rishi and Neetu Kapoor) is showing vital signs that he inherited the strong Kapoor clan gene for given strong performances in films (just like his cousins Kareena and Karishma Kapoor) he is definitely on of the best of the new generation of actors. I liked this film, it's just that some parts were just too unrealistic to digest. For instance; when the fantastic five decided to start running their business undercover, why didn't they just get an unmarked cellphone and use it as their base number? Better yet, get 5!!! Also, when the guy who left something at work came back to retrieve it, what are the odds that he would pick up the phone? What were the odds that he would give so much information to a person he didn't even know? I could go on and on. Overall though, it was a well acted and well directed film that speaks volumes about the dog-eat-dog world we live in. It wasn't great, great but it was very good.
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rajandey3 February 2010
Bollywood is evolving! Sure, masala films are absolutely part of Bollywood and should be there. But there should also be films with an international appeal, so that people who have weird thoughts about Indian cinema can come to know that we DO make sensible films too!

Rocket Singh is definitely the best attempt of 2009! Ranbir Kapoor having two smash hits under his belt made the producers think they didn't need to promote it largely. I wish they did, because this movie sure has the qualities of being a hit.

Rocket Singh is Shimit Amins 2nd movie after Chak De India, which was critically acclaimed and which I personally liked very much. Rocket Singh is no different, I LOVED IT. The film is very intelligent, and deals with a very good story about a salesman. This reminds me of Wake Up Sid somehow, it has the same kind of effect. When the end credits roll you just smile and think, how the hell did I underestimate this movie??

Performances were terrific, of course Ranbir stood out once again. His role as a sardar must have been a challenge, and boy he did a marvellous job! Perfect! The roles of Giri, Koena, Nitin, Sunil Puri were also done very very well! Cinematography is good, the environment which was created added a lot to the feel of the movie.

Shimit Amin did an outstanding job with Rocket Singh - Salesman of the year. This is one director to look out for, he is very visionary! Rocket Singh sure rocked for me, watch it yourself and let it rock YOU!

Thumbs up!
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Miss You Rocket Singh !
IloveHanks1 February 2010
Movies Like Rocket Singh are a rarity these days. Rocket Singh is one of those rare movies which are honest and has its heart in its right place. In fact some movies are made with such good intention that it is almost difficult and inhuman to find flaws with it.Rocket Singh is more of a mirror to our technocratic society where the only morals are bribery and corruption.

At the end one can feel that the movie emerges as a paragon for hope to all those who still feel that debauchery in our society can be eliminated.The verisimilitude of the characters and the events give a rich and genuine feel to the movie watchers.These characters are made of flesh and blood and can be found in any Indian Office.The sympathy for Rankbir Kapoor's character is palpable.

The story is basically about the struggle of an academically challenged college graduate in today's corporate world.He is too naive to understand the idiosyncrasies of any corporate company.How he manages to efface out the problems impinging his conscience and finds a solution is the main storyline.

I recommend this movie to all people of our business society so that they can really realize that there is no harm done in doing business in an honest way.

The puissance of the movie lies in the script that has been very well written by Jaideep Sahni.He has really craved himself a niche in writing.The same can be said about Shimit Amin.

There are a few minor flaws in the movie which are worth quibbling.but i won't venture in that territory.But overall its a must watch also for all especially those who want to become entrepreneurs .

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