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Decent idea... poorly executed.
Adam Spade19 September 2013
It's a decent angle at a haunting, but the writing is just not good.

It has a good cast. It has good looking shots and special FX. The trailer drew me in. They did good with that. There are some really clever things in the movie, like how the furniture was rearranged in the room, literally. That was cool. But the story is just poorly written.

It isn't the worst movie out there, as some others have said. That's silly. I have seen much worse! But I give it a generous 5 stars for production value. The movie is not worth watching other than for educational purposes, in my humble opinion. Sorry guys. But a different script with the same production team could have much better results.
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Absolutely derivative and lacking in coherence, this shockingly inept B-horror film pretty much defines the worst of the genre
moviexclusive24 August 2012
True to its title, 'The Apparition' arrives almost too quietly in cinemas this week – though rather than being a marketing gimmick like how the first 'Paranormal Activity' built its cult status, there is a much more straightforward reason why this low-budget B-grade horror flick has come without any fanfare. It is flat out bad, no less than bottom of the barrel stuff, even if you approach it with the kind of lowered standards you typically take to such fly-by-night productions from Joel Silver's Dark Castle Entertainment or Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures.

Indeed, it is from the former that this first-time feature by writer/director Todd Lincoln hails from, and suffice to say that despite being bestowed the rare honour of shouldering dual responsibilities on this film, it is unlikely that Lincoln will find himself with similar luck soon. His 'Apparition' shows none of the ingenuity or even coherence of Oren Peli's 'Paranormal Activity', one of the few horror classics that he tries to emulate in the course of a muddled and practically nonexistent plot.

After setting the scene with a 1970s séance experiment where a group of researchers used their minds to conjure the spirit of a lost colleague back into this world, the film opens with a similar procedure carried out by three amateur parapsychology students - Patrick (Tom Felton), Ben (Sebastian Stan), and Lydia (Julianna Guill). Successful they may have been, their efforts have opened a portal for a spirit to grab Lydia back into the netherworld. Fast forward four years later, and the story picks up with Ben moving into a new house with his current girlfriend Kelly (Ashley Greene).

Playing like a teen friendly version of 'Paranormal Activity', strange occurrences start happening around their home, including the obligatory flickering lights, shadows in the dark and moving furniture. Then Lincoln remembers a certain horror movie he watched called 'Dark Water', and the said apparition begins appearing as a black mouldy patch on the ceilings and below the linoleum floors. Further on, Lincoln recalls 'Ju- On' and the apparition turns into a black-skinned long-haired girl moving on all fours. But more frustrating than its derivativeness is how lethargic the whole affair is.

Never once do you feel that the threat to Kelly or Ben is real, nor in fact do you care for their predicament. That's partly because Lincoln doesn't know how to build tension even with a brief 75 minutes running time (sans the protracted end credits), and partly because the actors involved look plain uninvolved. And really how do you identify with characters who spout lines as inane as – "Our house is too new to be haunted. It has no history." – or the utter obvious like – "Your house isn't haunted. You are."?

It is also too daft to realise its own stupidity, pretending to be much smarter than it really is by reintroducing science into the mix about half an hour before the picture's end with a lot of mambo-jumbo about electromagnetic waves and reversing polarity. In truth, the science in the movie is bullshit, and the more it tries to act intelligent about it, the sillier it comes off. Finally, when it has one of its characters Patrick urgently say that the apparition is some entity even older and more sinister than demons, you know that it is just grabbing at straws to try to reinstate its credibility.

The only consolation you get is that its ending is as terrible as you expect it to – since the rest of movie is already that atrocious, no climax however bad can be considered a copout. No wonder then that 'The Apparition' has emerged like a ghost into theatres, without publicity and without any press previews. It has but one aim – to lure unsuspecting moviegoers hoping to have a ghost of a scare before 'Paranormal Activity 4' swings around for Halloween - and the only scare it will offer is how shockingly inept it is. Yes, you won't find much of a movie here, just an apparition of several much more superior classics that have come before it.
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Highly Recommended to Those Who Want to Torture Themselves
Michael_Elliott27 August 2012
The Apparition (2012)

* (out of 4)

The horror film Warner tried to sneak into theaters and hope no one noticed it. Sadly, I noticed it but thankfully it was only a $5 show (which was still a rip). Couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) arrive in a new home only to discover strange things happening. Kelly is all confused but apparently Ben recognizes this "haunting" due to an experiment he did in college where one of his best friends mysteriously vanished. While watching THE APPARITION my mind started to go back to the mid 90's before SCREAM came along and the horror genre was just delivering some pretty awful movies. This here reminded me of one of them because there's really nothing going right in this picture, which starts with an incredibly boring and unscary pre-credits sequence and sadly things just get worse from here. I'm sure in the writing stages people get an idea, look over it, make changes, take away the bad and add some good. They re-work the process until they come up with a story that they can work with. It really does seem that this film just took the first bad idea and filmed it so that they could get anything in a theater before Halloween. The entire story here is just simply bad, laughable and there were times where I just wanted to walk out on it. The entire situation is something I'll avoid spoiling for those who do decide to see the film but it all adds up to a half-baked idea that never works and the ending is just downright stupid. I'd say the studio should be thankful that no one is watching this or else it would probably be getting some heat. The performances aren't anything to write home about but I enjoyed Greene for the most part. THE APPARITION is obviously trying to follow in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY foot steps but there's not a single scare to be had here.
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Entertaining but very generic and unoriginal
helmutty23 August 2012
A rare horror movie I have ever watched in cinema. The premise and Ashley Greene are the ones that actually attracted me. I thought the tag line of 'You believe, you die' could have become something interesting but unfortunately, it is only touch and go. Ashley Greene is no doubt hot and her acting is not bad. Unfortunately, the movie is somewhat disappointing thanks to its so generic story and short runtime.

The good: Ashley sizzles up the screen. The music is surprisingly okay for a horror movie. I like how it does not resort to shocking the audience with cheap jump scenes unlike other movies that are eager to make the audience jump often. Sadly, those are what I like about the movie.

The bad: Lots of things for a horror movie. The story is nothing original which is a disappointment. It is very straight-forward with no twist. Just some ghostly events string up together. The runtime is one of the biggest crime. It is only 1 hour and 22 minutes and take away the credit's runtime and you get...nothing much. The story just zip to the ghostly events. Nothing much about the ghostly stuff is said. The climax, I must say, is one of the worst climax I have seen in a horror movie. It is almost anti-climax but I won't spoil anything. It just has no resolution. It is also not that scary nor intense. Acting is okay but fans of Tom Felton and Julianna Guill will be disappointed.

Overall: It is barely worth a watch in cinema. I am sure it could be viewed as better when it is released on DVD/Blu-ray. The Apparition is a disappointingly generic low-budget horror movie which is a pity. The cast and the premise should have more potential to be interesting.
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shawnkanyer26 August 2012
This movie is bad. There is one scene where my brother and I literally face palmed simultaneously. Please do not go see this. Please do not wait for blockbuster. Please do not wait for red box. Please do not wait for netflix. Don't even pirate this. It's that bad. The only good reason to go and see this is if you want something to complain about later. In fact, I had more fun complaining about how bad this movie is than actually watching it. And I like this genre. I'm stoked for Paranormal 4, Resident Evil 5, and Silent Hill 2. If your looking for decent alternatives, check out The Innkeepers, Grave Encounters (cheesy, but cool), or the Tunnel. That one scared the hell out of me. The Tunnel is available to torrent legally too.
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Not a total disaster, has some good scenes.
I was waiting for this movie to come out for a while now. The reason being that I'd heard a lot about it on some horror sites. So I finally got it the other day on DVD and although it wasn't great, it wasn't a total waste of time. The story is about a couple (Ben and Kelly) who move in to a newish house on a new estate. But soon after that they discover that they're being haunted by some sort of entity that Ben had released in to the world a year or so earlier with a group of friends. Now I know the story is nothing new but I did like the effects in this movie. There were some good WTF moments and a couple of scary-ish scenes but to me it felt like there was something missing, that it needed a couple of more scenes to tie it all together as I felt left wanting more from the plot, and the film was only 73 minutes long. It could have gone another 10 minutes I thought. So yes I did like the movie but it could have been much better. I give it a 7 out of 10.
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Not at all a bad movie!
dukedoom7211 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Went in with no expectations att all regarding this. And i must say i was positively amazed. The story centers on a couple moving into a new house. Soon weird things start to happen, things which can only be described as a haunting. Seems like the boyfreind was part of an experiment that went awry. They tried to contact an entity from the other side and succeeded with catastrophic consequences. One of the team was sucked in to the other side. Anyways, now the apparition is out to get the rest of the team, which unfortenatly includes the girlfriend. (I mean what the heck? Why say no to an extra snack) As far as the movie goes its pretty standard haunted house business. But its pretty well done. Jumpscares galore, sure but it does it pretty well. The acting is OK to, fun to see Tom felton again. The effects are sparse but executed well, including spooky shadows and otherwordly noises. SPOILERS! The end reminded me of Kairo, other spirits uses the rift the team created and seem to bring on the end of days! So, I know this movie has taken a lot of crap, but really, how whiny can you get! Its a fun horror flick, no more no less, and i sure recommends it to fans of haunted house movies.
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Not worth sitting through.
daleonardjacksonoh8 September 2017
I just watched this movie on DVD. Admittedly, I was about to turn it off before the film actually began due to the sheer volume of disk spam. That is, there were so many previews that my patience had grown quite thin even fast forwarding through them. Then there was the plug for Ultra Violet, the studio plugging themselves, and so on. THEN, after the anti-pirating warning which, of course, doesn't allow fast forwarding. Ah, movie time..

My expectations were already quite low, although this was based on the previews shown in the half hour (or so it seemed) before getting to the feature. They were all so bad that one was left with little hope for the main attraction. My low expectations were spot on.

I could go on at length about what is bad in this movie, but it would be too hard to resist simply saying "everything". Instead, I will touch on the good points. (1) The lighting was, overall, pretty good and (2) the image was quite clear and sharp; Good camera work. I gave it one star for each, thus 2 out of 10.

Nothing in the film seemed believable. From beginning to end, this movie is a waste. The worst part? That time is lost forever, and it could have been better spent doing something more entertaining - like cutting my toenails.
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Just terrible
Davis P29 June 2015
It's actually shocking how bad this was! This "horror" movie is probably the most clichéd, and generic one I've seen in a very long time! The acting was laughable. The scenes were NOT scary! The special effects were extremely fake looking. Ashley Greene had better snag a great role in a great movie soon, because really all she has is this and the twilight movies, and she's not a good actress at all. There are scenes where you will face palm and just laugh your head off! I'm at a loss of what else to say 😂. It's just truly horrible in every way. Nothing original, every cliché in the book, bad acting, just do yourself a favor and skip this insult to cinema! 1/10 for The Apparition, a truly horrible movie.
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I didn't jump...not even once
missstace8416 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the movie would be good, when I started to see things moving around the house, but the characters never really showed any type of fear or real emotion. The sludge that kept showing up on the walls was just stupid, and I was really hoping for some scary scenes. Ashley Greene didn't even appear to be scared during some of the "should be" scary scenes. The "apparition" was not portrayed as a demon. Every time I saw him, I was expecting to see an alien face. The couple didn't even seem old enough to own a house that nice. It was really just too fake. This is one movie that I will not DVR or watch again. I actually reset my IMDb password today just to add this review.. Don't waste your time!
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Stupid Piece of Ish Film
Peyton Zudyk10 July 2013
~Poor construction ~VERY predictable ~Weak story line

BEST OF ALL: They used a line from Insidious.

Like, witch please, get creative.

I remember sitting in the movie theater MAD to the highest extremity because it was such a waste of money.

And I remember laughing so hard with my boyfriend that people were staring at me and my boyfriend.

The commercials and trailers for this movies were very VERY misleading.

It was a very bland movie.


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Could Have Had Potential
NotAnotherMovieCritic15 November 2012
I first heard about this movie by listening to Coast to Coast AM where the Writer/Director was on talking about this film and how he was inspired by actual events. So I was really anticipating watching this film.

At first it started out pretty interesting but then it took a turn for the worse. I started to not care about what was going on, the characters were a bit annoying and I didn't really care about them one way or another.

The film is not scary, it has its thrilling moments but all in all it's just a typical horror film for the new generation which really means its pathetic.

I think the film would have been awesome if it had followed the group doing the experiment on getting a ghost to appear, in fact that's what I was thinking I was getting into but instead got a cheap shot at a horror film that left me feeling like I had completely wasted my time.

It had some good moments but all in all it's not really worth watching.
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A Movie the Ads Haven't Been Promising
Chris_Pandolfi24 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The ads for "The Apparition" tell us it's about how believing in supernatural events can make them real. The finished film, on the other hand, never once says anything about belief or non-belief. There's only a lot of generic talk about summoning some dark, evil force from "the other side." Already, we have a huge problem, namely that people will pay to see a film founded on a premise conjured up by a studio marketing department rather than by the filmmakers. Did they know their movie was being so grossly misrepresented, that the prominent tagline, "Once you believe, you die," does not factor into the storyline as they conceived it? This is the most infuriating display of bait-and-switch advertizing since "Case 39," the long-delayed supernatural thriller about a demonic little girl in the care of Renée Zellweger.

But suppose "The Apparition" hadn't relied on a deceptive ad campaign, that its actual premise had been used to entice audiences. What then? Not much, I'm afraid. Here is a horror movie so narratively tepid, so stylistically derivative, and so conceptually vague that one wonders if it began with anything resembling a screenplay. It has plenty in the way of atmosphere but virtually nothing in the way of plot, character development, theme, or insight. The thrills, while technically competent, are mediocre at best, all drawn from the likes of other, more original, and in most cases more successful horror films. This means that, nine times out of ten, we can see a scare coming long before it finally arrives. Unfortunately, this level of predictability doesn't extend to the overall story, which doesn't even try to be understandable.

We open with Super 8 footage of a paranormal experiment conducted in the 1970s, when a group of people sitting around a table somehow summoned an entity from "the other side." This manifestation, known as The Charles Experiment, was successfully recreated decades later by a group of college students, who had an arsenal of high tech equipment at their disposal. We see their efforts courtesy of their own home video footage; rest assured, the Queasy Cam is utilized, and there's a lot of screaming in the darkness. Flash forward to what I assume is the present day. We meet a young couple, veterinarian-in-training Kelly (Ashley Greene) and tech-company service rep Ben (Sebastian Stan). They begin noticing strange things happening in their new house, such as doors open by themselves without tripping the burglar alarm, lights flickering, mysterious thuds, and large patches of mold growing spontaneously in odd places.

And so continue these "Paranormal Activity"-inspired events until Kelly discovers Ben's connection to the recreated college experiment, which resulted in the disappearance of one of the participants. It's obvious that some kind of supernatural entity is haunting Kelly and Ben. But what is it exactly? Here enters a British parapsychology student named Patrick (Tom Felton), a geeky typecast whose role is to provide the lead characters – and vicariously, the audience – with technobabble explanations of a wild, paranormal nature. The more he explains, the less sense the situation makes; this entity, whatever it is, operates under rules so random and confusing that no potential audience is likely to make heads or tails of it. We know that a doorway to the other side was opened, that it wants to exist in our world, that it lives off of our fears, that it wants to kill people, and that, at least in one instance, it can take the form of the missing participant. But why? What does any of this mean?

Yet again, I turn my attention back to "Paranormal Activity," which worked so well because nothing was explained. How is it possible that "The Apparition" fails for the exact same reason? The answer is simple: Unlike "Paranormal Activity," which was much more psychologically driven, "The Apparition" is completely story driven, and therefore is required to be clear in its intentions. One cannot make a movie on merely an idea. It must first be honed into something comprehensible, something an audience can actually navigate through. Watching this movie is not at all unlike playing a game without knowing what the rules are; as you struggle to make sense of your surroundings, you're open to attacks from the opposing team.

The final act, while visually engaging, is a maddening collection of twists and revelations that clarify absolutely nothing. The last scene in particular seems intentionally constructed to make as little sense as possible – and you should know that the trailer spoils it for you regardless. How could this have become such a mess? What movie did anyone involved believe they were making? It might have helped if the filmmakers had used the plot the ads falsely allude to. "Paranormal events are a product of the human mind," says a small section on the homepage of the film's website, "and ghosts only exist because we believe in them." This is an intriguing idea, and it certainly would have been worth exploring. Apart from not being the film it was advertized to be, "The Apparition" is boring, unoriginal, and nonsensical.

-- Chris Pandolfi (
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cnb120725 August 2012
The only redeeming part of this film was the bucket of popcorn that I ate out of boredom.

A group of college students conduct a séance to prove that spirits exist in the natural world. The project goes awry and results in one student being sucked into the wall while the others escape but are being haunted by the presence.

The tag line and trailer made the film seem promising but as the movie progressed I lost all interest in the film because the plot made ABSOLUTELY no sense. The characters and their actions are silly and the film is neither creepy nor scary. There are no decent jump scenes.

To be fair, there is one somewhat creepy scene of a dead girl crawling beside a washer, but that is it.

So, save your money.

Also, Tom Felton...oh the mighty have fallen.
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Finally a ghost movie worth watching...
Paul Magne Haakonsen11 February 2013
"The Apparition" was actually a nice change of pace for an otherwise stale genre of ghost movies that most recently have been flooded by a heap of super fake 'found footage' movies that we are spoon-fed to believe is actually real. But then "The Apparition" comes along and manages to lift up the genre from an otherwise downward spiral.

The story in "The Apparition" is not overly scary, as per se, but it does move ahead at a brisk pace, and it does leave you wondering what is going on and wanting to see more. Unfortunately, there weren't any scare moments in the movie, and that was a shame, because a couple of scares and 'edge-of-the-seat' moments would have been nice.

However, the movie does provide you with just the right amount of suspense, thrills and ghostly phenomena to keep it interesting. And it turning out to be a poltergeist phenomena just makes it all the more interesting.

As for the acting in the movie, well then people did good enough jobs with their given characters and roles, although no one really managed to stand out from the crowd. That being said, don't get me wrong, because they weren't amateurs.

I enjoyed "The Apparition" for what it was, a good-hearted attempt at returning to the good old atmosphere that they had in "Poltergeist". However, "The Apparition" was just lacking all the ghosts, spooks and disturbing images. Sure, "The Apparition" is not "Poltergeist", nor is it "Thirteen Ghosts", but it still does provide good entertainment.
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Don't pay to see this, that's what the production company wants
Chief-Justice-Horror25 August 2012
I wish I had seen "The Partition," a movie about grumpy neighbors with thin walls. Instead, I had to see this movie. I cannot recommend it to anyone. It seems pretty clear that the studio made a movie on the cheap so that they could sucker poor bastards like me into paying to see it.

The acting was terrible. I am not particularly attune to bad acting, because I love to watch Horror Films but the dialog was painfully forced. The writer attempted way too much exposition through dialog between the young couple.

The premise was semi-interesting, but the follow through was haphazard and a little silly. The director built tension pretty well, but there was no pay-off. There were a few jumps but they were not the well done.

I've seen worse horror movies, but I expected a touch more from this one and I shouldn't have.
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Average horror movie, but did you really expect anything else?
HorrorOverEverything16 November 2012
If you are true horror fan you have most likely come to terms with the fact that a "Great" horror film is fairly rare nowadays. For the most part in the horror world all we get is remakes, reboots, and sequels. When we finally do get a stand alone movie it is easy to say that it will most likely just be an average movie (especially with ghost movies).

I for one am far past expecting horror films to scare me, so I was not very disappointed when I realized "The Apparition" was not going to be scary. There isn't really much scary stuff out there that hasn't already been done in some other film, so it is incredibly hard to surprise audiences with good scares. Nothing in this movie is going to really catch you of guard or makes you shiver with fear, but you will most likely be entertained through out.

The story is interesting enough, I never really found myself bored or wanting the film to end. It is also very short, which is actually a good thing in this case, since if it would have gone on for much longer I probably would have started to get fairly bored.

I see people saying this film is terrible, boring, horrible, etc. I wouldn't really call it any of those things. Its very average, and as long as you go into this expecting that you will not be letdown. It won't be a film you will rush out and suggest to your friends, but it is still entertaining nonetheless and if you find yourself bored on a Friday night this will do a good job of occupying a little over an hour of your time.

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Another wretched P.G horror film, recommended for masochists only!
callanvass24 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't usually pay attention to bad reviews. I like to go in with a clear head, and make up my own mind on a movie, without anybody else's influence. I didn't have big expectations for this movie. It looked like more P.G dreck that I would dread. Sadly, that tuned out to be the case with this movie. This movie has virtually no suspense with some lame boo scares that would probably not even scare a child. The culprit's aren't even scary, and it's derivative of others. Think The Grudge, only without the eeriness or the punch. I also hated the lazy set-up, and the lack of background. Why should I care about these two leads? They certainly didn't make me care about them. Ashley Greene is gorgeous, but she seems bored half the time, or unsure on how to portray the role. I quite like Ashley, but she wasn't very good in this one. Sebastian Stan fares a bit better as the love interest, but not by much. He is also fairly boring, and lacks chemistry with Greene. Tom Felton is known as Harry Potter's nemesis, but he sucked donkey balls in this movie. This film also pours on the clichés like no tomorrow. I'm so sick of the women throwing her love interest out of the house after a shocking discovery she isn't fond of, even when she's gonna be left ALL ALONE! You're scared to be left alone, why throw him out of the house? Its stuff like that, which irritates me to no end. Overall, if you like teeny bopper horror films with no scares what so ever, very little suspense, stupid plot holes, and annoying characters, you may enjoy this movie. I still say this movie is incapable of scaring anyone. Be smart, and avoid it like the plague

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Worst "Horror" Movie of all Time
Eddie Kureczka13 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Apparition confirmed to me that 2012 was the worst year of horror movies of all time, and this piece of crap can summarize my entire view on what is wrong with horror cinema today. It takes every single horror cliché imaginable and throws it into one of the shortest running theatrical releases in years, because that is all it took for them to cram their un-original and incoherent ideas into this huge marketing ploy. If you've seen the trailer, you saw the entire film without having to give the disgusting greedy studios who released this film your hard earned money. Literally, the entire movie. You see the experiment in the beginning, you see a girl walking around in skimpy clothes which takes up 90% of the movie, then you see the worst ending in cinematic history, which is a girl sitting in a tent getting hands wrapped around her, then just ending. This entirely shows that the studios who were involved in releasing the trailer and the film do not give the slightest bit of crap about their audience. They don't care if the ending is spoiled or if you see the entire film, as long as you came and gave them your money. Do not fall into this disgusting marketing ploy, especially when even the studios don't care about the movie. Further proving how much of a scheme this is is the tag line of the movie, once you believe you die. Yeah, thats not mentioned once the entire film. All it was is a hook to try to drag the audience into the film. They tried to have some sort of premise that a stupid group of teenagers can buy into and go and give them their money. Build up a horrible cast and spit out an underdeveloped script and bam, we have a cash grab, or as I would like to call a horrible cinematic disgrace such as The Apparition.

Grade: F-
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Fun ghost story in vein of Poltergeist
Jaws_Incorporated12 November 2012
I don't understand all the bad reviews so I decided to write one which i rarely do but this film deserves one. I think if you are looking for just a fun ghost story with creepy CG, good sound and some jumpy points, turn down the lights and rent this one.

My wife and I loved it and we love paranormal, psych-thriller and the horror genre. If you are going to be picky and look for product placement and if it rips off other movies, then you are an idiot and shouldn't watch anything.

This movie isn't for everyone but I almost didn't watch it because of all these review so i'm glad i ignored them all and gave it a shot.
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The Apparition...well worth the watch
Elizabatnyc23 May 2013
Most thrillers or horror movies offer the same premise and that is almost to be expected these days, that is until those rare offerings are delivered like The Apparition. I appreciate that it wasn't riddled with special effects which are often crammed in to confuse or misdirect viewers. In fact it depends on the viewer to watch the story unveil itself. The acting was very natural and I found the shots visually interesting especially during the closing credits. The score reminded me a little of Cliff Martinez(Contagion, Traffic) which I like and feel added something special to the mood of the film. I genuinely enjoyed it and encourage Thriller/Mystery goers to check out The Apparition. Enjoy!
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A Movie That Is a Horror
Claudio Carvalho28 November 2012
In 1973, six paranormal psychologists tried to contact a recently deceased colleague named Charles Reamer and the event was known as The Charles Experiment. Decades later, the college student Patrick (Tom Felton) and his friends Lydia (Julianna Guill) and another one repeat the experiment while a fourth student films them.

In the present days, Kelly (Ashley Greene), who works at a pet shop and her boyfriend Ben (Sebastian Stan), who works as an electronic technician, move together to the house of her mother that is empty. Soon they find that the house haunted by an evil force. When Ben checks his e-mails, he finds several messages from Patrick, including a video of a second experiment. Ben learns that Patrick has opened a gate and brought a gate and brought an evil spirit to our world. Now Kelly and Ben are in danger and their only chance it to meet Patrick and send the fiend back to his world.

"The Apparition" is a terrible rip-off of "Paranormal Activity", with a senseless and lame short story associated to poor direction and acting. The result is a movie that is a horror, instead of a horror movie. Fortunately this flick was only released in Brazil straight on DVD, and I feel sorry for those viewers that went to the movie-theaters to see this crap. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "A Aparição" ("The Apparition")
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Not that bad
maryfeather8013 November 2012
why all the hate with this movie??I thought it was okay,very watchable...yeah i have seen better but i have seen way worse than this the beginning it was very the movie went on there were some flaws but nobody is perfect.One thing i did not like was how quickly the movie ended and nobody really understood who was haunting them.The leading actors did their jobs good the setting was decent,the dialogue satisfactory and the plot was interesting..well for me anyway..If you are a horror fan and you liked the Ring and the Grudge then do watch this,if you are not a fan then don't bother...This is Maryfeather and i write..
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Absolutely horrible, total rip-off
sakbrat28 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert, if you've seen The Grudge, Paranormal Activity, Silent Hill, the remake of Fright Night or any number of haunted house movies you've seen this movie (only better).Don't waste your money. This is a terrible movie! There was no original plot to it, just a bunch of rip-offs from at least 4 better movies.It felt like everybody in the movie realized what a bomb it was, the actors were bad, but it's hard to really blame them because they had no script or direction to help them. It was like improv horror movie.The only saving grace is that my friends and I decided it would be a good drinking game movie,take a drink every time it ripped-off another movie.
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Surprisingly Freaky!
Josh Anderson18 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Last night was one of those "free promo code at Redbox" nights & so I went to peruse & rent some movie I have never heard of or that I wouldn't be able to watch with anyone else. I love creepy movies but not necessarily "horror" movies. I am disappointed in the scary movie genre 98% of the time. The Apparition's opening scenes had me rolling my eyes as usual. The "raw footage" was so obviously not raw - top grade film made to look old & grungy and camera angles that would never be taken on a home camcorder. I hate the whole idea that they are applying science to machines & computers could really measure the supernatural and I hate that there's the one guy, Patrick, that knows so much about all of it (How does he know all this stuff?). Then in the introduction of the characters, the music and filming style become so upbeat, slick & polished, the characters so good looking that it feels like a car commercial or something. It's not until the freaky things start happening in the couple's house that the movie becomes unexpectedly good. Even the score becomes original, twisted and melded with the strange things that are happening. The writers get an A+ for coming up with new ways freak you out. I'm so tired of every movie copying all others in timing, the "boo factor", score, etc. The use of this strange mold appearing in the house, the variety (& not overuse) of the subtle mysterious happenings (all the doors suddenly being wide open), the weird weird way that *something* knotted Kelly's clothes up and impossibly twisted all of her hangers... I love that there is no real "bad guy", no person in a rubber mask playing some stupid monster, but it's this subtle strange, faceless, darkness that is happening. The setting, unusual for a horror movie, is in a modern clean suburban neighborhood. This, on the one hand, loses all the creepiness of an old dilapidated house or terror of a fall wood, but brings the story right into your own plush home. When the couple goes to a hotel and they are followed by the haunting it serves to widen the horror to their whole world. Also what happens in the hotel room was so terrifying to me that tears were coming out of my eyes because of a real life situation I was in (as well as some true stories from friends). The movie is not without its silly Hollywood gimmicks or plot problems,(also having a main character that is so hot that I can't help staring at *her* instead of what's happening, damn you writers/casting people) but this is a good freaky movie if you're in the mood for the adrenaline that comes from being terrified.
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