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Season 2

7 Jun. 2010
The Final 25: LA or Bust
Head judge Lisa Ann travels from Los Angeles to Dallas to Chicago to New York to hold open auditions to find the twenty-five finalists to be called back to Los Angeles for a final audition to choose the twelve season 2 contestants. After all the applicants perform a choreographed dance routine and a solo dance, Lisa Ann and a different choreographer in each of the four cities choose the first eighteen finalists. Lisa Ann chooses the remaining seven from the hundreds of on-line submissions. In Los Angeles, the twenty-five are assessed by consulting physician Dr. Geller...
14 Jun. 2010
Let's Get It Started
One week before their first scheduled performance, the twelve season 2 contestants arrive at the house where they will be living for the remainder of their competition. They are provided a final "cheat" meal of their weakness food, after which they are told how many calories their specific plate of food contained. They meet most of their professional support team including Dr. Geller, lead choreographer Tiana, nutrition consultant Rachel and personal trainer Lee. One group of people they do not yet meet are their personal choreographer/dance partner. Between the ...
21 Jun. 2010
Look at Me
After the first dance competition, Caleb was eliminated from the competition, while Adamme, with the highest score, received immunity from elimination this week. The contestants continue with their weight loss journey with the help of their existing professional support team. But they also ramp up their dance journey as they meet their dance partner/choreographer. Each contestant is given a specific piece of music to perform to, with their dance task being to tell a story about themselves. At the performance, the contestants learn that having a professional dance ...
28 Jun. 2010
Latin Week
Meredith's elimination after the latest performance/weigh-in leaves ten contestants remaining. The ten's visit to the Rhumba City dance club gives them the clue that their dance style for this week's performance is Latin. They learn that it is indeed Latin Week, but that the competition performances will be in quartets consisting of two contestants - who can choose each other - and their respective professional dance partner. Each pair of contestants will be scored the same, meaning that the weight loss score is even more important this week. Most contestants choose ...
5 Jul. 2010
Hip Hop
Following the latest weigh-in, Sarah was eliminated, and Katie, as the overall winner, received immunity from elimination this week. After doing a thirteen flight stair climb, the contestants learn that it is hip hop week. In the spirit of hip hop, the week's competition will be done in "battles". As Mel B. randomly chooses a contestant's name, he/she gets to choose which other contestant with who to do battle on the dance floor. As last week's winner, Katie will be performing without someone to battle. The loser of each battle will be up for elimination. The ...
12 Jul. 2010
Following the latest performance and weigh-in, Adamme was the winner with the highest overall score and thus received immunity from elimination for this week. Kiki was the eliminated contestant, she who says an emotional farewell to her house-mates, especially her in-house romance partner, Corey. This week, the theme is summertime, where the dance routines are to evoke the playfulness of summer. Each contestant's dance partner is to choose the dance style by lot from a handful of possible contemporary styles, including hip-hop, jazz and pop. In keeping with the ...
19 Jul. 2010
Ballroom Blitz
After the latest performance and weigh-in, Adamme, with the highest score, is granted immunity for this week's competition (the last week immunity is provided), and Briana, with the lowest score due in large part to her injury, is eliminated from the competition. The seven remaining contestants receive packages from home, one which contains some disturbing news. They help trainer Lee celebrate his birthday. And they enter into ballroom week, which many believe places the seven on equal footing, while some believe it will be their time to distinguish themselves from ...
26 Jul. 2010
Prom Diggity
Michael won the competition at the latest performance weigh-in, while Erica, with the lowest score, was the eliminated contestant. Mel B. takes the remaining six contestants to a high school football field where Lee makes them do a mile run in weighted vests, which ends up being a cathartic experience. Mel B. also announces this week's theme: high school prom, where they can celebrate "graduation" into their new healthier, happier bodies and lives. Each will perform a pop-jazz routine, which must include a major trick and a jump sequence. During the week, Adamme feels...
2 Aug. 2010
Temptation City
After the latest performance and weigh-in, Adamme was the winner for the week, and Katie, with the lowest score, was the eliminated contestant. The remaining five enter into temptation week. They are treated to a few day vacation in Las Vegas without any of their support team with them. They have access to the many indulgences that Las Vegas has to offer, including buffets for their meals, and dance clubs filled with alcohol, both which some may not be able to resist in quantity. In fitting with temptation, their dance for the week is burlesque, which will require the...
9 Aug. 2010
A (Big) Star Is Born
After the latest performance and weigh-in, LaToya, with the highest score, won the week, while the eliminated contestant was Stephanie, who was the first contestant ever not to lose weight in a week-to-week weigh-in. LaToya, the last woman standing, is hoping that this week she breaks the trend where the last seven eliminated contestants have been females. All four remaining contestants enter into Hollywood week, where they learn what it means to be a Hollywood star. They are pampered with specialized treatments, but they are also exposed to the difficulties of what ...
16 Aug. 2010
Then There Were 3
With LaToya winning the last dance/weigh-in and Corey being eliminated, there are only three contestants left dancing: Adamme, LaToya and Michael. The tensions start running high with Adamme and LaToya at each others' throats, while Michael watches gleefully from the sidelines as he only sees their squabbling as helping him. The three learn that this week's theme is threes. They are invited to dinner by Mel B., who introduces them to three special invited guests. They will be performing three dances this week, two which will be done in competition. The non-competition...
23 Aug. 2010
The Ultimate Dance Off: Part 1
With Michael being eliminated from the competition after the latest performance and weigh-in, Adamme and LaToya are the two going into the finale. They are sent home for five weeks to live in real life without the professional support on which they've relied while in the house. On their return back to the competition in Los Angeles, they are joined by the ten eliminated contestants. Two come bearing news, which affects their ability to participate in the group workout with General Lee. All twelve learn that one more person will be joining Adamme and LaToya in the ...
30 Aug. 2010
The Ultimate Dance Off: Part 2
Mel B. hosts a dinner party for all the contestants. Retrospectives of the season's journey of the three finalists - Adamme, LaToya and Michael - are provided, they who reflect on how far they've come. A lighter moment is provided by Corey, who renders his impressions of on-camera personalities associated with the show. On performance night, all the contestants and Mel B. perform a group number before the finalists go into the second half of the finale. The remaining contestants provide their guesses on who will come out on top by the end of the evening. From the ...

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