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I'm in the Band - My Kids' Favorite Show

Author: tvcritictrustme from United States
15 January 2010

I'm an online TV critic and "I'm in the Band" is the funniest show I've seen in years. It made my son and daughter laugh out loud so hard we had to pause the show multiple times just so they could hear the next joke. And let me tell you -- that's rare.

I watch shows with them on Nickelodeon (iCarly), Cartoon Network (Ben 10), Disney Channel (Wizards, Hannah, Suite Life), Disney XD (Phineas & Ferb, Zeke & Luther) but "I'm in the Band" is easily their favorite, and has quickly become mine too. It's not trying to be a show for kids. It's smart, funny and outrageous while still managing to be a cool show that adults can enjoy as well.

Derek, Burger and Ash play that smart/dumb rocker comedy *perfectly* as the once famous rock band Iron Weasel, and Tripp is so much fun to watch, as is his best friend Izzy. I'm sure both will become huge stars overnight. Really fantastic acting on this show with high caliber talent.

Sure, there are fart jokes, but at least they are witty and hilarious fart jokes. A lot of shows talk down to kids and offer simple stories we've seen a hundred times with a bunch of puns but "I'm in the Band" is written so well, perfectly blending outrageous physical comedy and great jokes while still managing to be smart and original.

This show is Spinal Tap for a new generation, and my kids and their friends can't stop talking about it. I'm not a betting person, but I'll bet "I'm in the Band" is sure to be a hit for Disney XD. Finally, a show I'm happy to watch with my kids and their friends week after week.

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Actually rather funny.

Author: darasen from United States
16 April 2010

Saw this show for the first time tonight and must admit it did make me laugh several times while watching. Sure it is a bit on the silly side airing on the Disney Channel or Disney XD and the characters are a bit over the top. But really aren't all the characters in sitcoms over the top? Really the show is no more ridiculous than 2 1/2 men or the like and certainly less idiotic than Family Guy and the like.

What it does offer is a show kids can watch and laugh at some of the really dumb stuff and older viewers can watch and enjoy with out a 30 minute stream of sex jokes and offensive humour. One episode I saw had a good deal of semi dark humour as a girls dad/ record producer was having a funeral for her cat "Hip Hop". The band members thought the producer was saying the music style was dead and they were there to celebrate and say how happy they were Hip Hop was dead. Throw in a missing dead cat and some serving trays and I thought it was the funniest funeral since Mary Tyler Moore.

Don't let the "kids Show" label dissuade you from giving this show a look.

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5.2 rating? I don't think so....

Author: XanaduWolf156 from United States
4 April 2010

THIS SHOW IS GOLD! It's better than all the other Disney crap they show (Fanny Montana, Wizards of Waverly Losers, Jonas, etc) The humor is fresh, the actors are actually extremely better than the actors on Disney Channel. Really a great show. I'm am so glad I found a astonishing comedy. (After Drake and Josh lost touch)

So ignore all those haters, because they are obviously brainwashed by todays music, and never knew how great Heavy Metal was. And, the name of the band in this show is absolutely funny. "Iron Weasel." Spoof for "Iron Maiden." Gradually a show that needs to obtain an orange blimp on The Kids Choice Awards.


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Seriously funny show!

Author: witchcatjuh from Netherlands
20 December 2010

I don't understand how some people are talking about it being totally unrealistic and then they start bringing up Hannah Montanah. Talk about unrealistic. First of all, it's nothing alike (This is funny, that sucks), but second of all, I don't really see the big deal here. It's a Disney show. It's meant for kids. Why should it be realistic? It's a lot better than a lot of other kids' shows I've seen (Hannah Montanah, Zack & Cody, iCarly etc)

That said, I just think it's a really funny show. I'm 17 years old right now and I just about cried because I was laughing so loud. It's not some stupid show just for kids, it's really funny. Yeah, some of the jokes are a bit lame, but that all depends on what you like. I think it's great. The characters are really funny, with the three dumb (well, two dumb and one even dumber) rockers and the one smart teenager. The jokes might be a bit easy, but they're just so random that I can't stop laughing about it.

So, taken all that into account, I think this show is great! I wouldn't mind watching it again.

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It's not the history of Deep Purple, people !

Author: tmunonyedi from London
31 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are some people that have just taken this far too seriously. Firstly, the show was never supposed to be realistic. Anyone thinking it should be shouldn't be watching kids TV in the first instance. Reality ain't what 22 minute shows are about ~ laughs and fun are the substance of kids' shows. Secondly, the music is as close to heavy metal as it needs to be. The point of the show was not to turn the youthful masses onto authentic metal, a genre too deep and wide to honestly categorize with one phrase. Nor was it to accurately portray the inner workings of a metal band {it's not realistic, remember ?}. It's a 22 minute per episode parody and in that context, quite an original idea as many other genres have been covered down the years on kids' shows but not the harder rock end. It's corny yet subtle in many places and to be honest, unless one is prepared to look beyond one's own biases, you're better off staying away from the show. Personally, I thought it was funny most of the time, not flawless by any means and I think 2 seasons were just the right amount of time for the show to run its course. Lighten up folks ~ it was supposed to be ridiculous !

Now having watched both series recently, I have to say that this was one of the best kids' shows I've seen. Surprisingly perhaps, it was consistently funny in every episode. I only found one lame episode actually, and that was the crossover episode with "Suite life on deck." Those crossovers are generally hit and miss anyway and this one didn't work well {made me see Zack and Cody in a slightly negative new light though}. While I wasn't really a fan of Logan Miller {although it has to be said, he plays his part well} Steve Valentine, Greg Baker and Stephen Full {and I'd throw in Caitlyn Taylor Love, the guys that played Metalwolf, Chucky, Simon Craig and Tripp's Mum too} were hilarious throughout. The three of them actually achieved a superb rapport and it's hard when seeing them in other shows or films to see them as anything other than Derek, Burger and Ash, so synonymous with the characters were they. No, overall, this was a superb fun series that never let up in quality and finished on a high at just the right time. I'm glad they didn't string it out until it became "not so good" then lame, like so many other series that began with a bang and hit a mighty peak.

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an utterly craptastic insult to metal.

Author: cobracjason from United States
31 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off associating metal with this show is an insult to metal these characters are just functionally retarded and play to the stereotype of the stupid dunder headed metal musician. Secondly there is no real metal to be found here despite promises to the contrary mind you this isn't at all surprising considering this is a Disney show but they could have done a better job than poorly imitating hair rock (nope that wasn't metal) a lousy genre to begin with. I can't speak for the actors because i haven't seen most of them anywhere else caitlyn taylor love is cute and steve valentine who is kinda funny i've seen in a few other things but that's all i've got on that. I will give one compliment and say the hip hop is dead episode was pretty funny though.

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Unfunny, Unoriginal...Just Shoot Me Now.

Author: hurracanebeth from United States
5 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From viewing the pilot episode, all I can say is: What? Unrealistic.

Honestly, even though this is a Disney show, it's still unrealistic. A teen (an ugly one, at that) wants to play and perform in his favorite rock band, Iron Weasel. (Seriously? Iron Weasel?) Tripp wins a radio contest and gets to have dinner with the members of Iron Weasel. (My guess is that Tripp was the only one that actually entered, seeing that Iron Weasel SUCKS.) Then, the members of Iron Weasel are looking for a place to live, (because the idiot hobos live in their VAN) and when Tripp offers up his house, they grab it at the spot. (Greedy little hobos...XD) Oh, but guess what? In order for us viewers to give Tripp a little sympathy, his mom is divorced. And his friend, Izzy, is a girl that likes to eat half-eaten churros out of the garbage. (Can you say disgusting?) Unoriginal.

Basically, "I'm in the Band" is just a version of Hannah Montanna with a boy as the main character and a 'metal' (I seriously feel the need to break something) sound instead of teenybopper mediocre music. Except, NOBDOY likes Iron Weasel at Tripp's school, until they magically become great and everyone shouts 'encore'.


Fart jokes. Idiotic adult supervision. Anit-climatic plots and ugly characters. In short, this is the worst Disney show.

And I'm not saying that kindly.

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About as brainless as a dead old man.

Author: afijamesy2k from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
8 April 2010

This is Hanna Montana except with a rock band, this is a piece of junk from the people and the company brought us that terrible show, A Teen wants to revive a rock band called Iron Weasel to make them become famous again, good grief, this show is just junk throughout, the performances are really bad, two completely wasted talents (Greg Baker & Steve Valentine)who been so good in other TV shows in the late 90 and early 2000's, blandy, unfunny subplots, terrible episodes and dull teleplay, this show is not only a disgrace to the true nature of metal scene, but music as a whole, this is just truly shameful, this piece of trash is top of the heap, hapless garbage and it's a shame that crap like this is still on, this is just like the crappy reality shows and other trends, all style and certainly no substance and we haters hate this one, because it's a disgrace, this is really the top candidate for the worst TV show of 2010 and it shows how television has really gone to crap after this.

This is trendy, state of the art, hopeless enterprise.

If you want better TV shows from Greg baker and Steve valentine, I Suggest you watch Sports Night on DVD and Crossing Jordan.

This is possibly the worst show associated with music since homeboys from outer space.

Truly Hopeless.

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