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Really Great Movie--SPOILERS
londonlvr1818 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen a few of Eoin Macken's other self-directed films, and I have to say that of the ones I've seen, this is a favorite of mine. Since I tend to get lengthy with reviews, I will try to be brief.

Adam lives in New York, and is trying to land a successful audition. At times, it seems as if he's given up on the pursuit of trying to even audition for a role, given that he never gets parts in anything. He also hears voices in his head, and has a volatile relationship with his girlfriend.

One night he meets a homeless man on the street, and they develop a close friendship, and Adam reveals some heavy secrets to David. Meanwhile, Kayla is trying to work up the courage to leave Adam behind, but also recognizes he might not be well mentally.

For a low budget film, it's shot well, the acting is believable, and the soundtrack is phenomenal.
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