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  • Ray's fortunes, at low ebb after the Lenore debacle, sink further when his nosy neighbor Howard Koontz accuses him of public indecency. Fed up with Jessica's meddling, Damon and Darby yearn to go back to their dad, but progress on the home repair front remains stalled. Likewise, Ray and Tanya's frayed partnership seems to be dead in the water - until a last-minute proposal resurrects their dreams.


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  • "Hung" - "Strange Friends or the Truth Is, You're Sexy"- July 18, 2009

    Ray busts out of his tent in the middle of the night shivering. He runs to the edge of the lake and pees. His neighbor, Koontz, comes running out, outraged, pointing out that what Ray is doing is illegal. Ray informs him that he's been peeing in this lake since he was 3, before Koontz ever heard of Michigan. Koontz warns him not to do it again.

    Jessica and Ray walk and talk through the halls of the school with Ray telling her to ease up on the kids because they're at the age now where it's normal for them to rebel against their parents. She tells him to stop being their buddy and think about them as a parent. He says that's all he does. She tells him she's late for a meeting and storms off. He wishes he had a dollar for every time he's seen her walk away.

    Ray, still missing his wallet, and Tanya go to confront Lenore at her house. Turns out, it's not her house. Back at Tanya's, Ray freaks out, he really needs his wallet and wonders what was up with this woman having sex with him at a stranger's house. Tanya tries to make excuses, maybe she was housesitting? In the middle of this Floyd, the teacher from their entrepreneur's class, calls to ask her on a date. She tells Ray to calm down and she will handle it.

    The next morning the cops confront Ray at the tent saying they got an anonymous complaint about indecency and public urination. Ray loudly says it's too bad it's anonymous since there's no proof of this indecency. The cops notice the microwave he has jury-rigged and inform him the neighborhood isn't zoned for temporary structures.

    Tanya has been leaving Lenore multiple messages and leaves another long one about Ray being freaked about his wallet. She apparently finds Lenore's address and goes to her apartment. It sounds like it's rocking. Lenore answers and says she doesn't know what's up with Tanya's answering service because she called her back every time but obviously Tanya got the message about brunch, but where are the bagels?

    Tanya doesn't back down and asks for the wallet. Lenore, who blathers on about Tanya's negativity, and says she was house-sitting, produces the wallet. Empty. Tanya asks how the sex was. Lenore says great. Tanya asks for payment. Lenore says they agreed it was a free sample. Tanya says no, they agreed it would be pay-as-you-will. Lenore says than she'll pay zero.

    Tanya takes the wallet back to Ray saying Lenore paid him $300 and she took 25 percent. Ray gets excited that he might have a god-given talent.

    Jessica is watching an animal shelter commercial and is moved. The maid says if she wants the kids to love her she shouldn't buy a shelter dog but a brand new puppy. Jessica says she doesn't care about the kids liking her anymore and that's she's getting the dog for herself.

    Ray is filling up at the gas station and a cute girl is eyeing him. His card is denied. He calls Tanya, who ignores her cell phone because she's out on a date with Floyd who wonders why she hasn't given Lyric Bread, which he thinks is a great idea, more of a go. She says she's been helping Ray. He points out that Ray was a drop out. And that she is a winner. He clearly has a crush on her. He follows her back to her house, for her safety of course, and Ray is waiting there for her. Floyd determines there is an "energy" between Ray and Tanya. Tanya tries to disabuse him of this notion and invites him in for tea but he begs off.

    As they go in Ray can't believe that Tanya was inviting him in for tea. She says sometimes tea is just tea. He informs her that someone maxed out his credit cards so it was either Lenore...or Tanya. She is appalled that he could think that she could steal from him. She tells him the truth that she paid him and that Lenore is likely a crook. He can't believe he had sex for free. He calls Tanya the worst pimp in the world saying he can't believe he bought into her "Happiness Consultant" and viral marketing ideas. He quits her.

    Back at the house Ray gets a call from his old buddy who said he'd fix the house. He says he can't start without pay and needs to take another job. Ray decides he's going to fix the house himself. He walks to the end of his dock and pees again, yelling out to Koontz and giving him the finger.

    As he goes to work on the house the next day a bag with the words "eat me" written on it, appears on a table. Inside are cookies, or should we say lyric cookies, because when he bites into one he finds a laminated note saying "I'm sorry." He bites into another that says "I'm very sorry."

    He meets her the next day down by the water and she apologizes again and he forgives her. She says if she were ever to attempt being his pimp again she would try to improve. She laments being a bad judge of character and says her mother was right when she said that she was too desperate to be liked. Ray thinks that's a horrible thing to say.

    Over at Jessica's, she strokes an injured, sickly, old dog that has one of those Victorian collars. Damon thinks it's kind of cool that Jessica adopted this mangy old mutt but his sister is moderately grossed out.

    Ray is looking through an old photo album at the house that survived the fire when the police show up again. This time they have photos that Koontz took of Ray pissing and flipping him off.

    Ray goes to visit Koontz and his hot foreign (maybe Russian?) wife answers the door. He says he's trying to make peace and hands them a box of cookies. Koontz is skeptical so Ray bites into one. Later, the wife sits at a counter and contemplates the box. She grabs a cookie and starts to eat. She gets to the laminated note: "The truth is, you're sexy." She smiles.

    Lenore calls Tanya. Tanya is justifiably angry. Lenore claims she simply took the $400 as an advance for her services providing recommendations, up front, as any good businesswoman would've done. As she dresses we see her taking off a department store security tag from her dress. (Someone clearly has a thievery issue.) She asks Tanya whether she wants the numbers of her clients or not. Tanya takes the numbers.

    As we watch Ray walk out of a hardware store with some supplies for rebuilding his home we hear a message Tanya is leaving saying Lenore came through with the numbers and if he'll have her back she'd love to be his pimp again. As he walks down the street he stops at some familiar graffitti: Tanya's "Happiness Consultant" logo. He smiles.

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