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  • Artie is kidnapped by a woman who blames him for the death of her brother.



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  • "Warehouse 13" - "Claudia" - July 28, 2009

    Artie wakes up in strange room from his earlier vision. Mrs. F is there and she's telling him it's time to get up and go. He wakes up from the dream as the Farnsworth rings. Myka and Pete yell at him for sending them to pick up an artifact at zoo where the monkeys threw, um, stuff at them. They are disheveled. They ask about the computer/electrical breach and he says he can't pinpoint its origin.

    He falls asleep at his desk again and is back in room. Mrs. F tells him to get up. He can't. He wakes up to discover a sassy redhead is cuffing him. She's disappointed that the doesn't know who she is. He tries to ring an alarm with his knees but she's disabled it. He finally remembers that her name is Claudia, and apparently she was a former student when he was a simple professor. He goes to undo the cuff and she zaps him. She supercharged them. He compliments her skills and tells her to chill out and that the accident with Joshua was years ago and to let it go. She says time flies and that he is responsible for Joshua's death and she's back to force him to make good on his promise. She. hauls him off.

    Myka and Pete arrive at W13 and realize that Artie is missing and that the alarm is disabled alarm. They are alarmed. There are no clues. Mrs. F Farnsworth's in and doesn't believe Artie was taken. They convince her and she tells them to use the "durational spectrometer" to obtain "after images" of anyone who's been in the room in the last five hours and to stay put.

    Claudia takes Artie to Joshua's lab. He says she's doing it all wrong: nabbing him in daylight and using his car. She says Joshua's not dead. but stuck.

    Pete and Myka use the device and see themselves entering the room. They dial it back and see Claudia grab Artie. Pete reads Artie's lips - his sister is deaf- and obtains Claudia's name. They pull up her info and see that she did a stint in a psych ward. Even though Mrs. F. said to stay put they agree that they didn't hear that.

    Artie wonders if Claudia has brought him here for poetic justice. She says no, she brought him to the lab because Joshua's aura is strong here and he can help bring her bac. He thinks she's unwell.

    Pete and Myka go to house where Claudia stayed and the landlord says she was a nice girl and it's terrible how her parents died and then the brother who raised her died too. Then she was shipped off with a foster family and then the psych ward. But, hey, says the landlord, she kept up on the rent. Even though she checked out of the pscyh ward two months ago, she's made no contact with the landlord. Shehe lets them in and they spy a walls full of papers, pictures, and maps of the kind maintained by crazy people. Pete and Myka find a picture of a younger Claudia with older brother Josh. They wonder where Artie is.

    Back at the lab Artie wonders why Claudia believes Josh is alive. She's all sweaty and jittery and says Joshua visits. She says his experiments -based on work by Rheticus- were good. Artie says Rheticus was nuts. Claudia says he'll be surprised when Josh shows and that she has everything to recreate his experiment.

    Artie again goes back in time in his mind and we see him talking with a younger Josh and Claudia. Back in the present she tells Artie she has the visions of the past also. Suddenly, electricity charges fly around the room. Joshua shows up in a weird, spectral, electrical form flying through air. Artie calls after him. He disappears. Claudia snarks that she told him so. Artie doesn't understand what's happening. Claudia says she's not crazy, and wants Artie's help bring Josh back. She's tried to recreate experiment, which he thinks is dangerous.

    Pete and Myka look through Claudia's stuff and determine she's a thinker. They discover the book on Rheticus and notice she took a book with her.

    Artie's upset with experiment. (It concerned teleportation.) Claudia says she worked on it all she could and then wanted to peek at Artie's research. She was upset that he hadn't done any in the 12 years since Josh disappeared. She says knows Artie wants to help and that he feels guilty. He denies this. She gets a nosebleed and admits she's had several. She lamely chalks it up to flu. He rebuts that it's the experiment doing her in.

    Myka reads some Rheticus poetry. Pete wonders what it is, Myka dismisses it. She then notices drawings and flags in the books all pointing to a famous Rheticu compass. Pete thinks this sounds artifacty.

    In the labe, Artie also wonders about the compass. Claudia says she has the minerals that were in it. He says it's not the same thing. He's decided after hearing everything that instead of helping he's going to shut her down. She says he abandoned Josh once, so why not again. She explains that it hasn't been easy for her and that Josh was all she had after their parents death. He was a genius who put his life on hold for her and she owes it to him to try and get him back and so does Artie.

    Artie calls Pete. and Myka and explains that he's okay and that he will be helping Claudia. They offer to help and and he tells them to stay away.

    Back at W13 they confab with Mrs. F. who has showed up stealthily and unexpectedly. They tell her about Claudia and realizes Mrs. F. knows the story and where she and Artie might be. But instead of telling them so they don't rush off all willy-nilly led by their emotions she directs them to some Rheticus artifacts so that they can actually be useful when they arrive. She says she cares what happens to Artie too.

    From a travel kit in his car Artie pulls out Ben Franklin's lightning rod to get prepared to grab Josh back. He apologizes to Claudia about pysch ward. She shows him Josh's journal with all the info.

    Myka and Pete look through the artifacts and deduce that Joshua's experiment half worked but that it was missing an instruction. Rheticus was big on writing instructions in latin on odd surfaces and secret panels. They realize the compass must have had a. secret panel that Josh and Artie overlooked..

    Claudia is bleeding again as Artie's figureing out the experiment. He goes back in time again to when Josh was explaining and showing him the compass. In the present the lab goes nutty and Josh shows up again. Claudia passes out. Artie tells Josh to come back once more and that he can save them both. Josh tells him it's too risky and to cut the tether, kill him to save his sister.

    Pete and Myka go to Mrs. F at Leena's with their info. She congratulates them on figuring it all out without Artie and tells them to get to lab quickly.

    Claudia wakes up and is sad to have missed Joshua. She thanks Artie for his help. Artie goes back in time again and tells Josh that in order to protect his family he should give him the compass. As they wait for him to get Artie promises Claudia that he won't let anything happen to Josh.

    In the present Artie goes to blow up the experiment. Claudia begs him not to. He tells her that Josh told him to in order to save her.

    In the past Artie worries about what's taking Josh so long and when they go to check on Josh he's running the teleportation experiment, Josh disappears and young Claudia screams.

    In the present Pete and Myka bust in with their new intel. They ask after the compass but it's not there. Artie figures something out. Just then Josh reappears and Artie tells him to touch his hand as he clutches Claudia. The two disappear into Josh's interdimensionary bubble. The siblings are gld to see each other. Artie takes the compass from Josh, opens the secret panel and, as per the directions, turns an interior dial 90 degrees on its axis as they all touch it. All three reappear in the lab, alive and well. The siblings hug and he thanks her for not giving up.

    Back at Leena's, Artie tells Pete and Myka he's proud of them. Myka tentatively broaches the subject of losing people on the job. Artie says he doesn't want to talk about it until he remembers she lost someone on a job also. He says anytime she wants to talk, they can.

    Back at W13 Mrs. F shows up. Seems around the time Artie first lost Josh, he and Mrs. F were having a relationship that broke up. She's visting about Claudia's hacking into W13 and how it could hurt them. Artie says Claudia wouldn't hurt them. Mrs. F says she just might and that Artie knows what the options are for taking care of it.

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