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  • It is never stated how big the S1 is, but it is at least a mile wide. One can assume that you could at least fit the US city of Los Angeles in it, it would have at least 15 decks in it and, It can hold more presents than it did in the film on the night in the movie.

  • We are informed that it converts all milk and cookie offerings Santa receives into biofuel. However, in the end, the unit was renamed EVIE and refitted to be pulled by a 5,000-reindeer team plus the original eight reindeer.

  • Grand-Santa's sleigh, built in 1851, has a plaque on the front which says "EVE", so we can assume that this is its official name. "Evie" is an affectionate nickname that Grand-Santa uses.

  • In common parlance, Santa Claus' sleigh is pulled by nine reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner (variously spelled Dunder and Donder), Blitzen (variously spelled Blixem and Blixen), and sometimes Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  • It was never stated what Grandsanta's official name was. He was just referred to as Grandsanta. Santa was called Malcolm, his wife Margaret, and their sons Arthur and Steve, but no name was mentioned for Grandsanta.

  • Steve couldn't be Santa because a) he thought one child out of millions missed did not matter and wanted to delay the delivery of the present until slightly after Christmas, whereas, on the other hand, Arthur did not think that was good enough, and b) he had a fight with Spanish Pedro at 23 Mimosa Avenue, Trelew, Mexico over a bicycle after a mistake made by Santa due to his poor navigation (putting in the address, seeing a list of Trelews and selecting the first Trelew on the list, but that one was not Trelew, England, instead, it was Trelew, Mexico).

  • No! There is not a Trelew in Mexico. The only Trelew in the Americas is in Argentina. Script writer Peter Baynham, born in Cardiff, Wales, included a reference to an obscure bit of Welsh history in his script, with Mimosa Avenue in Trelew. In 1865, about 150 Welsh emigrants sailed on the ship Mimosa to Patagonia, Argentina. They founded a town called Trelew, where there is now a street called Mimosa, after the ship. Baynham postulated an avenue by that name in Trelew, Cornwall, to complete the confusion between the two locations. (The movie's placement of Trelew in Mexico, instead of Argentina, is apparently an error.)

  • After much difficulty, and ultimately with Mrs. Claus' and Bryony's help, all the male Clauses arrive at Gwen's house before she awakens, only to have all but Arthur quarrel about who gets to actually place the gift. Noticing that only Arthur truly cares about the girl's feelings, the elder Clauses collectively realise that he is the sole worthy successor. As a result, Santa gives Arthur the honour and Steve forfeits his birthright to his brother. In a fitting conclusion, Gwen glimpses a snow-bearded Arthur in a wind-buffeted sweater just before vanishing into the night. With the crisis resolved, Santa goes into a happy retirement with Mrs. Claus; he also becomes grand-Santa's much-desired new companion. Meanwhile, Steve finds true contentment as Chief Operating Officer while Bryony is promoted to Vice-President of Packing. In a nod to traditionalism once neglected, the high-tech S1 is rechristened EVIE and refitted to be pulled by a 5,000-reindeer team led by the original eight reindeer, all of whom managed to return safely via innate homing abilities. Finally, Arthur happily guides the entire enterprise in the proper spirit as the new Santa.

  • She read the S1's manual.


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