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This is Comedy?

Author: georgehazard73
7 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Is this what we've come to for "comedy"? I sat through an entire episode and didn't even crack a smile. The host looks like he could be the next rapist with a smile like that. People throwing up or whatnot is apparently funny to people? How about if it happened for real? Is it funny then? I certainly hope not and I'm stunned that so many people enjoy seeing this very disturbing content. Heck, South Park doesn't go this far and they've been pretty offensive as it is but that I can sit through and at least relate to the characters once in a while. It may seem like I'm "not old enough" to see the show but I'm 24, which is plenty old enough for this garbage.

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It's Jackass for the Internet Crowd

Author: halo1k
27 March 2011

A lot of people compare Tosh.0 to the E! Network's Talk Soup. Sure, it's just some guy standing in front of a blue screen commenting on stupid people hurting themselves on Youtube for a half an hour. You could also say the same thing about America's Funniest Home Videos.

But what makes Daniel Tosh's show different is that his one-liners are often spot-on, his audience interaction is great (like when he asked his audience which celebrities he could beat up), and the web redemptions/remixes/reunions/retreats are hilarious. Now that the show went from having a budget of zero to actually having one, expect them to get even crazier.

And unlike the other shows, Daniel Tosh's is almost interactive, whether it's pasting together stories from random Twitter feeds, wrecking havoc on Wikipedia (they actually had to close the page to prevent Tosh fans from editing it due to "vulgar, rampant profanity"), or seeing how many funny comments he can make in 20 seconds.

I'd actually go so far as to compare this show to MTV's Jackass. Sure it lacks the camaraderie of Johnny Knoxville and his crazy crew - but the gags are there. The brand of toilet humor and random nonsense is exactly the same. And where's the puke? There's plenty of it!

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"Soup" anyone?

Author: Peachcandy from United States
28 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before I get into this review, let me just say that I have a sense of humor. I even love dirty jokes. I am no prude, The Soup has me in hysterics on a regular basis, and comedy is my favorite genre. But despite all that, I found very little funny about the series known as Tosh.0.

Apparently this Tosh guy is a comedian. I'd never seen him or even heard of him before I watched the show. He might be funny in his own act, but here he is trying too hard to be like Joel McHale. I watched several episodes of Tosh.0 straight through and I can only remember two or three instances when I chuckled.

There is humor, and then there is smart humor. Smart humor is humor that is creative and has a purpose. Tosh.0 makes fun of internet videos and behavior, and the humor within isn't smart. The jokes are designed to be shocking rather than funny. One video Tosh made fun of contained a clip of a man with a severe physical disability simply trying to walk....or crawl, I should say....down a busy street. I don't have a problem with making fun of people, but even that level is too low to be humorous.

Tosh.0 might be better if the content was more clever and creative. Until that happens (and I doubt it will) I'll stick to The Soup.

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Tosh.0 is a GREAT show!

Author: ccornell88 from United States
29 September 2010

I've been falling Daniel Tosh for awhile and I finally get to see his stand up tomorrow night! His show is a comedic genius and it cracks me up every time I watch it. He basically shows youtube videos and makes hilarious comments/jokes about them. In every episode he has a feature video and he does something special with that person...needless to says it's hilarious! His humor is definitely shocking and crude so if you like that you will love him!

I watched a couple clips of the soup and I think this show is way better! I love Daniel Tosh and people should definitely watch his show!! I highly recommend it :-)

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It has the appearance of comedy without actually being funny

Author: spiff-12 from New Westminster, BC, Canada
1 May 2016

I watched several episodes of this honestly trying to get it.

I have a pretty good sense of humor and find shows like 'South Park' to be brilliant not only in the fact that the jokes are funny but they have insight into a truth which provides fuel for the guffaw.

I hate to give anything a vote of '1' for something that 'I don't get' but, I do get it. This is 'Shock' humor. It groups weird and awkward situations together to get that "OH My GawD! I can't Believe he did that" laugh. The Host, or let's call him HO for short, Daniel Tosh, acts like the things he says and does are hilarious... when they are actually just awkward and dumb. This is the ultimate 'Act as If' scenario. I don't doubt there are people who believe this to be real is because they don't know enough to appreciate actual comedy (sign of the times, I'm sorry to say).

Let's face it; Daniel Tosh will do anything for a laugh...even a shock laugh. The Ho needs to let his writers go.

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Maybe if I were a middle-schooler I'd find this funny

Author: Cory
9 June 2016

Dan rides the comedy success of the clips he uses in his show. His commentary is unnecessary and isn't funny. Maybe it'd be helpful commentary if you were blind and needed the clip explained to you, but otherwise it's worthless. I could never understand why my peers enjoyed this show, since it's just viral videos from the internet with Dan just pretending he's funny in between. Why this show is on the air still is beyond me. Like I already said, a lot of the time his "commentary" is just him just telling the audience/viewers what the clip was about. What about tat is funny? I've already seen the clip, why even bother with the pointless comments?

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Overly Repetitive to Me with My Very Few Laughs

Author: Shinedowness
25 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This formulaic show makes me want to turn my eyes the other way. The "same" things happen except with different jokes that I rarely laugh at. Also, Daniel Tosh was funnier in his earlier days to me. Sure, he has a mischievously snide humor about him. Some people catch that, some people do not. Though, I find him shallow about women and wouldn't want him managing my child if that child's decision is to not attend church. I would want my child to have their own religion or freedom from religion.

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Mostly good entertainment, horrible executing

Author: corvinjanet from United States
26 May 2016

I will admit, this show does have some funny bits here and there. What I really don't like about it is how Tosh will present himself and the way he tries to push in his own parodies for the videos he shares. It's as if he is still in 5th Grade, and he's not even trying to be funny. It's like he's just reading them off of some script he or one of the producers wrote for him, and he's reading the lines one by one. I don't know, it just sounds very "bland", if you know what I mean. I give the sum of every video (other than his parodies) an 8 out of 10 (AS A WHOLE), 3-4 out of 10 for his presentations, and a 5-6 out of 10 for effort, so why am I giving it a 4 out of 10, you may ask? Well, that's just how I feel about the show, and either he needs to get better in the presenting aspect of things, or this show just needs to stop airing on T.V.

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Lower grade school humor for the less applied children. Terrible

Author: javmart from usa
22 July 2016

The humor certainly is not for adult, certainly not educated and or intelligent adults.

It's lower grade school humor for the less applied children. Terrible.

The worst part is that the immature judgmental person not intelligent enough to write comedy and instead passes judgment on comical videos, genuinely thinks his funny.

This person appears to have been the less applied kid in school because of apathy and or lack of competence who passed judgment on everyone else in class to boost his self esteem.

He continues being the same immature child now as an adult and very much feel sorry for him. Someone should break the news to him and tell him he isn't funny.

If the person delivering the show on the other hand is slow and that is the best his competent level can accomplish, then I apologize for my review and rate him excellent and encourage him to continue to carry on with his sketch.

If he is not slow than the show proves Americans are not the brightest apples on the trees and are in fact the least bit educated to find this show funny, but that is a whole different problem.

I can't believe anyone older than nine with a competent level of intelligence would find this show funny. I my opinion it is a show for a targeted audience of under 9 compose of the lesser competent kids who sit in the back of the classroom with a complete absent level of productivity and spend their day in class passing judgment on their fellow classmates and throwing balled up sheet of papers to their heads. This show is truly awful. Watch a minute or two of it and you will see.

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Worth checking out

Author: Eric Stevenson from United States
3 May 2016

I admit to having some personal bias with this. It's mostly because I just love the Internet in general and want to know about all the recent popular videos. I don't go to a lot of websites like I used to, so I'm probably missing out on some stuff. I admit that Daniel Tosh does usually deliver when you want the goods for online videos. Now the thing is, he seems to be biased. It's mostly because he's usually just interested in videos that are disgusting or obscene. Of course, I guess a comedian would want to do that. It just seems like it would make more sense if he did harmless videos like cats eating food.

I remember when he finally had a cat video which was a cat being breastfed by a human. It seems a bit too easy to not show nicer stuff. Still, he does do a lot of clips that are entertaining in themselves. The variety is usually good. The thing is, he is often very funny. He manages to do commentary on a lot of different things and I'll always give him credit for that. For all the crude stuff he shows, he actually swears less than most comedians. I find that interesting!

It's great to acknowledge all the Internet celebrities out there and give their own 15 minutes of fame, however bizarre that may be. I love the fact that he mocks how often Comedy Central loses shows. Come on, "Brickleberry" needs to come there. That really was a bad show. It really is quite impressive he's managed to stay on the year so long. He does in fact have generally fresh material and is always topical. That probably owes to his success.

I really do find this show to be unique and even if it's not the best of Comedy Central, it's still pretty innovative and unpredictable. I know he'll never show videos of FunToyzCollector, who's the richest celebrity there. Then again, I'd love to see him mock her. Seriously, how are those things so freaking popular? It's not the most variety, as I watch many cartoon clips, but this is definitely worth looking, if only to show the popularity on the Internet on TV. ***1/2 out of ****.

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