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Parents Guide for
The Wolverine (2013) More at IMDbPro »

The content of this page was created directly by users and has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff.
Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.
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Sex & Nudity

5/10 - Average of both the Theatrical Cut and the Extended Cut

Jean Grey wears a negligee that shows substantial amounts of her breasts, which appear to be free of a bra.

Logan/Wolverine is shown shirtless through many scenes.

In One Scene Logan Is Being Washed & Shaved By People In A Small Tub. He Is Naked & Seen Resisting. We See His Butt. Later He Says That He Feels violated. Played For Laughs.

Logan (Hugh Jackamn) & Mariko (Tao Okamoto) share a passionate kiss, then are shown lying together underneath a blanket, she is wearing a slip.

Wolverine's bare rear end is briefly shown.

Sexual activity is implied in a brief scene taking place at a love hotel, which is basically (as explained in the movie) where couples go to spend the night privately.

A man in his briefs, one woman in her bra and panties with a third of butt cheeks visible with a second woman in her shirt and underwear dance close together and the man kisses one of them on the lips before being interrupted by people who interrogate him. This scene is crudely suggestive.

The character of Viper is a very sexual, femme-fatale villainess who wears ultra-revealing, skin-tight green latex throughout (cleavage; bare buttocks is extremely visible as that portion of her latex has long open strips which is revealing); She rips it off at one point, but you see her BARE BREASTS.

Logan & Mariko kiss at the end of the film.

Violence & Gore

7.5/10 - Average of the Theatrical Cut;

9/10 - Average of the Extended Cut

Many scenes of fast, realistic, vicious, brutal, stylized action and harsh, realistic, bloody violence involving guns, arrows, & knives; There are sequences involving bloody hand-to-hand swordplay combat, and a barrage of fist fights and swordplay. ;some of which are bloodless in the Theatrical Cut; The Extended Cut contains much bloodier violence, especially the added blood/gore to certain scenes from the TC.

Three men commit suicide by slicing open their own stomachs (Offscreen)

An explosion burns Logans body to the extreme. We see graphic burn marks and him screaming.

Logan has a nightmare in which he accidentally stabs Jean Grey in the abdomen. We see a lot of blood on her shirt and on the sheet she is lying on.

Logan finds a grizzly bear lying on the ground in pain. An arrow is seen protruding from its back. The bear growls and gruffs as Logan tries to remove the arrow. Logan pleads to the bear to "not make him do this", but within seconds, retracts his metal claws from his hands, sticking them in the belly of the grizzly bear as it howls in agony, dying. Logan releases his sharp claws from the bear's corpse (blood is visible), and takes the arrow out of its back, only to find it had been poisoned.

Logan walks into a bar & stabs another man in the hand with an arrow (we see the arrow sticking out of the man's hand and there is blood on the wound). The man yelps in pain as Logan questions him about an arrow he found in a dying bear in the woods. Logan continues to interrogate the man by spilling a shot of whiskey onto the man's bruised/bloodied hand, and wreathes the arrow deeper into his palm (consecutive close-up shots of the gory result). The man then picks up a beer bottle, smashing it into Logan's face violently. Logan looks at the man with anger, removes a glass shard from his cheek, and retracts his claws attempting to kill the man before he is stopped.

A man grabs Viper by the neck and slams her against a wall; she frees herself and grabs the man on the face and then blows on him (causing his flesh to blister) and then throws him to the ground.

A woman stabs a man in the neck with a poisoned pen and he thrashes around and yells as his face bubbles and blisters.

Viper kisses a man and he falls to the ground dead (we hear sizzling and understand that she has put acid or poison in his mouth).

Viper spits acid in a man's face and we see his flesh bubble and blister as he screams. Brief, but Graphic.

A man is shown with several bloody bullet holes in his chest and abdomen and we see him cleaning away the blood (blood covers paper towels that he has used).

Logan watches live X-ray video of himself and sees something bug-like moving around on his heart; he cuts his chest open and reaches inside to remove the buy (he yells) and we see his hand on the X-ray moving close to his heart; he removes the item (we see his hand covered with blood and holding the wriggling thing) and his heart stops (we see him recover later). Probably The Most Graphic, Intense & Long Sequence.

A man is shot in the chest (we see a bloody wound) by another man at a funeral; many men draw weapons and fire while others fight with punches and kicks while several men attempt to kidnap a woman; a man on a rooftop shoots several of the gunmen with a bow and arrows while another man with metal claws protruding from his hands fights many of the gunmen and stabs several of them (we see the blades enter the men, we hear the shwing of the blades and some are lifted up and thrown; blood IS evident throughout); a woman with a long stick also fights with many of the gunmen.

A man runs across rooftops and jumps to the ground while chasing men who have taken a woman and sped away in a car; the chasing man is shot in the leg, he threatens one of the men for information and then stabs him (we hear the crunch but do not see the blow).

A woman stabs a man in the head and the neck (no blood is shown but we see the blades protruding from the head and neck), and another man stabs him and throws him over a cliff.

A man, chasing another man and a woman, is stabbed through a metal door by a man with metals claws protruding from his hands (we see the stabbed man fall to the floor and we see the holes in the metal door; no blood is evident).

We see a dead man on the floor with the knife still in his chest and blood on the wound.

In an extended scene, we see Yukio and Logan arrive at Yashida's house; it is nighttime and raining. They search the rooms for Shingen, who had been poisoned by Viper earlier, but no response is heard. Logan calls for his name, but nothing is heard. They reach the medical room and Logan looks at two canisters full of water with nothing else in them (which earlier, had contained a spider-like mechanism floating around). Logan lays on top of the metal bed and switches on the x-ray; he sees something attached to his heart, which shocks him. Yukio is surprised & goes to stop Logan from hurting himself (i.e. her vision from before of his "death"), but Logan disagrees with her, saying, "We have one chance! This is the only way!". Logan removes his shirt, and is seen cutting through his flesh with his sharp claws, and sticks his hand inside his torso (we hear the grotesque squishing sound of his hand in his body; blood is evident); VERY GRAPHIC/UNSETTLING. As this is happening, Shingen appears and starts to fight Yukio, who tries to defend Logan from being killed. Shingen moves the x-ray machine away from Logan's sight, which now makes it much more difficult for him to find the device that is attached to his heart. Logan suddenly goes into an epileptic shock as he is seen pulling the device from his body (Blood is seen on his hand), & then starts panting; he dies (Very Disturbing/Emotional). Yukio & Shingen fight with swords, hitting & slashing each other (Very Intense), and Yukio is knocked unconscious (we see bloody spot on her head); The camera passes over Logan's corpse and we see the bloody wounds start to heal. As Shingen raises a sword over Yukio's head, about to kill her, he is stopped by Logan, who come to & throws Shingen across the room; The two men start to fight, clashing, slicing, cutting, & hitting each other with violent/grisly results (Brutal & Very Graphic). Shingen uses two swords to counteract Logan's hand-blades; Logan is then stabbed through the neck, abdomen, & shoulder and we hear crunching (we see the blade sticking out of his back); Logan removes the sword from his abdomen, & the two continue their brutal/bloody fight, slicing and throwing each other around violently; Intense, Suspenseful, & Violent. For a moment, Logan is slashed through the mid-section (we partially see the bloody wound, & it is understood that he has been cut in half and then we hear squishing as he heals immediately); Startling. Logan tells Shingen to live with the guilt of almost killing his own daughter, and he walks off. Within seconds, Shingen runs around the corner, yelling, & Logan is stabbed through the chest (we see the blade going all the way through him) Graphic. At the last moment, Shingen is pinned to Logan as he raises the blade higher inside his chest. Shingen is surprised by this, and asks Logan what kind of a "monster" he is, to which Logan replies "the Wolverine", & protrudes his metal claws through Shingen's neck, killing him (blood is seen spurting out, and present of the claws); Logan pushes Shingen's body off of him, and removes the sword from his torso; GRAPHIC.

Harada attacks Logan, who impales Harada with his claws, but Harada forces his grip and cuts Logan's forehead which instantly heals. Harada calls to his fellow Black Clan to attack. This is where the Extended Cut continues from. Logan fights many Ninjas and we see lots of stabbing, slashing, & dismembering (Very Bloody). Yukio (Rila Fukushima) observes the chaos, & enters a large, yellow snowplow. Logan is captured by a net and dragged around by ninjas on motorcycles. Logan eventually gets free of the net, slashing and cutting his way through the Black Clan (Intense and Violent); Logan grabs hold of one of the ninjas with his claws, throwing the ninja into the snowplow where he is mauled violently. More ninjas are either thrown or run over by the snowplow with gory/bloody matter spraying. Logan climbs atop the snowplow & continues to fight off Yakuza. The plow breaks down, & hits the side of a wall; Yukio is briefly knocked unconscious; Logan yells at Yukio to run as he lights a cigar, retracts his claws, & slashes down on the plow where ninjas are knocked back from the explosion. Everything seems to be alright until another group of Yakuza ninjas descend a number of arrows into Logan's chest, arms, & back as he tries to get awayVery Graphic. Logan stumbles and falls for a moment, then continues onward toward the large building. Mariko, depressed and in shock, on-looks from afar. Logan, with many arrows attached to tethers sticking out of his back, continues to struggle; he yells in pain. This is quickly accompanied by Harada, whom releases a poison-tipped arrow into Logan's back, sending Logan down on his knees in exhaustion. Logan collapses onto the cold, snow-covered surface, and remains motionless[/spoiler/]

We see many Ninjas killing numerous security guards silently outside a house (no blood).

The duel with Yukio (Rila Fukushima) & Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) is Intense, with Yukio (Fukushima) continuously [spoiler]slashing her Katana at Viper who evades her attacks quickly and throws acid at Yukio as well. Soon enough, Yukio gets the upper hand & Viper is wrapped around the neck by an elevator cord, pulled into the air hanging as a large metal box moves quickly past her and strikes her in the head (presumably killing her); we see no blood
. This is definitely a crowd-pleasing moment.

.Logan looks up as the camera pans around the room revealing a large, mechanical lab. Beside Logan is a tall, metal mech-suit sitting down (it is revealed by Viper to be made out of adamantium, the same substance as his claws). Viper comes in & continuously taunts Logan in order for him to "sknit" his claws out. He eventually becomes increasingly angry with Viper, allowing his claws to retract out from his hands. The metal chair begins to protrude device that forcibly grips his hands in place (metal claws are out). The adamantium suit starts to rise from its chair, and pulls out a large metal blade from its back (also made of adamantium). As this is happening, Mariko (Tao Okamoto), who wakes up from a coma, is confronted by Harada (Will Yun Lee) who warns her of Viper's plan, and tells her that he will do anything for her. Mariko is still upset over the fact that Harada nearly killed Logan in the earlier sequence, but Harada persists her. Mariko and Harada share a kiss, then Mariko takes a knife from Harada's belt and stabs his leg, running out of the room. Meanwhile, Logan, still strapped to the chair, is nearly de-clawed by the Silver Samurai until Mariko protects him at the last second, allowing Logan to get the upper hand; Logan & Mariko try to get away but the Silver Samurai is on their every step. With Viper closely following, she gets hit in the chest by Harada's arrow, sending her falling down on a platform; Logan tackles the Samurai, as they collide down onto another platform where Logan's left hand is ultimately de-clawed by the Samurai (he yells in pain); as this is happening, Viper slices down the middle of herself, and sheds off her first layer of dead skin (Partially Graphic) with her hair shedding off as well. Logan attempts to flee the Samurai by jumping off and hitting another platform where Viper's dead skin is shown. As Logan raises, Viper comes out of nowhere (Startling), quickly sends acid flying toward his eyes, blinding him; She hits Logan with a metal object which sends him falling/hitting the ground, hard. The Samurai shows up and tries to lash out & kill Logan, who hides in a crevice from behind. With the sword in his hand, Logan continues to distract the Samurai; As Logan tries to ignite the sword, Harada jumps down to take on the Samurai himself, willingly. Harada is then stabbed through the chest as he then thrown onto the ground (Bloody chest visible); Mariko goes to his aid as Logan successfully ignites the sword, decapitating the Silver Samurai, with both of them falling toward the surface. The large Samurai falls and breaks a wall, sending Logan plummeting until he grabs the side of an iron gate. As he attempts to climb to safety, Logan is de-clawed again (Shocking, Unexpected, & Intense), leaving him vulnerable. The camera pans into view as Logan is lifted into the air; He looks at the Samurai, revealing Master Yashida inside. Yashida forces Logan's hands in place as they are drilled into, removing the adamantium, ultimately killing him; he is shown very sickly-looking, and appears to be dying, as Yashida increasingly sucks the life out of him and regenerates his younger self; This part is Very Dramatic, and really hard to watch. As Yashida continues to kill Logan, Mariko picks up a pair of Logan's metal claws, and sends them flying towards his head, stunning Yashida. The suit detaches from Logan, and Mariko sticks another blade into Yashida's throat, causing him to panic in terror. After being nearly vulnerablized to death, Logan rises from the ground, retracting his bone claws (now dis-injected with adamantium), continually breaking apart the suit; then he makes one final blow to Yashida's torso before throwing him off the cliff-side to his death... Logan is then seen collapsing onto the ground where he briefly dies, and sees Jean Grey in limbo. She tells Logan to stay with her, (since that's what he always wanted) but Logan rejects this, telling Jean that he had 'no choice' to kill her; Jean the gets up out of the bed and starts to leave the room, right until Logan confesses that his love for her is infinite and that he always will 'love her'.... THIS SCENE is extremely emotional & HEARTBREAKING since it is the "wrap-up" final moment of Jean/Logan's story...

A woman is shot with an arrow and she falls off a platform and lands on another platform below; she regains consciousness, pulls out the arrow and slices down her face and body; she pulls at a layer of what looks like snake skin and removes it, including her hair. Slightly Graphic

A man threatens another man and says that he will throw him out a window; the man then punches the man three times in the face (we see blood coming from his nose and on his upper lip), then throws him over a balcony (we hear the man yelling) and we see that he has landed in a swimming pool several floors below.

A man is struck with metal pipes repeatedly and appears close to losing consciousness until another man shoots the attackers with arrows. Intense and Bloody

A man with metal claws protruding from his hands fights with four men that approach him on a speeding train; they fight, one man shoots the man with the claws and he throws two of the men out of the train, and a third man thrown out pulls the man with the claws with him and they fight on top of the train dodging the over passes as they go and holding on so they are not thrown off; one man runs into an overpass and is thrown off the train and another man is stabbed and thrown off (no blood is evident).

A woman kisses a man, stabs him in the leg and runs away.

A woman runs to the edge of a balcony to jump off and into a raging sea below; a man stops her and holds her until she calms down.

A woman stabs another woman in the neck and she collapses (we see her fine later).

Note: The EXTENDED cut has more bloody violence and many additionally gory scenes, though the overall effect & violent nature of both versions is very disturbing, brutal, & realistic.


5/10 - Average of both the Theatrical Cut and the Extended Cut.

At least 4 uses of shit, 3 uses of bitch, 3 uses of hell, 1 use of balls, 1 use of ass, 2 use of asshole, 1 use of damn. 1 religious exclamation.

1 F-Word in the Theatrical Cut: "Go fuck yourself pretty boy!"

3 F-words in the Extended Cut: "I've lived too many fucking wars", "If I don't like what I hear you're going through that fucking window", "go fuck yourself pretty boy!".

4/10 - Average of the Theatrical Version; 5/10 - Average of the Extended Cut

A group of people are shown drinking in a bar.

A whiskey bottle and cigar are seen prominently among the supplies at a campsite.

Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) drinks a shot of whiskey, and at one point, is seen consuming a full beer bottle while on an airplane.

In the Extended Cut, Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) picks up a cigar lying on a table, and in a subsequent sequence, lights it & places it in his mouth before blowing up a snowplow. He is seen smoking it before he throws it away.

7/10 - Average of both the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut

See "Violence/Gore" section...

This film is the MOST violent, darkest, & action-packed of the series; It is also the MOST personal, thought-provoking, deepest, provocative, & heart-wrenchingly dramatic film in the franchise, & it is probably the DARKEST & most REALISTIC superhero film ever made... (next to the Dark Knight trilogy & Kick-Ass films of course).

James Mangold's "The Wolverine" is less of a superhero film like its predecessors, & more of an Independent Psychological Epic Japanese Action Drama... about an immortal man who lost everything in his life, has constant suppressed memories of his past and visions of the woman he loved, is given the opportunity of mortality, and when he finally becomes vulnerable, has to learn to adapt to his surroundings in order to survive, & he must face the "ultimate" test of Loyalty, Strength, Honor, & Revenge, by protecting everything/everyone that he loves & making the "ultimate" sacrifice so he can know what it truly means to be "a Hero".

Close up scene where a man's upper body suffers from a third-degree burn, as well as performing surgery on himself in another scene. This is all quite hard to watch and graphic, especially the surgery scene cause you do not see it coming... PLUS, it is very unsettling & nerving to watch since you see the man cut through his chest with his metal claws that retract from his hand, & injects his hand inside his body; You hear the grotesque squishing sounds as he attempts to pull out a small device attached to his heart. The bloody, gory slice on his torso is seen. VERY GRAPHIC

The entire ending fight sequences, i.e. 'the confrontation with Shingen - the first Silver Samauri (Hiroyuki Sanada)', 'the village brawl', & 'the final duel at the lab' are all very graphic, bloody, violent, fast, vicious, intense, & stylized, and they are all handled VERY REALISTICALLY.

The last 35 mins of this picture (especially when Logan briefly dies and is seen in Limbo with Jean Grey) are Emotionally Gripping, as well as Intensely Visceral, & Very Heartbreaking.

The reveal of Erik Lensherr/Magneto & Professor Charles Xavior is both exciting and emotional (since you've never seen these characters on screen for so long, that it is a welcoming reunion...)

The musical score by Marco Beltrami is Epic, Beautiful, Subtly Provocative, Visceral, Intense, and Truly Moving & Heartbreaking...

WARNING: Although the theatrical version is PG-13, this film is NOT meant for kids!!! The extended cut IS the equivalent of a Hard R rating.

Even though the theatrical cut is probably OK for mature 12+ year olds, the extended cut isn't recommended for anyone under 13-14.

Theatrical cut 28/50

Extended cut 33/50

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Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some sexuality and language

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