Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

witch hansel and gretel
blood fire
orphan rescue
woods village
escape abduction
bounty hunter sheriff
mayor coven
witchcraft witch hunter
multiple actresses for one character multiple actresses playing same role
brother sister team fight to the death
falling from height potion
severed arm attempted rape
beating police
chase air battle
fighting in the air knocked out with gun butt
knocked out mind control
self inflicted gunshot wound gothic
full moon deputy
female killer female assassin
assassin mission
photograph f word
grindhouse race against time
invulnerability mercilessness
stabbed in the arm stabbed in the leg
stabbed in the back stabbed in the head
shot in the arm desert
hand to hand combat mixed martial arts
martial arts brawl
fight fist fight
stylized violence death
violence surrealism
steampunk bow and arrow
catfight showdown
combat black comedy
knife axe
sword battlefield
battle old dark house
haunted by the past anti heroine
action heroine tough girl
super speed supernatural power
skinny dipping warrior
tough guy anti hero
action hero attack
exploding house burned to death
wisecrack humor comic relief
blood splatter dungeon
ritual hostage
held at gunpoint human sacrifice
rifle sniper rifle
gun sniper
sawed off shotgun small town
wanted poster female warrior
fairy tale parents executed
hanged by the neck burned at the stake
lost in the woods ruse
head crushed man kicking a woman
man hits a woman reflection in water
woman undressing hanging upside down
porridge superhuman strength
double barreled shotgun thrown through a window
house fire fireball
interrogation dragged along the ground
gun held to head slow motion action scene
phonograph pumpkin
eating a bug curse
fan of a celebrity suspended by one leg
semiautomatic crossbow double crossbow
multi barreled pistol accused of witchcraft
head held under water picture of a missing child on a bottle of milk
milk delivery lesson learned
black blood immolation
spontaneous combustion walking in the dark
lantern fractured fairy tale
ally bonfire
oven shot multiple times
taser defibrillation
censored rape scene diabetic hero
diabetes dead woman with eyes open
woman kills man woman kills woman
woman stabbed hero kills a woman
leather pants colon in title
five word title voice over narration
critically bashed lynching
healing title at the end
impalement stabbed to death
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the stomach
lair ritual sacrifice
falling from a tree female rear nudity
topless female nudity bare chested male
ambush police officer killed
crushed to death crushed head
explosion shot in the shoulder
shot in the back shot in the chest
brass knuckles blood spatter
head blown off exploding head
shot to death shot in the face
shot in the head shot in the leg
hung upside down scrapbook
body torn apart injection
tavern thrown through a wall
exploding body covered in blood
severed foot cut into pieces
dismemberment severed head
missing person poster forced suicide
gore supernatural
broken nose head butt
man punching a woman woman punching a man
punched in the stomach punched in the face
kidnapping character repeating someone else's dialogue
slow motion crossbow
pistol murder
3 dimensional written by director
young version of character flashback
reward decapitation
hit with a shovel stun gun
foot chase trap
sunrise thrown from a cliff
minion gatling gun
spell burned alive
hanged man farmer
betrayal cabin in the woods
waterfall broomstick
tracker augsburg germany
insulin immunity
kid outsmarts adult diabetic
person on fire ampersand in title
punctuation in title forest
gingerbread house white witch
falling in love brother sister relationship
dark fantasy good versus evil
shotgun black magic
child in peril troll
evil witch witch burning
witch hunt magic
death of father death of mother
character name in title

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