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Normally, exploitation films are not this restrained.

Author: Dave from Ottawa from Canada
13 April 2012

Ignore the 70s-style sleazy drive in movie box art. For a drug gangsters versus strippers exploitation movie, this one has surprisingly little overt violence and practically no nudity. Are the creators really that unaware of audience expectations in these matters? Hunh.

Anyway, that said, it's not awful for what it is, but still not very good, and not recommended.

The positives? The lighting and camera-work show evidence of operator familiarity, at least, a positive sign for any ultra-low budget production, many of which look like a wedding video shot by somebody's uncle. And the cast work hard to seem earnest, which is not quite the same as actually being good in their roles, but it's a start.

The negatives are everything else. There are really no surprises in the routine running-from-the-mob plot line and the low budget forces the creators to keep their artistic and visual ambitions modest. There are no flashy visuals here, as everything was shot in found (ie cheaply rented) interiors and deserted roads and parking lots, likely very late at night when nobody was around checking on shooting permits. The script is pedestrian to be kind and the whole thing comes off as if the creators were happy just to have made a movie, any movie. Quality and originality were simply not in the budget.

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Trouble pursues Sarah Allen after she appropriates money and drugs that aren't hers

Author: msroz from United States
30 August 2014

The title of "Stripped Naked" doesn't really apply to the story, which is completely neo-noir and avoids nudity almost entirely. The way that the story is photographed and told is efficient but not especially neo-noir. The most prominent aspect of this film that grates against the ear is its initial overuse of the f-word. This seems to decrease as the story proceeds.

The plot goes back to an old noir device in which someone decides to take something valuable that doesn't belong to them, in what seem to be easy and undetectable pickings. However, the story presents novel complications that lead down a very dark path indeed. Bodies do begin to pile up after awhile. The police are not brought into the plot at all. Here, Sarah Allen takes $90,000 in cash and the same amount worth of methamphetamine when a drug deal goes bad. The story develops logically although in unexpected ways. The acting is of the realistic type, and it's done skillfully by all concerned.

Allen's character's greed and dreams remind me of Lizabeth Scott's character in "Too Late for Tears", but her relationships are completely different here. Beneath her blonde and innocent exterior beats a heart that's capable of deeds you would not expect. Ms. Allen gets good support from her live-in lesbian roommate, Tommie-Amber Pirie. Their boss (Linden Ashby) at the strip club creates a distinctive character who gets involved. So does the hit man, Luigi Saracino, who's commissioned to recover the money. Ashby's sister, Cinthia Burke, co-manages the strip joint, and she too gets involved. The bisexual Allen also has a boy friend, Jon Cor. The movie starts with them having a fierce argument. Cor keeps after Allen, however, and this involves him too in Allen's theft.

This movie will probably fly beneath the radar and be forgotten, but it's quite a decent and twisty neo-noir.

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A Good Drug Caper

Author: Uriah43 from Amarillo, Texas
20 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Because of an argument, "Cassie" (Sarah Allen) is forced to get out of the car that her boyfriend "Jack" (John Cor) is driving and is left alone on the side of the road. After walking a little bit she comes across a man in a pickup truck and asks to use his cellphone. He tells her to quickly get into the truck and hide just as another car with 2 other men comes driving up. When the drug deal he was having goes bad she is left with 3 dead bodies on the side of the road, the pickup truck, $90,000 in cash and a bag of crystal meth worth about another $90,000. Recognizing that this is her big chance she drives off. Unfortunately, there are other people who are also interested in the money who don't necessarily believe she should have it all to herself. Anyway, rather than spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this was a surprisingly good film. It had drama, humor and a pretty good supporting cast who all performed in a decent manner all around. I especially liked the performance of Linden Ashby who played the part of the bar owner named "Howie Preston". It also has a slightly surprising twist at the end which I thought was also good. In short, this film might not suit everybody's taste but if you like a good drug caper gone wrong then you might enjoy this film.

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Action movie

Author: dyeingaf from Pakistan
28 April 2012

It is an action movie, story grip is well, music quality, and special effect are very weak, Sarah has ambition to go Paris, bring her a new life, her life is so terrible, she wanted to quite her life, but in the movie, there is much violence, I think it should not be like this enough, the killing one person to another, without any necessary reason, it makes too much bothered.I liked the Jade (Tommie-Amber) character, she is really nice girl, I liked her innocence, Sarah was too much involved to pursue her dreams,Direction was good, but most of the characters didn't well, there was lack of expression and acting, the ending was in just 10 minutes, much faster... and that mad this whole movie, to low profile. Though it is a movie you will not regret to watch.

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Not a bad movie

Author: Nick Damian from Toronto, Ontario
4 February 2011

Seeing this was better than seeing a bunch of other low budget movies.

There was even somewhat of a story that was entertaining.

Most of the cast was well cast and while this wasn't the best film made, there was still enough interest to be captivating enough not to be a bore and not to be too cheap on the budget that it had.

Filmed in Ottawa, Ontario and made to be in Ohio or around there didn't make any sense, as there was no reason for it to be called anything other than Ottawa, the city was unimportant.

I was really looking forward to see the stripper chick get pshyco with a gun, but that doesn't come to be.

Some characters were flat, but for a freebie, I didn't complain.

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A lot of fun!

Author: scrapmetal7 from United States
21 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

STRIPPED NAKED is a lot of fun, with a sexy anti-heroine protagonist, who has a tiny black heart and great big Technicolor dreams of what she would do with $90,000 and $90,000 worth of methamphetamines.

Because the movie is so brightly lit and doesn't utilize the conventional shadowy visual language commonly associated with Noir Cinema, it's genuine noir aspects will probably be overlooked. But NOIR it is, reflective of a light-hearted James M. Cain story; fast moving and following grifters on the make.

Kassie finds herself holding a bag of money and a bag of drugs, and sees her dreams of moving to France becoming a possibility. She returns home to take care of some loose ends, and of course her plans begin to get complicated. Her recently ex-ed boyfriend, her admiring roommate/lover, and her sleazy boss all unwittingly throw monkey wrenches into plans they don't even know she has, while (of course) a hit-man arrives looking for his boss's money and drugs. Meanwhile, someone in town is randomly killing some of the town's shadier denizens.

Sarah Allen is startlingly sexy and alluring. Her blue eyes and elfin face are transfixing to look at. It's an unusual choice on the part of the filmmakers to make her as unlikeable and cold hearted as they do. (Think Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction), but it also makes the ending less predictable. A woman this naughty is less likely to earn a happy ending, after all.

The Russ Meyer-esquire cover art and the strip club setting promise more lurid thrills than are actually on hand. The movie is fairly free of blood, sex, nudity, or violence, which when it happens, is not very graphic, but it is still a fun story.

This is the kind of movie that I'm not sure why it was made, but I'm glad it was. A nice, fun afternoon movie to watch over lunch. Good show.

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Ehm, alrighty then...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
27 June 2010

I sat down with my dinner and no expectation as I watched this movie, and I was sorely disappointed by one of the former two.

This movie might have had a promising script on paper, but it translated poorly onto the screen. There was a serious lack of coherency throughout this movie. Just too many things didn't really add up and wouldn't have played out the way they did in the movie.

Anyway, as for the acting, well actually here there was a surprisingly nice job being done. I think the only face I recognized here was Linden Ashby. But regardless of known or unknown talents, the performances of the actors and actresses in "Stripped Naked" was believable and good. Even the lizard did a good job! haha...

I think this movie is supposed to be a thriller / suspense type of movie, but it fails horribly at such.

This movie failed to have me entertained, but still I managed to sit through the entire length. This is not the type of movie that I would recommend you watch, unless you have to kill time and have absolutely nothing else to watch or do.

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Leave it to those clueless Canadians to make killer strippers B-O-R-I-N-G!

Author: charlytully from Rosebush
31 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Those familiar with my reviews may recall how I have proved previously that, in general, Canadian movies (with the exception of a few Atom Egoyan\Sarah Polley efforts) are one big cancer upon the world film industry. STRIPPED NAKED is no exception to this rule. Dolled up with intentionally folded and color-bleached publicity materials to bamboozle anyone looking for a 1970s-style sexploitation flick, STRIPPED NAKED's no-name cast of community theater reject actors slogs through a nonsensical plot featuring no fewer than FIVE sociopathic killers (only two of which supposedly were produced in similar circumstances). One of these killers interrupts her own on-going philosophical slaughter of sexual perverts to gun down the movie's main character in a personal revenge killing, after starting her homicidal career with a third type of murder: patricide. (If you add up the shown and described killings, the final tally is K-5, C-3, R-3, B-2, and H-1 = 14 total). To add insult to injury, the three featured so-called strippers (played by Sarah Allen, Tommie-Amber Pirie, and Jennilee Murray) NEVER actually strip. Apparently this trio and director Lee Demarbre have never heard of what STRIPTEASE did for Demi Moore's career, how BOOGIE NIGHTS put Heather Graham on the map, or how no one in Hollywood can forget Elizabeth Berkey in SHOWGIRLS. More likely, Canadian women take after Queen Elizabeth I, who historians reveal NEVER took off her underclothes in her adult life, and died with an inch of make-up caked on her face from decades of non-washing!

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realistic acting

Author: mike king
4 June 2010

Okay, not so good reviews yet...

Eccept for the terrible, terrible music and sounds, this move totally outclasses the Hollywood movie productions.

There is no special effects or over anticipated celebrities contaminating the movie. This makes it a rarity these days.

You get into the story right away and the plot goes on, combining some action and drama in a regular small town setting.

Drawbacks, the music... like a porno o something...

Worth watching, but get a copy with subtitles and turn the volume down...

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