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"La chica de ayer" Episode #1.1 (2009)

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Samuel Santos (Ernesto Alterio) is a tough police officer in the 21st century. He runs after a criminal, is shot and enters a coma. Once at hospital, Samuel wakes up. He goes to work, but finds himself more than 25 years before. He's got the same job in the same police station, but different people work there.

His new boss is Quin Gallardo (Antonio Garrido), a badly-spoken chief, who is also prone to cross the line and hit the prisoners, take a small bribe or two... At that times, democracy is starting in Spain. Samuel has to adapt to the new situation and take on his job as best as he can while he tries to figure out why he's woken up at a previous point in time, and also wonders if there is something he should do meanwhile. Computers are unheard of, politics is something new, there only exists black-and-white tv...

One of the things he does is to contact Ana Valverde (Manuela Velasco), the secretary who is more modern than anybody else. However, women didn't use to have professional lives at that time, and there is no way she's going to have a good career at the police corps. She is also engaged, and she intends to leave her job when she gets married. Her fianc, Jos Cristbal Mateo (Javier Rey) is a conservative stupid man.

Samuel contacts her parents - at that moment recently wed-. Samuel was brought up by only her mother, and he starts to realise why: his father used to be an irresponsible man who gambled a lot, and in spite of his promises, spent all his money - and lost - there. His mother (Marta Solaz) tries to believe her husband, create a household and to be a good wife according to her time, which leaves her not much space to have a mind or an opinion of her own, as she is supposed to put up with anything her husband might throw at her.

Somewhere there must be something which Samuel could do to turn back to his time.


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