Eyes Wide Open (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

butcher orthodox
jewish jerusalem
children yeshiva
vandalism blood
jigsaw puzzle skinny dipping
waterhole volvo
argument conflict
self loathing zealot
queer cinema affair
infatuation married man
god fearing help wanted sign
hebrew religious
gay interest forbidden love
hugging beard
wasp ambiguous ending
crying fight
water pipe broken water pipe
face slap rumor
poster cemetery
closeted homosexual homosexuality
infidelity extramarital affair
backpack hand clapping game
family relationships father son relationship
boy little boy
dinner driving
singing kissing
shabbat sabbath
car orgasm
first gay sexual experience gay relationship
kiss sex
male full frontal nudity nudity
spring undressing
religion belief in god
sketch drawing
meat cigarette smoking
rooftop puzzle
chicken husband wife relationship
older man younger man relationship prayer
pay phone flickering light
telephone call hat
mezuzah breaking a lock
heavy rain rain
gay lead character butcher shop
hairy chest bare chested male
pubic hair male rear nudity
male frontal nudity ritual cleansing
mikvah pariah
goon yarmulke
ex student rainstorm
synagogue kaddish
jewish prayer peer pressure
conformity nonconformity
gay student ostracism
social control arranged marriage
talmud rejection
shunning kosher
bisexual male gay sex
gay love gay bashing
gay jew rabbi
orthodox jew marriage
jewish family israel
gay gay parent
gay father adultery
male nudity judaism
gay kiss gay character
death of father independent film

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