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New York Magazine (Vulture)
This is an extraordinary film.
A quiet, unglamorous film that sneaks up on you slowly. I found it had a lovely, peculiar emotional resonance by the time it was over, but it's likely to appeal more to documentary buffs and obsessive Gondry fans than ordinary moviegoers.
The film is well-constructed, as one would expect from Gondry, but it offers little reason for anyone outside the family circle to care about dear old Tante Suzette.
The New York Times
You might think that the small-scale, straightforward style and intimate connections of The Thorn in the Heart would result in something more emotionally resonant than we're accustomed to from Mr. Gondry, but you'd be disappointed.
Gondry captures the leafy radiance of the countryside, and he makes judicious use of special-effects whimsies. But this memory piece will have far more resonance for the Gondry family than for anyone else.
But overall, this lazy, sweet trifle seems to express the banality of well-being.
Time Out New York
Overall, the movie has the bantamweight feel of a really long DVD extra: Little details of the director's ancestral stomping grounds are appealing, but don't jell into something satisfying.
The Hollywood Reporter
Should be intriguing to all who know the family, as well as to cineastes yonder at the arty film schools who will lap up its elliptical/self-reflexive style. Normal people will simply walk out on it.
It's a shock, then, that The Thorn in the Heart, Gondry's documentary about his own family, is so unimaginative and inaccessible.
The connection they share is clear; the reason we're invited to sit in is foggy at best.

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