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one of the best fighting shows

Author: gjhong from Canada
17 July 2010

"Kenichi" is one of the best fighting shows. It tells the story of a timid boy named Kenichi who has trouble making friends and gets picked on by bullies. His only acquaintance is Nijima a boot-licker who tries to align himself with the bullies by putting down Kenichi. Kenichi decides to learn martial arts so he can protect himself. A chance meeting with new student Miu leads him to becoming the disciple of five eccentric masters. What separates good fighting shows from bad is the colourful characters our hero meets and their personal stories. The pacing of the series is good. With hard work Kenichi slowly becomes one of the toughest fighters at school and he makes new friends on the way. What makes the show funny is Kenichi remains timid unless he has a good reason to fight. Unlike say Dragonball Z the 50 episodes of this show go quickly and the Ragnarok story arc comes to a satisfying conclusion. I've seen the Funimation version and the Japanese version and they are both good.

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Skinemax does fighting manga now?

Author: residentgrigo from Germany
4 May 2015

My 3/10 mangaupadtes review for the original series: I dropped Kenichi early on due to it's boring/formulaic shonen nature but it got infamous on the web so i have looked at enough chapters while watching TV of all sorts of volumes and the final volume to get enough of what Shounen Sunday failed to push on me. I got to see young girls in tight tights turned naked ALL the time and the manga turned into nipple and barely covered vagina appreciation... Or were the butt cheeks the stars as they were bigger then some heads! Most importantly is the fact that no choreography or good martial arts (what is this series about anyway?) could be found and nearly all the men looked like He-man abortions. I obviously don't know what the big picture is but the category tags look highly confused too. What a twist and Kenichi is also a 1 to 1 "remake" of his previously failed Tatakae! Ryouzanpaku Shijou Saikyou no Deshi so i know that Matsuena's next series will be a train wreck too. At least the series isn't vile porn and just highly embarrassing softcore porn on the level of Needless, Negima and friends but the ending is equal nonsense too which means that either part 2 is coming when Matsuena's money runs out or that a third and identical fighty titz manga about the power of leveling up through training/friendship is juts around the corner. He may even skip a male lead next time and what was his character about anyway? If you care about Martial Arts (and romance) than read All Rounder Meguru (10/10) which i also reviewed and today's shonen bestsellers need a giant Titan (very good and a 8/10) sized kick in the pants to get on my pull list again. I am lastly sure that teenage me wouldn't have read Kenichi ether as he had taste and Hunter x Hunter (9/10) / Rurouni Kenshin (10/10) / Naruto on his side so read them too and let's see if shonen action can recover in the next few years.

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A slap to the face of greater Martial Arts Anime.

Author: Kareiyasu from United States
13 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first heard of Kenichi, I was surprised to find out that it came out in '07, yet I never even seen one episode or a poster. After watching several episodes (26) I see why. This isn't a good Anime on any level. The audience has to understand that this was an Anime that release in the 2000's, not the 90's or 80's. Yet its animation is horrible, its VA's don't perform as stellar as they do in other series, and the story is so one dimensional, that it tags its "life lesson" in nearly every sentence every Master expels.

It seems that the only time the animation steps up is to lighten up the mood with comedy (Apachai/Shigure), but even then it reminds me of a early 90's cartoon. This isn't Dragonball, this isn't Bleach, nor is it Naruto. All of which I have mentioned, have better story, animation and characters. Even if you dislike the story and or art form of past animes, by comparison, Kenichi falls very short.

I saw a reviewer say that a similar show like DBZ had no reason to why its characters had to fight. But we need to understand a few things here. Anime's like this, are fight fluff, they aren't much else. Sure they have some character development, but you aren't going to find the meaning of life or, a tale about trans-humanism in a show about animated martial arts with big breasted ninja's who can cut anything with a spoon. It's silly, overbearing, and badly animated.

Keep in mind that this show was produced after, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and DBZ.

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