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Season 1

15 Apr. 2009
Puzzling: Part 1
Tee tries to convince Rich to come out with him, but Rich's sister is coming over to do a puzzle. Mira convinces Tee to do a load of her laundry over at his cousin's house.
4 Apr. 2009
Puzzling: Part 2
Tee goes over to his cousin's house to do his laundry. While he's there he learns some upsetting news about Rodney and his girlfriend, Uma. Mira deals with an unprepared actor at rehearsal. Back at home, Jackie expresses her sorrow for her older brother's troubles with romance. Then surprises him with a guest.
22 Apr. 2009
Puzzling: Part 3
When Rodney's ex, Uma, returns, Tee is kicked out without his clothes. Rich has trouble relating to his new guest to Jackie's dismay. When Tee calls Mira, she's forced to leave rehearsal to get her things back.
22 Apr. 2009
Puzzling: Part 4
Mira and Tee confront Uma about their stolen clothes. Rich and Zoe start hitting it off. Jackie and Bill leave to let them get to know each other better. When Uma doesn't give back the clothes, Mira takes matters into her own hands. Rich and Zoe are interrupted by Tee and Mira's shenanigans.
25 May 2011
Opening: Part 1
Mira, Rich and Tee compete for space as they prepare for Mira's opening night. Rich is nervous and excited for his date with Zoe. Tee plans on making one stop before getting to the play.
25 May 2011
Opening: Part 2
Rich is taken on a strange errand by Rodney. Xavier rehearses for the show, but is still having problems. He takes drastic measures that worry Mira. Tee runs his errand.
25 May 2011
Opening: Part 3
Rich's errand with Rodney takes a dangerous turn. Mira's play starts off well, considering everything that's working against her. Tee, of course, shows up late for the show and can't get in.
25 May 2011
Opening: Part 4
Xavier's plan to calm his nerves works a little too well. Tee refuses to give up and tries to sneak into the performance. Rich finally makes it to the theater. Better late than never?
19 Mar. 2013
Meeting: Part 1
Mira, Rich and Tee move to a new house. Rich is upset by a newspaper thief. Mira gets ready for coffee with her new director friend, Anthony Oda.
19 Mar. 2013
Meeting: Part 2
Rich calls a neighborhood watch meeting to get to the bottom of the newspaper caper while Mira meets Oda for coffee.
26 Mar. 2013
Meeting: Part 3
Rich's Neighborhood Watch meeting hits a few snags. Mira's meeting with Oda goes a little better than planned.
2 Apr. 2013
Meeting: Part 4
Rich deals with Tee's double cross. Mira's meeting with Oda is cut short.
Visiting: Part 1
Mira tries to get Rich and Tee out of the house in preparation for a night alone with her sisters.
Visiting: Part 2
With sister's night ruined, Mira comes up with a plan to save the evening.
Visiting: Part 3
As the game disintegrates, Rich finds himself in trouble with Zoe.
Visiting: Part 4
Worlds collide, and in not in a good way, as the game spirals out of control.

 Season 1 

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