Even the Rain (2010) Poster


Plot Keywords

director actor
water supply water
bolivia christopher columbus
protest indian
spanish spaniard
cochabamba bolivia title directed by female
watching tv watching news on tv
police blockade
bribery bribe
past and present present
hugging gift
hospital black legend
post office mother daughter relationship
father daughter relationship family relationships
dispute protest sign
well singing
champagne water company
crying baby crying
baby chased by a dog
chase dog
arrest documentary filmmaking
girl gold
river racism
taking a picture driving
van telephone call
cell phone protestor
reference to john the baptist waitress
restaurant dinner
demonstration casting
audition exploitation
rehearsal script
sign of the cross crossing self
reference to the virgin mary conquistador
reference to marie antoinette reference to jesus christ
helicopter film within a film
burned at the stake burned alive
indigenous people riot
protest riot political protest
protest demonstration barricade
police violence wounded daughter
film set amateur actor
film actor international trade
city mayor tied to a stake
latin america colonial america
post colonialism unrest
social unrest civil unrest
cynicism rain
political crisis economic crisis
crisis water shortage
quechua indian quechua
making of new world
cross reference to iwo jima
history filmmaking filmmaking
film producer motion picture production
troubled production film production
movie production film casting
sony video camera reconstruction of historical event
based on real events year 2000
bolivian reference to christopher columbus

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