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Season 1

22 Sep. 2009
After the case of a Jane Doe found murdered and left in woods is abandoned because of lack of leads, The Forgotten Network take over the case to try and find out who she is and solve the case.
29 Sep. 2009
Diamond Jane
The Forgotten Network takes the case of a twenty-something Jane Doe who was found strangled and dumped in an alley six weeks earlier. Who is she? What is her name? Their investigation reveals an engagement ring, but where is her fiancé, why isn't anyone else looking for her and who killed her?
6 Oct. 2009
Football John
The Forgotten Network search to find the identity of a man beaten to death in an alley and who may have links to football.
13 Oct. 2009
Parachute Jane
The Forgotten Network investigate the death of a Taiwanese teenager who appears to have died from an accidental insulin overdose but when tests show the overdose was more than accidental the team now turn their attention to catching a murderer. But they face opposition and silence from the PK's - parachute kids who study abroad - and who do not want to return home.
20 Oct. 2009
River John
The Forgotten Network investigates the murder of a John Doe found shot to death in a drainage tunnel. Clues point towards the Doe having been on a search for someone, but for whom? As the mystery unravels, the team realize they've stumbled on a sinister plot involving betrayal, kidnapping and murder, and Alex begins to see his own story reflected in the victim's.
27 Oct. 2009
Canine John
The Forgotten Network investigates the mysterious killing of a John Doe found buried at a local vacation spot, and the only clue appears to be a stray dog standing vigil over his owner's grave. Did the dog witness the crime? If so, what can she tell them? And is this dog the key to a story of conspiracy and murder?
3 Nov. 2009
Railroad Jane
After a female skull is discovered near a railroad track, The Forgotten Network canvasses the area in search of the remaining bones. Information retrieved from an artificial kneecap takes the team to the Doe's only remaining relative, her sister, who is in a coma as a result of a horrific attack. Further developments lead the team to believe that these sisters may have taken on false identities. If they were leading new lives, whom were they running from? What secrets is the coma preventing Jane Doe's sister from telling? And will the person responsible for these ...
17 Nov. 2009
Prisoner Jane
The Forgotten Network takes the case of a Jane Doe found strangled in a warehouse. Her journey leads the team from addiction support groups to the inner workings of the legal system and ultimately to an inmate who may have been falsely imprisoned for murder. Was Jane Doe so blinded by her convictions that she got involved with the wrong people? Or was she trying to free a truly innocent man?
1 Dec. 2009
Lucky John
The Forgotten Network investigates the death of a John Doe found murdered and stuffed in the trunk of a car four months ago. The investigation takes a turn when a DNA test identifies the Doe as an ex-con who died four years ago. How is this possible? Are they the same person? More clues lead the team into the dangerous world of underground gaming. What was John Doe killed for -- Money? Greed? Or something more?
5 Jan. 2010
Double Doe
Walter brings The Forgotten Network their first case involving multiple victims, a male and female Doe shot to death and buried in the snow outside a sleazy motel. The age difference and the large amount of cash found on them suggest something nefarious. But did the victims actually know each other? What was the money for? And why did the murderer leave it behind?
12 Jan. 2010
Patient John
A John Doe found murdered and stuffed inside a seepage pit takes the team into the world of medical trials. The team learns that the Doe was a recently naturalized citizen who needed to supplement his income by becoming a medical guinea pig in order to bring his family to America. But did one of these trials end up killing the Doe? Who covered it up? And are there any other victims?
9 Feb. 2010
My John
When a young man falls to his death from atop a skyscraper, the Forgotten Network takes on the near impossible task of identifying him. Their efforts lead them into the world of "Parkour" or free running, where they learn John Doe may have recently returned to America after an extended stay abroad. The case takes an unusual twist when two separate individuals come forward, each claiming the Doe as their own. But which one is really his relative? What brought John Doe back to America? And was it a dangerous Parkour act that got him killed or something more sinister?
16 Feb. 2010
Mama Jane
The Forgotten Network sets out to ID a 40-year-old woman found murdered in a local bar. One of the primary suspects is a superstar basketball player, who had an altercation with Jane Doe days before. As the team follows several leads, they learn that Jane Doe had paid to adopt a baby right before she died. But if that's what led to her death, what happened to all the money? Where is the baby? And who was willing to kill her for it?
23 Feb. 2010
Train Jane
When a city train derails, there are dozens of injuries and several bodies found in the wreckage. But one of the female victims remains unidentified. The Forgotten Network follows her journey, which leads them to a secret society of roving nightclubs. Was Jane Doe killed in the crash, or is someone using a city's tragedy to cover up an even deeper mystery that led to her death.
9 Mar. 2010
Donovan Doe
When the bones of a young girl are discovered in an old ammunition box, Russell comes to The Forgotten Network with the revelation that these could be the remains of Alex's daughter, Lucy. The team enters the world of Internet-based scavenger hunts, where they track the sinister individual who left the remains. But who is this person? Do the remains belong to Lucy? And will they finally answer the questions surrounding her disappearance?
3 Jul. 2010
Designer Jane
Gunfire erupts outside a charity event, killing a young woman and injuring several others. Among the wounded is Lydia Townsend (Aisha Tyler), an old schoolmate of Alex's who brings the case to the Forgotten Network. But as the team digs deeper into the murder, shocking revelations uncover brand new mysteries. What was Jane Doe doing at the charity event? Who actually knew she was there? And was she even the shooter's intended target?
3 Jul. 2010
Living Doe
Young man comes to Alex and asks him to find his own identity.

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