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One of they best fugitive shows on television.
Jacob Stephens8 May 2010
Out of the countless crime series on television these days, "I (Almost) Got A Way With It" is by far one of the most interesting and engaging shows out there. They usually revolve around someone who escaped from prison, and usually is on the lamb for up to a year or more and who have fake I.D's, Birth Certificate and Social Security cards. It's really fun and you learn a lot about a fugitives life on the run and the everyday panic of getting caught. Most of the escape stories featured on the show are fun to learn, and now thanks to this show if I ever go to prison, I have a few ideas on how to get out, and that's probably the only downside to the show is that if criminals are watching they might learn a little to much. Check this show out Tuesdays at 10 PM e/p on Investigation Discovery.
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Are you kidding me?
ryanshepard9224 April 2011
Um, 5.5? WTF? This isn't the greatest thing I've ever seen, but it deserves far better than a 5.5. I mean, seriously, what's wrong with it? I'm giving it a 10 just to counteract some of the bizarre hostile reviews this thing has gotten. Oh, and apparently I have to fill this review with 10 lines of text, so here goes. This is a crime show that contains reenactments of real life criminals who ran from the law. This show does a very good job portraying how the criminals committed their crime(s), how the people associated with them reacted, and how they were eventually caught. The show does a very good job portraying this and DESERVES HIGHER THAN A 5.5 ON THE IMDb SCALE! Thank you.
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This show is addictive.
evolbaby10 November 2011
Considering the production crew of this show has a tight group of actors you'll see some actors performing multiple roles throughout the series. That doesn't take away from the fact that the episodes are gripping because they're real. The multiple factors that go into someone becoming a criminal, the close shaves while on the lam, the police who risk their lives in pursuit and the dumb luck some of these criminals have is just astounding.

This isn't just another cop show. It's a detailed look into the variations of crimes, reasons why some people end up as criminals and the chances they overlooked, how innocents get caught up in their lives, the technologies involved which keep on improving.

This is a show the whole family and community should watch. You never know who is in your neighborhood who might be on the run, you never know what might happen in your life that has you up against the wall where you end up on the wrong side of the law.
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Lisa Brazzale6 April 2011
Who is the actor portrayed in the ID commercial "I Almost Got Away With IT" He is wearing orange and a prison female prison guard brings his dinner and says Bona Petit. I have looked and looked and haven't found the answer. I love the show and watch it every time it comes on. Every time I see the commercial I think it is Hugh Jackman. Does anyone know? Or guide me in the right direction to find out? I have anyone who knows me looking for the answer but no luck so far. I checked the IMDb for a list of Hugh Jackmans works but didn't find anything there either. Anyone out there know the answer to my question? I would greatly appreciate any help as my inquisitive mind is running non-stop wondering :) Thanks!!
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