Kill the Irishman (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

irish informant
gangster corruption
assassination attempt union
longshoreman mafia
irish american audio tape
audio cassette fire
violence death
murder drunkenness
mob violence car chase
beaten to death beating
home invasion baseball bat
media coverage news report
newspaper clipping betrayal
deception criminal
money laundering accountant
drug dealer docks
warehouse mob boss
organized crime motorcycle
biker gang shotgun
barbecue biker
bar restaurant
mafia boss crime boss
gang war shot through a window
pistol shootout
phone booth prisoner
prison arrest
lawyer jail cell
thanksgiving christmas
machismo stabbed in the hand
voice over narration police station
police detective
police detective nonlinear timeline
sniper rifle sniper
revolver assassin
brooklyn bridge 1960s
hand grenade exploding body
explosion exploding house
exploding building exploding car
new york city finger gun
reference to muhammad ali trailer office
archival footage hitman
phone tap poem
jack daniels whiskey telephone booth
year 1977 bomb in mailbox
stabbed multiple times bound and gagged
house collapse mugshot
successor spaghetti and meatballs
blown to pieces year 1975
bare breasts contract killing
flash forward shot in the head
push ups woman smoker
sawed off shotgun gambling
black and white television garbage truck
ball peen hammer blood spatter
newspaper headline cleveland plain dealer
cadillac face slap
eyeglasses polish joke
thermometer union president
sex in backseat of car container ship
punching time card year 1960
hand pierced with pencil car fire
car explosion reference to arthur miller
dental office bird's eye shot
stabbed to death dead body in car trunk
shot in back of head hit with a golf club
reference to marilyn monroe extortion
reference to john wayne world trade center manhattan new york city
claddagh ring shakespearean quotation
brooklyn new york city interrogation
loan shark robin hood syndrome
compulsive gambler prison visit
greengrocer reference to william shakespeare
reference to robin hood fistfight
motorcycle gang childhood friend
sex in a car debt collector
labor union corruption reference to mohammed ali
reference to croesus union election
collie dog labor union
lake erie ethnic stereotype
irony reference to richard nixon
told in flashback first person narration
polish american italian american
jewish american car bomb
multiple time frames f word
cleveland ohio multiple assassinations
ethnic slur mob hit
mob execution seventies
racist mobsters racist joke
bigoted mobster three word title
death of friend based on true story

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