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20 Jan. 2013
All Fall Down
Spencer gets the opportunity to start college in Boston early.
28 Apr. 2013
Duncan Dream House
Teddy has a dream where the Muppets pay her a visit.
5 May 2013
Doppel Date
In an effort to move on with her relationship with Spencer, Teddy dates a boy who turns out to look exactly like him. Meanwhile, Bob and Gabe buy an extremely sophisticated couch, and PJ is struggling at cooking school.
12 May 2013
Demolition Dabney
Gabe has a crush on the new neighbor, Lauren.
19 May 2013
Go Teddy!
Teddy decides to join Kelsey on the cheerleading squad.
2 Jun. 2013
Rock Enroll
Teddy has a hard time with college applications.
8 Jun. 2013
The Unusual Suspects
Teddy has a mystery enemy at school.
23 Jun. 2013
Teddy wants to have a "girls night out" slumber party.
14 Jul. 2013
Charlie 4, Toby 1
Charlie is not excited about sharing her family birthday celebration.
28 Jul. 2013
Charlie tries to apply some of Teddy's wisdom from her video diary.
4 Aug. 2013
Teddy's New Beau
Beau convinces Teddy to go to a country western hang out as just friends.
11 Aug. 2013
Teddy's Choice
It's Teddy's 18th Birthday, and the family is having a party to celebrate.
15 Sep. 2013
The Bug Prom
The family attends the Denver Pest Control Association's annual dance.
22 Sep. 2013
Weekend in Vegas
Ivy tricks Teddy into joining her family on a road trip to Las Vegas.
6 Oct. 2013
Fright Knight
Teddy and her friends decide to go "Halloween caroling."
13 Oct. 2013
Sister, Sister
Teddy runs into Amy's younger sister, Jamie.
10 Nov. 2013
Bob's Beau-Be-Gone
When a job offer comes up in Tennesse that Beau just can't turn down, he makes a tough decision.
29 Nov. 2013
Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas
When Teddy gets accepted into a college in New York City, she goes to New York, alongside P.J. P.J stays at a hot dog cart and gets back together with Skyler. Meanwhile Teddy misses her tour on the subway and meets up with Jessie and Zuri. When a blizzard traps Teddy and P.J in New York City, they decide to stay with Jessie and Zuri.

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