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16 Jan. 2011
Snow Show: Part 1
The Duncans take a family vacation at the ski resort where Bob and Amy got married. Teddy encounters a psychic who predicts she'll meet the love of her life. The boys meet an old "friend". PJ chooses a wrong trail - or does he?
23 Jan. 2011
Snow Show: Part 2
Still on their family ski trip, Teddy asks Ivy to come meet her.
30 Jan. 2011
Driving Mrs. Dabney
It's Teddy's 16th birthday and she needs driving lessons, but Bob won't teach her. When Mrs. Dabney gives Teddy a chance, she takes it. Meanwhile, a dog has followed Gabe home, and though Amy initially wants it gone, she starts to like it.
20 Feb. 2011
Charlie Is 2!
On Charlie's second birthday, the whole Duncan family winds up in prison. Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie are arrested for trying to break into a Gurgles concert (Charlie's favorite television show) after Teddy failed to get tickets. P.J. is there for harassing one of the Gurgle actors repeatedly, and Amy and Bob, the parents, are there because they were in possession of a stolen mini-horse, which Bob rented for Charlie's birthday party, completely unaware that the animal was stolen.
27 Feb. 2011
Something's Fishy
Teddy is miserable after taking a job dressing as a sea creature.
6 Mar. 2011
Let's Potty
Bob tries to potty train Charlie.
13 Mar. 2011
Appy Days
Teddy and her best friend Ivy want to go to a party thrown by a senior boy, but their mothers don't allow them to since they've never met the boy. Desperate for permission, they use a phone app to create a fake phone call that sounds as if Teddy's mother is giving Teddy permission to go to the party; when Ivy's mom learns that Teddy's mom, Amy, has supposedly given permission, she allows Ivy to go as well. Then they do the same thing backwards, creating a fake phone call from Ivy's mother so Teddy with be able to attend the party. However, just when it seems their ...
20 Mar. 2011
Duncan vs. Duncan
Teddy and P.J. plan to throw a party when they find out their parents will be spending the weekend in a romantic hotel suite. However, after Bob and Amy get into a huge argument over an incident at the grocery store, Teddy and P.J. tried to get them to make up by instructing Charlie to say "I sad, Mommy and Daddy fight."
27 Mar. 2011
L.A.R.P. in the Park
Teddy is happy that Evan walked her home, because she likes how he looks in his swim team swimsuit. Gabe think Evan looks familiar, and later (when he and Teddy are alone) remembers that Evan was at the store buying some roleplaying cards (similar to Pokemon cards). Teddy is dismayed at first that she and Evan don't have much in common, and then works with Gabe to learn the game to impress Evan. She arranges for Evan to "accidentally" discover her "secret love" of the game, and he invites her on a date. She has to bring along Charlie, and then learns that the date is ...
3 Apr. 2011
Battle of the Bands
Teddy and P.J. joins forces in an effort to win the battle of the bands.
10 Apr. 2011
The Singin' Dancin' Duncans
Amy deems the family unfit for the annual hospital gala.
15 Apr. 2011
Teddy's Bear
Amy takes it upon herself to try and solve Teddy's problems.
1 May 2011
Meet the Parents
Gabe's teacher wants to talk to his parents. Because she has poor sight, Gabe trusts that PJ and Teddy can impersonate them. Teddy is reluctant to present his boyfriend Derek to her parents. Good luck, Gabe. Good luck, Teddy.
8 May 2011
Gabe's 12-1/2 Birthday
PJ becomes Bob's weight loss coach. The Duncans promise Gabe a belated 12th birthday party of his dreams. Teddy and Mary Lou have a fight, but soon go pay each other a visit to apologize. But, snow forces everyone to stay in.
15 May 2011
The Break Up
Teddy is losing interest in Derek but has a hard time breaking up with him.
5 Jun. 2011
Charlie Shakes It Up
When Amy, Charlie, and Teddy travel to Chicago to visit a relative, they are mistaken for famous hip-hop dancers and have to dance on "Shake it up Chicago." Meanwhile, back home, P.J. and Gabe have a yard sale to make money off of all their useless junk and accidentally sell their neighbor a cookie jar with five-hundred dollars inside!
12 Jun. 2011
Baby's New Shoes
Teddy asks Gabe and his friend to help her come up with a new story to win an internship; P.J. tries to make up for a past wrong; Charlie ruins a pair of shoes.
19 Jun. 2011
Bye Bye Video Diary
Teddy's laptop gets accidentally ruined and all her video diaries are gone.
26 Jun. 2011
Monkey Business
Teddy and Ivy babysit for the new neighbors.
10 Jul. 2011
PJ in the City
Skyler moves to New York City and PJ decides to go after her.
24 Jul. 2011
Sun Show: Part 1
The Duncan family travels to Hawaii for Bob and Amy's anniversary, and, while playing a game with Charlie, Amy steps onto sacred ground, resulting in a strange man putting a curse on the family. Amy doesn't believe it at first, but when bizarre things begin happening, such as P.J. and Gabe nearly becoming victims of a helicopter crash, Bob getting hit in the head with a golf-ball, Charlie getting lost, and Teddy having a surfing accident. Perhaps worst of all, Amy gets trapped in an elevator and has a serious allergic reaction, causing her entire body to swell up in ...
31 Jul. 2011
Sun Show: Part 2
As strange and horrible things continue to plague the Duncan clan, Gabe desperately begs the person who enacted the curse in the first place to remove it so his family will go back to normal.
7 Aug. 2011
Amazing Gracie
Teddy buys a used car from Ivy's dad, it gets wrecked almost immediately.
21 Aug. 2011
Termite Queen
Teddy agrees to go with Bob to the big Exterminator convention.
28 Aug. 2011
The Bob Duncan Experience
Gabe and his friend Leo open up a lemonade stand.
11 Sep. 2011
Ditch Day
Teddy, mad that her classmates have dubbed her "G.G", short for Goody-Goody, gets Ivy to ditch school with her. They go to an amusement park, only to uncover that the mayor of the park is a thief, stealing peoples' wallets when they pose for pictures with him. Teddy attacks the mayor to get him to give a woman back her wallet, but winds up getting arrested by the sheriff of the theme park.
25 Sep. 2011
Alley Oops
Mary Lou attends and wins an audition to sing the national anthem.
9 Oct. 2011
Scary Had a Little Lamb
Teddy and Ivy take Charlie trick-or-treating.
23 Oct. 2011
Return to Super Adventure Land
Gabe and Amy are asked to appear in a commercial.
6 Nov. 2011
Can You Keep a Secret?
It's a special episode of Good Luck Charlie where secrets are revealed!
13 Nov. 2011
Story Time
Teddy and Amy try to write children's books.
20 Nov. 2011
It's a Charlie Duncan Thanksgiving
Amy finally gets to stay home and cook Thanksgiving dinner this year.
27 Nov. 2011
Teddy on Ice
Amy and Bob try to investigate where Charlie learned a bad word.

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