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4 Apr. 2010
Study Date
Amy goes back to work for the first time since having Charlie, leaving Bob home with the kids. Teddy invites Spencer over for a study date since all the kids are supposed to be home helping Bob with Charlie while PJ and Emmett try rehearsing. Unfortunately, Bob falls down the stairs, leaving Teddy to look after Charlie and Gabe while PJ takes Bob to the hospital.
11 Apr. 2010
Baby Come Back
Charlie's parents go on a date while her older brothers and sister watch her.
18 Apr. 2010
The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney
PJ starts to suspect that their neighbor Mrs. Dabney has murdered her husband. He enlists Gabe to help investigate. Amy and Teddy learn to cross generational borders.
25 Apr. 2010
Double Whammy
Teddy becomes the school mascot. Charlie takes her first step.
2 May 2010
Dance Off
Teddy and Ivy go on a double date. Gabe tries to get out of homework.
9 May 2010
Charlie Did It!
Teddy, Gabe and Charlie are stopped by a store-owner for shoplifting. Charlie did it! The police arrive only hours later, and Teddy is in a hurry to a party. PJ desperately tries to come up with a jingle for Bob's TV commercial.
16 May 2010
Butt Dialing Duncans
Bob comes home bearing gifts - smart-phones for Teddy and PJ, who will both learn about butt dialing the hard way, a surprisingly hazardous RC helicopter for Gabe, and an irritatingly "happy-happy-happy" singing plush horse for Charlie.
23 May 2010
Charlie Is 1
On Charlie's first birthday, the family remembers the day Charlie was born, and how hard it was for everybody to make it to the hospital; for starters, Amy's doctor had taken the day off from work to host a birthday party for his son; Teddy offers to entertain the children at the party if the doctor goes to the hospital to supervise the birth; P.J. and his father, Bob, are on a fishing trip when a bear invades their car and they hitch a ride to the hospital with two people who drive motorcycles. To top it all off, Gabe was accidentally left home alone and has to be ...
6 Jun. 2010
Up a Tree
Teddy and PJ try to prevent their old tree house from being torn down.
13 Jun. 2010
Take Mel Out to the Ball Game
Teddy meets her father's estranged Uncle Mel.
27 Jun. 2010
Boys Meets Girls
When PJ meets a cute girl, Madison, at his new job at Kwikki Chiki, Emmett becomes jealous that they're spending all their time together. Coincidentally, Amy learns that Bob used to date Madison's mom Katherine. Teddy tries to help Gabe with his classmate Jo who is picking on him.
11 Jul. 2010
Kit and Kaboodle
Teddy agrees to watch their mean neighbor's beloved cat, Kaboodle, and Gabe experiences his first crush; Gabe lies about his family to make it seem like he and his crush, Kit, have a lot in common. He tells her that he is an only child living with his mom after his parents' divorce, which is exactly what Kit tells Gabe. Later on, Kit visits Gabe's house and Gabe, with the help of Teddy and older brother P.J., tries to keep it a secret that his parents are together and he has three siblings. Meanwhile, Kaboodle is checked by a cat therapist, who tells Teddy to readjust...
1 Aug. 2010
Teddy's Little Helper
Teddy is disappointed when she gets a B in English. She becomes obsessed with getting the teacher to like her. Amy offers to coach Gabe's basketball teams when Bob can't. Will she be any better than Bob?
15 Aug. 2010
Blankie Go Bye-Bye
Amy and Bob are having their wedding anniversary. Teddy wants to surprise them. Charlie's blankie goes missing and she won't stop crying, Teddy offers to look for the blankie while Gabe takes the parents to the movies. PJ gets the cake.
29 Aug. 2010
Charlie Goes Viral
PJ makes a web video of Charlie that turns her into an internet sensation.
12 Sep. 2010
Duncan's Got Talent
Spencer agrees to do a dance routine with Teddy for the school talent show.
19 Sep. 2010
Kwikki Chick
Teddy wants a phone, but Bob won't pay for it. The Kwikki Chikki needs to increase sales and PJ gets the idea of giving the business a 'face'. Amy gets competitive at Charlie's music school.
17 Oct. 2010
Charlie in Charge
With Amy and Bob unavailable, it's up to Teddy to trick PJ into the dentist's office. This, however, leaves only Gabe to look after Charlie. Surely he is up to it while simultaneously doing a school project with his arch enemy Jo, right?
24 Oct. 2010
Sleepless in Denver
When Gabe persuades Amy to let him invite his friends for a sleepover, this unfortunately means that Teddy loses her privacy in the cellar and has to sleep in Charlie's room. The night before an important audition. No problemo, right?
14 Nov. 2010
Girl Bites Dog
PJ wants money to buy a car, but Bob refuses to help. Gabe has the money but he makes PJ sign a loan contract. Teddy pays a surprise visit to Spencer's workplace and sees his arm around another girl. Is it what it seems?
21 Nov. 2010
Teddy's Broken Heart Club Band
Teddy is having a hard time recovering from her breakup with Spencer.
28 Nov. 2010
Teddy Rebounds
Amy wants Gabe to befriend the new kid on the block, PJ and Emmett want a bass player in their band, and since Spencer already has a new girlfriend, Teddy wants a rebound boyfriend. Also, Bob resumes his old passion hobby.
12 Dec. 2010
Pushing Buttons
Gabe accuses Charlie of leaving the garage door open.

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