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If you're not looking for god, there's absolutely no reason to see this; and if you are: I can assure you there are 1000 better places you can search !

Author: Self
28 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I advice you to skip this one, but If there's some strange reason you HAVE to see this, I'll detail only the first 10 minutes and give a distant overview of the rest..

I was surprised by the bad acting and the unlikely events in the first minutes. A cop on a rescue mission is cruising at 4 miles an hour while looking at his mobile phone and enjoying a totally relaxed conversation with his buddy. A few moments later, he's getting jumped upon from a trailer and kicked around bad enough that he'll be seriously bruised for days. Oh, he also gets shot in the chest, but the mobile phone absorbs (deflects?) the bullet. Come on.. REALLY ?? Guess what's next: he one shots the bad guy with one hand, while being on the ground, beaten up, shot at, with his partner standing closer to the aggressor, on his feet, unhurt, holding a gun with two hands pointed at that guy's head for ages..

Nothing happens for a while, except a really flat script poorly played. Almost gave up on this "cinematic experience" when the unexpected happens: a loop in time ! I think to my self: "finally ! something with potential" 1-2 loops later the whole idea is obvious as daylight and two more loops later the "movie" ends totally predictable.

I would have give this an objective 5/10 but since it presents itself as an intriguing thriller with sci-fi accents rather then a really poor indoctrination attempt that it is, I have to rate it no higher then 1..

There is only one way this "movie" can "work": brain wash someone, show him the movie, rinse and repeat: day.. dafter day.. after day..

If you're not looking for God, there's absolutely no reason to see this; and if you are: I can assure you there are 1000 better places you can search !

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Rapture Redux

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
28 April 2012

Husband and wife David A.R. White and Logan White star in this Christian based film which was inspired by Groundhog Day. Like Bill Murray, David A.R. White is trapped in a time warp in which Logan, and friends Lonnie Colon and Anise Fuller keep disappearing. Like Bill Murray it takes him a few times to finally see the meaning of what has happened.

White and Colon are cops on a working vacation on a yacht in the Mexican waters of the Pacific. They've just rescued pop singer Jessica Hope from a kidnapper, but her manager seems not quite right to either White or their captain Eric Roberts. When the manager invites them on the yacht as a token of gratitude, both look at it as a chance for some undercover work.

But apparently God is working his own plan and the three of them, Colon, Fuller, and Logan White disappear in a flash of light. They're also quite isolated from civilization, but the radio gives indications of some kind of catastrophe.

It keeps happening again and again for White like this is all being rerun for his benefit. I'm sure his wife was a fine woman, but I didn't see anything that would indicate she had that kind of juice with God.

In The Blink Of An Eye is one of those films that if you are a tried and true believer the flaws in film making and theology just won't matter. Others are inclined to be a bit more skeptical.

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Yes Its A Movie That Has A Christianity Focus But Its Also Good

Author: zombiemommy from United States
30 August 2011

So if that is going to bother you, than just see something else. For the rest of you still here its a pretty good movie. It even had me thinking the next day. Yes, I am thinking person. Did you know there are smart people that believe in Jesus and God? I guess a most reviewers would like you to think otherwise.

Anyways, I just started seeing these Christian David A. R. White movies and they are quite refreshing, they may have some bits that are little heavy handed, but for the most part its a solid movie. And for those that believe or don't have a prejudice against believer movies you will enjoy yourself. I even got teary eyed a couple of times and was on the edge of my seat at the end (I don't want to give it away).

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Shocked viewers?

Author: Jennifersilva11789 from United States
29 September 2011

To all of you shocked viewers. I watched this on Netflix and it says right on the genre of the movie at the bottom that it is a Religious, spiritual movie. That is just one point but also that any movie that is by Pure Flix is also a Spiritual movie. Sorry to You non believers but there is no reason that a faith based movie shouldn't be allowed in the mainstream seeing how This country is a free country and though it was found on the basis of God and our money does state " In god we trust." I think the fact that we have freedom to believe what we want is great. So stop trying to justify your non belief and if you do not like our "cold callings" well don't watch it, and next time maybe research a movies genre before watching it if you are that strongly against things. I love movies that are faith based, and I also love the Lord he gives life meaning and he died for our sins and this movie shows examples of his grace. No one can push beliefs on you, you watched the movie, you can hit stop. Its your choice.

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Wonderful movie

Author: linkkarthik from India
15 February 2011

It's one of the most wonderful movie I have seen as we know that Bible says, these are the last days and Jesus is coming soon... This movie alerts and prepares the people for coming of the Lord. It was a thriller which makes us to watch as what's next... The story line is very interesting and meeting the theme for which it's taken. The dialog "David... David..." still echos in my ears. Thinks every time everything is over, but it starts over all again.

Overall it's an low budget movie, with wonderful message.

GOD bless Michael Sinclair and his team for making the world ready for rapture...

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Bad acting, bad dialog, bad story line, bad direction

Author: jdonalds-5 from United States
15 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It doesn't get much worse than this. I would have turned it off but often a movie is just noise in the corner of my screen as I work on other things on my computer.

I am a Christian and I believe in the rapture. I appreciate the effort. But this movie is at the bottom of the heap for a quality project.

The acting is atrocious. The dialog is worse than simple. Often directors can save a bad script and push actors in the right direction. Direction didn't help this one at all.

About the only good thing I can say about this movie is the boat was great, and it's always good to see jet skis in action. Somebody had money, or access to money to make this film.

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Read the fine-print!

Author: OneTrueBroad from United Kingdom
16 November 2010

Well not exactly fine-print, but tucked away clues in the genre above that let you know more about what kind of ride you're in for with this one. Click on SEE MORE to find out this is no run of the mill Fantasy/Thriller. Pay particular attention to the keywords "Religious Conversion", "Christianity", "Christian Film" and "Prayer" and if this still sounds like it'll float your boat (so to speak) then prepare to be entertained/saved/redeemed etc etc.

Otherwise don't waste your time hoping like I did for some kind of engrossing 'Groundhog Day meets Triangle' thriller. It falls far short and in the end left me quite angry at what I'd been covertly subjected to.

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In A Bllink Of An Eye

Author: msnawmase from United States
21 August 2011

This is a serious form of the movie "Groundhog Day" that everyone knows Bill Murray is in. This is more serious in the way it tells how the rapture will be by using this cop who has to live the same day over over again as his wife and his partner along with his wife disappear because of knowing God. As I have read many reviews and some of the reviews were very harsh on this movies depiction of the rapture. I believe that the ones who watched the movie and had given it bad reviews are wrong as I think it is a very good movie to have someone watch to bring them to Christ as the movie does point out key Bible verses and passages to keep in mind for a new Christian, Amen.

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Great movie about a Coming event.

Author: Trixster67 from United States
1 January 2011

For all who know the story there can be no spoilers. I don't write reviews but a few and far between, but I could not let that last review stand without saying something. How few movies are made about Christ and God's plan and out of those few are backed by a Hollywood budget. So speaking for myself I am thankful for all of the Christian films made that is not filled with nudity and swearing so bad i feel sick just being in the room where it is being played. The actors in this movie including Eric Roberts have been in other Christian movies of similar story lines like The Moment After (I & II), Six, and others.

If you want to watch a movie that has a plot about the coming of Christ, here is another one I will add to my collection. I hope they continue to make more. If this movie makes you angry enough to write a bad review maybe there is another reason you are upset, like it might have hit close to home, knocked on a door you are avoiding opening. Open that door you won't be disappointed.

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It's about GOD, SOUL searching and to find HAPPINESS

Author: Ray P ( from Canada
16 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say that this type of movie should have a GENRE attached to it for Religious content! I was expecting an action packed, suspenseful story line. Within the first 15 minutes you get the RED FLAG that outlines the entire movie.

If you truly don't care for this content then turn it off...turn it off NOW!!! It's got a touch of Groundhog Day but it's full of BAD Acting.

I've wasted 86 minutes that could have been better spent on a worthwhile movie.

If you are looking for a movie to save you....this might be it.

If you are looking for a message to save you...this might be it

If you are looking for a movie to put you to sleep... this movie is for you!

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