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UK TV ratings: Strictly Come Dancing dominates with 7.68 million viewers

Strictly Come Dancing's competition opener was watched by an average audience of 7.68 million (36.4%) on Friday evening (September 26).

The BBC One show peaked at 7.84 million (37%) at around 9.30pm, as the first six couples took to the dancefloor.

Earlier, 3.52 million (20.7%) tuned into The One Show at 7pm and A Question of Sport was seen by 2.73 million (14.6%) viewers at 7.30pm

Still Open all Hours had 2.41 million (12.1%) tune in at 8.30pm while later, The Graham Norton Show attracted 3.3 million (27.6%) at 10.45pm.

Over on ITV at 9pm, 1.45million (6.9%) tuned into John Lydon spill the beans on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

Gogglebox was once again Channel 4's highest rated show, attracting an average audience of 2.68 million (12.7%). At 8pm 640K (3.2%) tuned in to watch James Corden win £32,000 for charity on James Corden does Deal or No Deal.

At 10pm Alan Carr: Chatty Man attracted 1.1 million (6.6%) viewers.

Gardener's World was BBC Two's highest rated show with 1.98 million (9.9) viewers tuning in.
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8 most gross Bear Grylls moments that will haunt your nightmares

Bear Grylls is having a bit of a moment. Not only has he been off running around the Alaskan wilderness with someone called Barack Obama, but it's just emerged that he made £3.3m last year from his merchandise (you can buy everything from Bear Grylls knives to protein shakes to parachutes, apparently).

Now he's gone and said that he wants to be the new David Attenborough - except with more pee-drinking, presumably. And that's the rub: Bear Grylls does loads of really, really disgusting things...

1. He gave himself an enema

"There is a way of using it to gain life-giving fluids, but only as a last resort: I'm going to give myself an enema." Bear, love, you're on television - that does not count as a 'last resort'. And also we really don't want to watch you sticking a pipe up your bum. As he grimaced and popped the tube where the sun don't shine,
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Piers Morgan: 'I'd never put myself through Life Stories, I only trust myself'

Piers Morgan has grilled everyone from Gordon Brown to... Tony Blackburn on Life Stories, but he'd never let anyone interview him in the same manner.

The controversial broadcaster told BT TV that he would make himself look like a fool if he ever got the chance to interview himself in some futuristic nightmare.

"The only person I would trust is myself," said Morgan. "And even then, I don't think I'd trust myself. I'd get carried away interviewing myself and make myself look like an idiot. I'd never put myself through what I put other people through!"

He continued: "I just don't really like emoting in public. It's just not my thing. I'm not alone – some people just don't like doing it.

"A lot of famous people do quite like emoting, or are prepared to take the risk. I just wouldn't want to do that and put myself in that position
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Piers Morgan mocks Jeremy Clarkson's new show deal: 'I didn't know it was Amazon Past Your Prime'

Piers Morgan has suggested that Jeremy Clarkson's fame will "rapidly diminish" with his new Amazon Prime show.

The former Top Gear host's contract with the BBC was not renewed earlier this year after hitting a producer, but he later signed a deal for a new Amazon series with long-time co-stars James May and Richard Hammond.

Everything we know about Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May's Amazon Prime follow-up to Top Gear

Speaking about the new deal while promoting the latest series of Piers Morgan's Life Stories, Morgan quipped to Digital Spy: "I thought it was Amazon Prime, not Amazon Past Your Prime."

But he continued: "I think it will do very well for Amazon Prime. What they'll find, the three of them, is that their own recognition level and fame in this country will be rapidly diminished because they won't have the big audience.

"And also they're
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Noel Gallagher: 'I've rejected X Factor and Strictly offers'

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he turned down offers for The X Factor and I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!.

The former Oasis member added that he rejected the opportunity to participate in Strictly Come Dancing, in the process ridiculing the show.

"I've been asked to go into the jungle... and twice for The X Factor," he told The Sun.

"Some f**ker saw I'd left Oasis, and thought I'd be unemployed. So I was even asked to do Strictly Come Dancing, which made me laugh the loudest.

"Me? Dance? And who gives a s**t about ballroom dancing?"

Gallagher also recalled being invited for Piers Morgan's Life Stories, before insisting that the only TV he will accept are interviews to promote his upcoming album Chasing Yesterday.

"[I've] been asked to do Piers Morgan's Life Stories, but not only would I not shed a tear, I'd call him a c**t,
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Lily Allen turns down Piers Morgan's Life Stories: "It's still a no"

Lily Allen has turned down an offer to appear on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

The singer tweeted Piers Morgan to let him know that she received her "annual" invite for the show, and that "it's still a no" from her.

Hey @piersmorgan , just got my annual email from one of your "life stories" producer. It's still a no from me, but thanks again.

— lily (@lilyallen) February 7, 2015

No problem @lilyallen - we both know you'll crack eventually. #LifeStories

Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 7, 2015

Allen tweeted: "Hey @piersmorgan, just got my annual email from one of your life stories producer (sic). It's still a no from me, but thanks again."

Morgan then responded to the star on Twitter, saying he knows she will "crack eventually".

"No problem @lilyallen - we both know you'll crack eventually. #LifeStories," Morgan tweeted.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories sees famous faces interviewed by Morgan about the highs and lows in their lives.
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Bear Grylls recalls naked proposal while skinny dipping

Bear Grylls has recalled the moment he proposed to his wife while skinny dipping.

The 40-year-old British adventurer told Piers Morgan on his show Life Stories that when he popped the question to now-wife Shara Cannings Knight, who he went on to marry in 2000, he even hid the ring between his bum cheeks.

Describing the romantic (and slightly painful-sounding) moment, the star laughed as he said: "Well I was swimming with no clothes on. I pulled out the ring from my butt cheeks.

"I remember kneeling on the beach like this. She was standing there going, 'What are you doing?' She was in a towel and a massive Atlantic roller came and I went, will you - and it went - took me up the beach."

He continued: "I had all the seaweed and I was spinning around, so I tried it again, and in this sort of moment
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Celebrity Big Brother bows out with 2.1 million viewers

The final of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 was watched by 2.1m last night (September 12), as Gary Busey was crowned the winner.

Overnight data suggests that Channel 5 took an 11.4% average share of the audience from 9pm, with an additional 56.8k (0.4%) tuning in an hour later on +1.

Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side followed at 10.45pm, falling short of the million mark with 977.5k watching (9%) (+1: 70.2k, 1.2%).

Other than soaps, BBC One's Would I lie to You? was the most watched primetime show. Guest panellists Fiona Bruce, Micky Flanagan, Steve Jones and Claudia Winkleman entertained 2.79m (13.6%) from 8.30pm - 9pm.

The latest episode of Boomers also performed well, with an average of 2.65m viewers at 9pm (13.2%), while the new series of Big School continued with 2.34m (12.1%) from 9.30pm.

Over on BBC Two, The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice sweetened 2.50m (12.4%), as Jo Brand and fans looked back at European cake week.
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Piers Morgan on phone hacking movie: 'George Clooney should play me'

Piers Morgan on phone hacking movie: 'George Clooney should play me'
Piers Morgan has proposed that George Clooney should play him in the upcoming movie about the News International phone hacking scandal.

Clooney is signed up to direct the film, which is based on journalist Nick Davies's book Hack Attack, and bookmakers are currently taking bets on who will be cast in the lead roles.

Watch Piers Morgan discussing hacking, Britain's Got Talent and Jeremy Clarkson:

When asked who he would like to play him in the movie, Morgan told Digital Spy: "I hear Brad Pitt fancies it. Pitt would be the aesthetically correct person to play me.

"But I suspect Clooney will want a run at me. I've always got on with George and I'm sure he's thinking, 'What can be better for my career right now than playing Piers Morgan in a movie?'"

Clooney has described the film, which centres on the shutting down of the News of the World,
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Piers Morgan: 'I would never drive Jeremy Clarkson's grubby little cars'

Piers Morgan has made another cheeky dig at Jeremy Clarkson, insisting that he wouldn't ever appear on Top Gear because the cars aren't good enough for him.

Despite the duo calling a truce this summer on their famous rivalry, Morgan said that the likelihood of Clarkson appearing on his chat show Life Stories was "somewhere between Bob Hope and No Hope".

Watch Piers Morgan talking to Digital Spy about Clarkson, hacking and Britain's Got Talent:

When asked whether he would consider guesting on Top Gear, Morgan replied cheekily: "I would, but I don't drive reasonably priced cars."

He added that he would only take part if there was a one-off segment for "very expensive cars" so that he could ride around in his Aston Martin.

"I'm not driving around in one of [Jeremy's] grubby little cars," added Morgan.

The animosity between the pair dates back to Morgan's days as a tabloid editor,
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Freddie Flintoff on bulimia struggle: 'I felt like I couldn't speak out'

Freddie Flintoff has opened up about his past struggle with bulimia.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on his latest series of Life Stories, the cricketer said that he felt he couldn't talk to anybody about his problem, because of his sporting background.

Asked about the origin of his eating disorder, he said: "I can't remember the first time (I made myself sick) but I did it when I had eaten something which I thought, I'm going to put weight on with this, or I had too much to drink, that's when it started.

"Then it slowly crept in more and more. I remember we had this chat, the England team were sat down and you get this drugs advisor coming in to tell you about drugs in sport.

"One by one they come, these different people. There was a woman who was a dietician and she started saying about diet and how she dealt with models,
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Piers Morgan hints at Britain's Got Talent return: I'm ratings booster

Piers Morgan has confirmed to Digital Spy that he's held talks with Simon Cowell, meaning that a return to Britain's Got Talent for 2015 could be on the cards.

Watch Piers Morgan talk Britain's Got Talent, hacking, Madonna and Jeremy Clarkson:

"I have seen Simon Cowell. We've had talks about all sorts of things. I'd love to work with him again," said Morgan.

"We got 19 million viewers when I did [Britain's Got Talent]. Now they get half of that.

"If was I Simon, I'd do the maths. Bring back the ratings booster."

The judging panel for next year's Britain's Got Talent has yet to be confirmed, but there are rumours that David Walliams may exit the show after two years as a judge.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories airs on Friday nights at 9pm on ITV.
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Piers Morgan: I wouldn't interview Madonna if she begged me

Piers Morgan has reignited his ongoing feud with Madonna, insisting that she remains "banned" from all TV shows that he works on.

Piers Morgan talks Madonna, Jeremy Clarkson, hacking and more:

The Life Stories host said that the ban he placed on the Us popstar from appearing on his CNN show was still in action on his British chat show.

"She's also banned from Life Stories," he told Digital Spy.

"If Madonna was in here now, naked, and begged me and offered herself on a plate, I would run a mile. And then I'd reinforce the ban for another 10 years."

He added: "If you're watching, [Madonna], you're not coming on. stop begging me."

Morgan suggested that one potential interview for Life Stories that might be back on the cards would be Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

The TV duo ended a lengthy and nasty media feud over the summer and Morgan
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Alesha Dixon reveals strained relationship with her father

Alesha Dixon has opened up about her strained relationship with her father and how she dealt with her divorce from Mc Harvey.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on his latest series of Life Stories, the Britain's Got Talent judge revealed that her dad is yet to meet his granddaughter Azura Sienna.

When asked how long it has been since she saw her father, Dixon said: "A couple of years ago maybe. I think it's very difficult when you don't have a dad that lives at home with you and they have a new family. It takes time to get that to work.

"Unfortunately for my dad and I, it didn't really work, so there were times he would be in my life and things would be brilliant and then for some reason, I'm not even sure myself why, the relationship breaks down."

Dixon also told Morgan of the lowest point in her life,
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Piers Morgan to sign new ITV Life Stories contract

Piers Morgan will reportedly sign a new deal with ITV when his current two-year contract expires at the end of June.

The TV presenter will sign a non-exclusive deal with the broadcaster, The Sun reports.

It is claimed Morgan will host another six episodes of his Life Stories interview series, in addition to a new factual series.

There have been 69 episodes of Piers Morgan's Life Stories spread over 11 series since 2009.

Interviewees have included the likes of celebrities Sharon Osbourne, Katie Price, Simon Cowell, Elton John and Dannii Minogue, as well as politicians John Prescott, Ann Widdecombe and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Morgan has been tipped to return to ITV's Britain's Got Talent in 2015 as a replacement for David Walliams.

The controversial former Daily Mirror editor was axed from CNN earlier this year after a three-year stint as the replacement for Larry King, later quipping about being 'unemployed'.
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The Graham Norton Show tops Friday ratings with 4.38m

The Graham Norton Show was Friday's (February 14) highest-rated show outside of soaps.

An average of 4.38 million (30.5%) watch Norton interview the likes of Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville at 10.35pm on BBC One.

BBC One also scored a ratings success with New Tricks at 9pm. Approximately 3.72m (17.1%) people watched a repeat of the first episode of series 8, while an episode of Room 101 at 8.30pm drew 3.57m (15.1%).

Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages was ITV's biggest draw, pulling in 3.28m (14.1%) at 8pm. Piers Morgan's Life Stories with Ian Botham was seen by 2.89m (13.2%) an hour later at 9pm.

Over on BBC Two, an average of 2.2m viewers watched highlights of Lizzy Yarnold's gold medal Skeleton run during Winter Olympics: Today at the Games at 7.10pm.

A further 2.59 (11%) watched Mastermind at 8pm, with 1.98m (8.4%) sticking around for An Island Parish at 8.30pm and 1.3m (5.9%) watching Mock the Week at 9pm.
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Winter Olympics opening ceremony watched by 2.47m on BBC Two

BBC Two's Live Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony attracted an average of 2.47 million (16.3%) viewers for BBC Two on Friday.

Running from 3.30pm to 7.30pm, the opening ceremony peaked with an audience of 3.2 million at 6.45pm.

Continuing the Winter Games theme, BBC Two pulled in a further 2.74m (12.4%) for Torvill & Dean: The Perfect Day at 9pm. Earlier in the evening, Mastermind was seen by an average of 2.56m (11.6%), while An Island Parish was watched by 2.1m (9.1%).

BBC One's highest-rated primetime show was a tie between Room 101 at 8.30pm and The Graham Norton Show at 10.35pm. Both attracted an average audience of 3.46m, earning 15% and 24.5% audience shares for their respective time slots.

The latest episode of New Tricks also enjoyed a 15% audience share for BBC One, reeling in 3.31 million viewers at 9pm.

The Martin Lewis Money Show was ITV's highest-rated show outside of soaps. Nestled between two episodes of Coronation Street,
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Tony Blackburn: 'I didn't like Jimmy Savile as a person'

Tony Blackburn has revealed that Jimmy Savile was not someone he found likeable throughout his career.

Speaking on Piers Morgan's Life Stories, the radio DJ said it is a "sin" that Savile is not alive to answer to the sex abuse scandal.

"I don't think any of us liked him particularly," Blackburn said. "He was an oddball, I didn't like him as a person. It was always this silly Jimmy Savile. He never talked to you in a normal way."

The 71-year-old claimed there were always rumours about Savile in the 17 years they worked together but he had never actually witnessed any wrongdoing.

"I didn't realise how bad he was," Blackburn continued. "It's an absolute tragedy and I think the sin is that he's not around to answer for it."

The I'm a Celebrity winner also spoke about how he became depressed and reliant on Valium for a short period,
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Martin Kemp reflects on brain tumour diagnosis: 'My wife was my rock'

Martin Kemp has reflected on the trauma of being diagnosed with two brain tumours back in the 1990s.

Kemp stepped away from the spotlight in 1995 in order to undergo a series of major medical procedures, after noticing a lump on his scalp.

The actor has told Piers Morgan's Life Stories that having two brain tumours rather than one ultimately saved his life.

"When you know you've got a tumour in your head as big as [a grapefruit] you don't have to be told by anybody [that it's life or death]," he recalled.

Kemp went on to say: "There was a good side to it. Because I had two tumours. One on the outside of my head and one on the inside, which was growing in the middle of my brain.

"If they've never found this one [on my head], growing out, they wouldn't have found the one in the middle until it was too late, and that was the one that would have killed me.
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Silent Witness continues Friday night ratings success

Silent Witness once again topped Friday night's primetime ratings, as the crime drama put BBC One ahead of its rivals.

With 5.2m (22.1%) tuning in at 9pm, the crime drama was the most popular show outside of the soaps, despite shedding 500k viewers from last week's figures.

BBC One remained on top throughout the evening, starting with The One Show drawing 4.27m (20.5%) at 7pm.

Room 101, featuring Labour peer Joan Bakewell, Pointless co-presenter Richard Osman and comedian Roisin Conaty, saw 3.41m (14.7%) tune in at 8.30pm, while The Graham Norton Show attracted 3.73m viewers at 10.45pm.

ITV held a steady audience share of around 12.6% for its primetime offerings. The Martin Lewis Money Show dropped more than 300k from last week, with 2.81m watching at 8pm (+1: 105k).

Piers Morgan's Life Stories featuring Beverley Callard attracted 2.97m an hour later (+1: 231k).

BBC Two's Mastermind boosted its audience to 2.21m (9.9%) at 8pm. An Island Parish,
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