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Sex & Nudity

  • Some mild innuendo from Minnie the Menace of "The Silver Cloak" -- as they meet up with the Doctor and share a group photo, she squeezes his rear and smiles impishly.
  • The Master is nude when he is first resurrected, though the cyclonic cloud surrounding him covers pretty much most of him up to his shoulders and arms.

Violence & Gore

  • Some firing of guns during the scene where the Master is kidnapped. Guards are seen carrying rifles, and Wilf has an old WWII service revolver that he carries when told to "take arms".
  • The Master uses energy blasts against the Doctor, and is implied to have killed at least four people during the episode.
  • In an attempt to sabotage his resurrection, Lucy Saxon throws some sort of explosive potion at the Master, which detonates the prison.


  • Not much more than "Blimey", really. Wilf says "not bloody likely" once, and is scolded by the Doctor: "don't swear!"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Champagne is passed around by the Naismiths after a successful test of the Immortality Gate.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In general, the Master is much more unhinged and psychotic in this installment than in his previous stories, and several times his own skeleton is visible due to his sabotaged resurrection, which is potentially frightening. He is heavily implied to practice occasional cannibalism (or more accurately, anthrophagy, as there are few Time Lords available for him to eat) to feed his constant hunger, as two skeletonized corpses are found picked clean of flesh. The Master eating a turkey may also be a slightly disturbing scene.
  • The sequence in which the Master uses the Immortality Gate to turn all humans on Earth into copies of himself is intended to be a potentially frightening scene.
  • The beginning scenes in the prison surrounding the Master's resurrection are also intense for some viewers
  • This episode has already been rated by the BBFC, it has been rated as a PG for Mild Language, Threat and Violence

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