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8 May 2006
News of the Worlds
The launch of Galacticast, Ecclestone rumored to be the next Prisoner, The Guardian's Top 10 Sci-Fi Films of all time, Free Comic Book Day, and GALACTIContest #1.
10 May 2006
NOTW - A Comicbook Orange
Knight Rider remake, a video reply for a persistent Browncoat, Adam Baldwin in Toronto, A Comicbook Orange premiere and a review of graphic novel The Surrogates.
13 May 2006
Survivor Dune
The premiere episode of Galacticast's Sci-Fi Night Live, a skit show of sci-fi parodies and comedy sketches.
17 May 2006
Attack of the 50 ft. George Perez
Galacticast Toronto field correspondent, Mike Bencic, interviews comic book art legend George Perez.
19 May 2006
NOTW: A Comicbook Orange 2
Miyamoto at E3, Smallville and Supernatural renewed, Singer may abort Logan's Run remake, Snakes on a Plane, and A Comicbook Orange reviews Blade of the Immortal #112.
22 May 2006
Dr. Who
A troubled wife goes on Dr. Phil-like show, hosted by Doctor Who, to discuss her marital issues with her dalek husband.
29 May 2006
Sci-Fi Baby Names
Rudy and Casey discuss prospective sci-fi-based named for their baby.
31 May 2006
Attack of the 50 ft. Lloyd Kaufman
Galacticast France correspondent Yann Olejarz interviews Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment, at the Cannes International Film Festival 2006.
2 Jun. 2006
A Comicbook Orange - Vloggercon Promo
Superman Returns to hit theaters two days ahead of schedule, A Comicbook Orange reviews graphic novel Rocketo, and an exclusive promo for Vloggercon 2006.
5 Jun. 2006
A Commercial Break
An episode made entirely of fake commercials: Kirk 45 ad based on Colt 45; Soylent Green ad based on Sara Lee; and Galacticast's Vloggercon 2006 Promo.
12 Jun. 2006
Intermission: Prepare for Singularity
Rudy outlines his plan to become a superhero.
16 Jun. 2006
Attack of the 50 ft. Double Bill
Galacticast field correspondent Stephanie Bryant interviews sci-fi actor, director and producer Stephen Furst in Attack of the 50 ft. Stephen Furst. And, Casey interviews Jocelyn Leblanc and Guillaume Poitras of the Soundtrack Wind Orchestra about their upcoming Star Wars Concert in Attack of the 50 ft. Soundtrack Wind Orchestra.
20 Jun. 2006
Rudy's Baby
A parody of 1968 Roman Polanski psychological thriller Rosemary's Baby.
27 Jun. 2006
When HAL Met Casey...
A new co-worker tries to hijack Casey's job.
3 Jul. 2006
Nanny Jayne visits a troubled family.
10 Jul. 2006
Escape to New York
Rudy and Casey "escape to New York" to explore the geektastic landmarks of the city and re-enact famous movie scenes with special guest Andrew Congdon.
17 Jul. 2006
You Might Be a Cylon
The game of finding the Cylon agent and winning fabulous prizes.
24 Jul. 2006
Intergalactic Video Dating
Famous figures in sci-fi/fantasy describe what they're looking for in a partner.
31 Jul. 2006
Knights of Arcadia
Rudy gets kidnapped and Casey sets off on an 8-bit quest to rescue him.
7 Aug. 2006
Superman II.V
The lost tale between Superman II and Superman Returns.
14 Aug. 2006
Typecasting Call
Galacticast makes a public service announcement in search of a new cast member.
22 Aug. 2006
Queen Kong
The strangest story ever conceived by woman.
28 Aug. 2006
The Galacticast Crew responds to their viewers.
1 Sep. 2006
My Dearly Departed
For those couples in a very special relationship.
11 Sep. 2006
FanExpo Frenzy
Galacticast represents at FanExpo 2006.
18 Sep. 2006
Node 666
It began in 2006. Escalating tensions in the Middle East resulted in Iran dropping a nuclear weapon unto Israel. Into the Valley of Armageddon. This unearthed a hidden portal to hell from which a demon army rose to conquer the earth. Seeing that the time had come, alien overlords who had been watching over us as Angels initiate the Rapture protocol to save the human genetic code, randomly transporting a few million of us into their ships, to prepare for their final battle. The rest of us are left behind, to face the final apocalypse. Many die. Some survive.
25 Sep. 2006
Galacticast presents Sci-Pride, a television channel for "queer" sci-fi fans.
9 Oct. 2006
Imperial Idol
A long time ago on a reality show far, far away... It is a dark time for the Galactic Empire. Although the Jedi have been destroyed, the sheer boredom of the time between the Prequels and the Original Trilogy has driven the populace to the very edge of rebellion. Desperate to avoid this, the Emperor launches a contest to distract and entertain the masses - a search for the Galaxy's next great singing sensation! Now thousands of hopeful contestants gather to confront the three judges who will determine which of them will be loved across the stars...
16 Oct. 2006
Last Day
Rudy and Casey battle it out to be the next William Shatner Sci Fi spokesperson.
25 Oct. 2006
Amok Time
Rudy and Casey's romantic vacation in time gets cut short when they run into alternate timeline time traveling versions of themselves.
30 Oct. 2006
The Ducky Horror Picture Show
Mad scientist Ze Frank-N-Furter makes a videoblog for his fans.
6 Nov. 2006
2006: A Space Annoyance
Rudy and Casey wake up to find their home infested by a monolith.
13 Nov. 2006
Five Vloggies
Rudy is sent back in time to investigate the army of the five Vloggies.
20 Nov. 2006
Babe Runner
Detective Rick Deckard administers a test to determine whether Rachael is a replicant.
27 Nov. 2006
In-Fold Safety Video
A travel safety instructional video for the year 10,191 A.G.
4 Dec. 2006
Superman I.V
What happened in The Phantom Zone between Superman I and Superman II.
11 Dec. 2006
A bored Rudy and Casey decide to go on a little adventure through the stargate.
18 Dec. 2006
Christmas Mix 2006
A commercial program for the new Galacticast Christmas album.
25 Dec. 2006
Outtakes Vol. I
Galacticast "frak ups."
1 Jan. 2007
Outtakes Vol. II
Galacticast "frak ups."

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