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Shoot the guy who payed for this!

Author: Eric Rider
24 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe someone payed to produce this piece of s***. I can't believe they could hire a crew to work on this. and where did they pick their crew? right off the street by random? even that would have made a better movie.

pick literally any porno and you will get better acting, better production quality, even better laughs.

there are a few scenes involving fecal matter, one in particular quite graphic and disgusting. what they show in that scene sums up my opinion about this movie!

and i can't believe they went to trouble of getting an R rating and then just show one titty shot. only *one*. you would think something as low as this at least would be saturated by nudity so they can attract an audience. but nope. just one.

so don't waste your time. stay away from it.

i just wished to know the finance process allowing this kind of crap being produced. maybe some rich kid wanted to make a "movie" and his daddy paid for this s***. and he literally paid for s***.

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Heavy on raunch, light on humor, bad on all levels.

Author: Terry Roehrig II from United States
3 August 2011

Not much to say about a movie like this. It's almost as if some High School buddies got together, wrote a script and tried to pass what they're doing in the film off as comedy. This movie is extremely juvenile. I don't care if you turned your brain off and just wanted to have a good time, this "film" isn't the one to do it with. Filled with pages upon pages of scatological humor and just plain raunchy to the nth degree, this one misses on all cylinders.

The movie starts off with Tyler (Prokop) driving and receiving a voice mail from his girlfriend. Even though we see Tyler, we hear Dick (Wayne). Dick is Tyler's friend and for some strange reason, the writer/director has Dick as the narrator. It's something that will confuse you the whole movie. Every time I saw Tyler on screen with the voice over, I thought it was his thoughts, but they were actually Dick's. Tyler goes to the bar to drown his sorrows and runs into his buddies, the aforementioned Dick and Tom (Dauplaise). Dick is worried about his... well, dick... and asks the guys to check it out for him. Yes, right there in the middle of the bar. Apparently, he peeved off another woman last night, got roofied and she did something to his member. Tom obliges and sees that there's a tattoo down there but he can't read it because he got the tattoo while he was hard -- so he has to get hard in order for them to read what the tattoo says. That's just a taste of what you're in for least you decide to rent or buy this one. Long story short, they decide to go to Aspen to do some cougar hunting. Tom eyes a real estate aficionado at the bar, Dick tries to land an über-cougar (Angel) and Tyler falls in love with a girl named Penelope (Murray), who's about the same age as him but not before agreeing to go to a benefit with Linda (Blazak, the writer/producer/director) and Kathy (Boyle) first.

The movie is just plain bad, folks. I'm not a prude in any sense of the word nor I did I get offended by any of the material shown. Yes, it was extremely raunchy, disgusting and downright dumb -- and in the right hands, it might have actually even been funny. But, it's not even the slightest bit funny at all. Perhaps it was the extremely bad acting that made watching this one as comparable to rusty razor blades on a chalkboard. Maybe it was the sophomoric script that tried way too hard to be young and hip? And how about the fact that some of the story makes no sense whatsoever? Yes... it was all of those things and more. The only bright spots in the movie are Vanessa Angel (maybe she thought this was similar to Kingpin?) and Lara Flynn Boyle (although she didn't have much to do).

I just loved how the guys arrive at Aspen and decide they need jobs, so they head down to a restaurant called The Artisan and three employees are fired as they walk out. How about the fact that Tom gets everything he dreams of and then for no reason whatsoever the story line is abandoned with zero explanation. The ending comes straight out of a romantic comedy cliché and at the same time is anti-climactic and just too silly for words.

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Final Grade: D-

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Tasteless, Soulless, utter waster of time

Author: cgkirtikar from Dubai
18 September 2011

I genuinely used to believe that every movie however badly made, deserves at least one view, as it has involved a lot of hard work by at least a few people. There are of course scores of movies that refute this statement. Cougar Hunting sails to the top of this pile, through the complete lack of a plausible story, sorry acting and absolutely nothing to write home about. In a train wreck of an attempt to join the American Pie / Eurotrip style of movie making, this flick is a perfect example of how not to make movies. None of the jokes are even remotely funny, toilet humor this isn't - its a new level of tasteless...the characters portrayed by the so called actors, clearly tells you that that some people do not watch their own movies. Brainless, tasteless, classless...An utter waste of time. Please do not attempt to come within a mile of this sorry excuse for a movie...

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Same Old Same Old

Author: artpf from United States
21 October 2013

Tells the tale of three buddies in their 20's whose love-lives are in shambles.

They go to Aspen to pursue the booming trend of dating cougars.

Hot older women who prey on hot young guys.

It's as bad as you think.

The problem with these movies is that they are all the same basic story and the exposition is formulaic. In other words, if you see one, you have really and truly have seen them all. In fact they are so similar that its almost as if the same actors appear in these films.

This one is about an hour and 20 minutes too long.

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Teen humor

Author: lettybabe1
31 August 2011

I personally enjoyed this film. It contains a humor best suited to teenagers. It is extremely raunchy but if you enjoy dirty humor then you will definitely find this film to be precisely what your looking for, It reminded me of the "American Pie" films. Very dirty humor with a group of cheeky boys just looking to get laid. Don't let that put you off though as its not all about sex. The main storyline may come as a surprise to some as most reviews build it up to be purely about sex. This film is definitely rated R for a reason so i would not suggest watching it if you don't appreciate that the content of this is extreme. I highly recommend it.

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Solid Six

Author: diggus doggus from United Kingdom
29 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Saw Cougar Hunting today, figured it was going to be your run-of-the- mill pee&fart jokes film and true enough, it starts out like that, but soon turns into a decent coming of age flick, whilst keeping the toilet humour sidekicks, yet decently acted and scripted, for a fresher look at the "seen it all before" teen film.

A trio of teenage friends - Tom, Dick and Tyler set forth from their small, no hopes of getting laid town to go to work the off season in Aspen, after a friend's revelation that "it's full of Cougars(mature, attractive women)who want to bang", and while Tom(Jareb Dauplaise)and Dick(Randy Wayne)keep true to their cougar-hunting ideal, recently- dumped Tyler(lead Matt Prokop)immediately falls for love interest Penelope(Jillian Murray); random chaos ensues, as Tyler tries to prove that he's in fact an old-skool romantic and not a cougar hunter.

Cue final clash and happy ending(no film of this kind escapes the formula), and that's Cougar Hunting all wrapped up for you; sure, not the most exciting film of the season, but surely not a 2.7; decent acting, good supporting, well paced and pretty much sufficient in every other aspect - and best of all, not horribly pretentious.

Not as dementedly funny as NATM, but still worthy of:

Final vote - 6/10

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This is how you do teen humour the right way !!!

Author: Destroyer Wod from Quebec
25 July 2013

I was bored tonight and didn't know what to watch... i got like 25 DVDs line up and can't pick one... all movies i never saw... but didn't felt like it. Suddenly i remember i got that one... laying around and just decided to watch it... FRENCH version... I put it in... and oh HOLY poop(cause weirdly it seem the other word is prohibed... wtf???) i had a blast. Really i laugh my ass off all movie long. Sure its Teen humour, its crude comedy, but it do brilliantly what it is supposed to do. The funny part is that i watch it with my mother, which is nearly 55 years old(not a cougar tough lol) and she was laughing and having fun too ! So i think this movie win of all side of what its trying to do, a brainless comedy. Sure its not cinematic masterpiece... not by any mean, but its funny as crazy and score big time as a teen comedy a la American pie.

I even watched a french version from France(quite different from our french in Quebec) and even tough at first it was weird hearing the bizarre words and dialogue from France i got used to it and had a lot of fun. Im sure this movie is probably super fun in English too. So i really don't understand the 3.0 rating... it deserve at least a 5 by IMDb standards(which are always lower than what the movie really deserve) and I'm glad tough people that took the time to review it are mostly positive.

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Good for what it is

Author: josh-walker-684-362713 from Sheffield
12 May 2013

I'm not gonna write out the storyline like other reviews have on this page just to save time.

Personally i think some of the reviews on this page are very unfair. It's a raunchy teen comedy, What do you want? it's not directed by the Cohen brothers. This film is no better or worse than any teen comedy before it. To be honest i liked the fact it's a different slant on teen comedy and it's a fresh style steering away from the 'Bro! you cannot graduate a virgin!' teen movies (which basically is what every American Pie spin off was.

This film had some good laughs and had a pretty solid comedy storyline: 3 guys town full of hot older women looking for sex. How can the storyline be confusing?

I would definitely tell my friends about this movie and it's nice to see some fresh faces on the teen comedy circuit instead of Sean William- Scott in everything.

Not a classic but good for a laugh! i give this movie 7/10

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Hilariously funny...American Pie style

Author: soperfamilyfarm from Glasgow, Montana USA
27 June 2012

Watched this the other night with the hubby. It was rather raunchy humor but had us in stitches the entire time! NOT a kid friendly movie. Reminded me of American Pie. I don't know why others gave it such bad reviews. I thought the plot flowed well. There wasn't overkill on the female nudity which is nice for a change. I love the "cougars" in the movie. I thought they played the part well and honestly, they are beautiful woman for their ages! The actors were great! It was nice to see some new faces on the screen. This is a movie that I would actually buy. I know my teenage son would watch repeatedly and never grow tired of it. Definitely a must-see if you like to laugh and you aren't put off by toilet humor.

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