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  • Bruce tells Krod that before he died General Arcadius spoke of the Prophesy of Angamora - this foretold that a lowly born hero would lead a resistance to and overcome Dongalor, and Arcadius believed this would be Krod. Krod is captured by Dongalor but manages to escape, surviving an assassination attempt and swearing to defeat Dongalor and free the people.

  • Having been told that he is the chosen or Golden One named in a prophecy as the man who will defeat Dongalor Krod saves both himself and Aneka from assassination attempts.


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  • Barnabus tells Dongalor that Arcadius' final word - Angamora - is part of a prophecy in which the empire will be overthrown by a "low-born swordsman." The narrator tells us it is Krod's "immutable fate."

    Krod and the gang have a funeral for Arcadius. After several misses they finally light his funeral barge. Krod gives an emotional eulogy and Bruce adds that Arcadius was a "generous lover." After the speech they realize Arcadius' body is still lying on the shore.

    Dongalor asks the nobles whether he can pull off a pair of animal skin bikini shorts. This results in him killing someone.

    Krod and Aneka discuss their argument in the dungeon. She reveals that not only can't he satisfy her sexually but she will never be the girlfriend he wants. When he protests, she asks if he would be okay with her returning home for the Racoon Festival's Rite of the 300 Moons, a religious rite in which she lays with 300 men. He says no and Aneka leaves.

    Barnabus has found a very old elder fluent in the language written on the Eye of Gulga Grymna. A guard tells them Krod has been spotted in the village.

    Bruce tells Krod that the prophecy of Angamora, which Arcadius used to recite to him during lovemaking, referred to a Golden One who leads the resistance to victory. Arcadius believed Krod was that man. All of a sudden villagers begin taking arrows to the chest. Dongalor has arrived and announces that he will kill a man every minute until Krod shows himself. Before turning himself in Krod hands Loquasto a necklace to give to Aneka if he does not return in two days. Krod attacks Dongalor, but his sword sticks in the sheath and he bounces off the carriage.

    Dongalor leaves with Krod tied behind his carriage. Krods manages to cut the rope and roll away.

    As a result Dongalor interviews assassins. They settle on the Stygian Corps, whose representative claims they are "the most deadly assassins anywhere." Krod will be dead by morning or the next two assassinations will be free.

    One of the men Krod rescued from the dungeon, Horse Draper, shows up to help him return to his men.

    We are shown the Rite of the 300 Moons, which is basically Aneka doing a pole dance on stage in front of a large group of men. During the dance we hear the voiceover of Krod writing a sappy letter to Aneka.

    Krod narrowly avoids an assassination attempt. The assassin knocks Krod into a wall and begins reading his journal. Krod sees Arcadius in a vision and the general tells him the message on his sword (which Krod thought was gibberish) means, "Let fire flow through this steel." He tells him Krod will not be able to master the flame until he accepts his destiny. Arcadius believes he is the Golden One and Aneka must join him for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Krod dispatches the assassin with his now-flaming sword.

    Krod goes to Aneka's town and finds a lengthy line outside her building. She tells him to leave, but Krod recognizes the tattoo on the next guy in line from the assassin who tried to kill him. This assassin grabs Aneka but they are able to knock him aside with the help of Loquasto and Zezelryck, who had arrived to bring Aneka the necklace. Aneka agrees to stop the Rite of the 300 Moons.

    Barnabus tells Dongalor that the assassination attempts on Krod and Aneka have failed. The translators are making strides with the Eye's hieroglyphics but they must still locate a lens which acts as an aiming mechanism.

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