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The movie's appeal is largely the result of the perfectly cast James Marsden as Fred, a lovable slacker who accidentally injures a floppy-eared rabbit who calls himself E.B. (perfectly voiced by Russell Brand).
Hop delivers plenty of wit, verve and surreal mayhem to entice even the post-adolescent crowd into this jolly (and strangely Christmas-like) Easter egg hunt.
In this Willy Wonka-like animated world where multihued candies move about on assembly lines, the constant introduction to Rube Goldberg-style devices and slapstick action grows increasingly tiresome.
A slick and sweet film all on its own, a harmless bit of fun that fills the Easter-movie void.
The most notable thing about Hop is its technical perfection. It puts live action and animation into the same frame so seamlessly that the filmmakers might easily not get credit for it.
A piece of fluff as artificially sweetened as a fuchsia Peep, rises above these low expectations - but only barely.
As fake and forgettable as a marshmallow Peep, Hop goes down easy enough.
Hop gives us . . . a bunny who poops jelly beans. That idea doesn't fill you with seasonal joy? Neither will the rest of the movie.
The slapstick is mild-mannered, there's no romance, not a hint of emotion.
There's nothing in it to inspire excitement or even a mild glimmer of delight; it's almost offensive in its dullness.
It's "Alvin and the Chipmunks" with only one chipmunk, and (if possible) even less fun.

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