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When filming the scene where Stu discovers the tattoo on his face, Bradley Cooper genuinely broke into laughter and the director Todd Phillips decided to keep that take in the film.
Ed Helms (Stu) was severely sick from food poisoning when dancing in the street with no shirt on. After each take Helms would curl into a fetal position until it was time to film again.
Development for the film began two months before The Hangover (2009) was released.
The character Teddy's achievements closely resemble that of Ken Jeong who took part in the High IQ team, played violin in the orchestra, was elected to student council and graduated at 16.
Director Todd Phillips, Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms were all promised a percentage deal for the film on top of their paychecks.
During its theatrical run, this film became the largest grossing R rated comedy.
Mel Gibson was supposed to play the tattoo artist, but the idea was later dropped following protests from the cast and crew. He was replaced by Liam Neeson. Director Todd Phillips later wanted to reshoot Neeson's scene, but Neeson was unavailable to return, as he was filming Wrath of the Titans (2012). The scene was subsequently reshot with Nick Cassavetes in the role.
Former USA President Bill Clinton visited the set while on location in Bangkok. Some news sources erroneously stated that he had filmed a cameo.
Bradley Cooper and Crystal the Monkey previously appeared together in Failure to Launch (2006).
Bryan Callen, who plays the club owner in this installment, played the chapel director in the previous Hangover film.
Ken Jeong and Crystal the Monkey previously worked together in Community (2009).
Charlie Sheen was considered for a role.
The three Billy Joel references in the movie (a "Glass Houses" poster in Alan's room; the song "The Downeaster 'Alexa'" on the soundtrack, and the parody of "Allentown" sung by Ed Helms) stemmed from Todd Phillips's desire to decorate Alan's bedroom with the poster, feeling that Alan would strongly identify with it.
Todd Phillips realised the potential of Chow and decided to give him a bigger role in the hangover part 2
In the original script Zach Galifianakis character, Alan, was meant to have his beard shaved instead of his head. Zach Galifianakis refused.
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Bradley Cooper's father was in the last throes of cancer during the filming of this movie, and died three days after Cooper returned home from the shoot.
The monkey used in the film was one used in a "Malcolm in the Middle" episode s3e22.
The only entry in The Hangover (2009) trilogy not to feature "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.
At one point, Zac Efron was rumored to have a role in the film.
Bradley cooper and Andrew Howard previously starred in Limitless together.
As the Wolf Pack enter the Buddhist monastery Zach Galafinakis is seen performing a Christian cross, he actually performed a Greek Orthodox sign of the cross consistent with his Greek origin and faith.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Mike Tyson is said to have taken singing lessons for his role as the singer for Stu's wedding, performing an off-key rendition of "One Night in Bangkok".
The monkey wears a jacket with The Rolling Stones band's logo
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