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Addicting train wreck of a show

Author: Jane Sproul from United States
19 February 2014

I just started watching the real housewives of New Jersey and am on the second season. I just finishing watching the episode with Daniele and Kim G going to the benefit at the brownstone and I am appalled by them both!!! First off as a mother I would never lie and talk about my friends best friend the way Kim g did! And the whole time she was trying to stir up trouble she had that awful smirk on her face. If she was my mother and did that to my best friend knowing he was talking about their attire I would disown her. I'm hoping as I get farther in the season her and Danielle are kicked off the show!! I believe they are both psychos who have to force their way to events and try to scare people with felons to be nice to them. Come on get a clue!!!

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new housewives of new jersey

Author: faraday196020002000 from lancashire united kingdom
16 November 2013

I have just watched S2 episode 8 and have to say, the behaviour of Danielle is like watching a car crash waiting to happen! she is a very strange attention seeking woman! she has to turn every thing into a drama! i was especially disgusted at the episode, where she attended a function to raise funds for a little girl who has a serious illness, she made it all about herself not the little girl! her behavior was disgusting! To be honest, if this is the sort of unladylike behavior these ladies portray on the series, then money has certainly not bought them class! Spoilt brats springs to mind, perhaps if some of them "worked" for a living and earned their own money, then they wouldn't fritter it away on extravagant things, they brag openly about a item costing 15000 when there are people in the world starving to death!

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I love love love this show!

Author: janice143 from United States
4 May 2010

The previous reviewer, please put your review in paragraphs. No one wants to read a tome like the one you just reviewed.

So, why do I love this show? I just love all the women, they are fun, pretty and a lot more realistic than the women on the Housewives of New York. Although Franklin Lakes, New Jersey where these women live is not a touchstone for the rest of the country, I get a kick out of watching where they live. Their homes are beautiful, their children are well fed and well taken care of. No one is on welfare or food stamps.

This is supposed to be a reality show, it is not, but who cares. This is just an entertainment show, meant to make us feel happy and secure and maybe happy we are not like them.

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No, the Sopranos had class! This is a train wreck! Please don't bring these women back!

Author: ( from United States
14 April 2009

3 of the housewives are related. Caroline is the elder sister in a family of 11, Italian. She is married to Albert Manzo who owns & operates the Brownstone in Paterson, NJ which regularly hosts wedding receptions. Carol and Al have 3 children. Chris & Lauren work at the Brownstone while one son is going to law school.

Her youngest sibling, Dina, is divorced & remarried to Caroline's brother-in-law. She has a teenage daughter and is an event planner at the Brownstone where she works with her husband & brother-in-law & other relatives.

The third wife is the sister-in-law and comes from Las Vegas. The fourth and fifth wives are the only ones who aren't related to the family but stir up trouble.

Teresa has three daughters and is married to a man who runs a construction company in NJ. The other wife is a divorced woman and mother of two girls who is seeking a man to take care of her, her daughters, and her lavish lifestyle.

I feel like the producers are aiming to maintain the Soprano stereotype about New Jersey. OKay, the first season is done & over with. I have to say that I'm relieved but it's painful to watch the reunion special. Only 4 are friends.

Danielle has been ostracized & vilified by Dina & Caroline Manzo for whatever reasons. Anyway, I hope the producers have some liability in creating this hostile environment for one of the women.

If I was Danielle who surprised everybody by being the breakout star of the show but she is vilified by the other women who can't stand to be in the same room with her. I have to say that they are not a bunch of roses. Caroline might call Danielle trash to her face but she's not much better being the interfering nuisance and control freak and the bully of the group. Her sister Dina is often the target of Danielle's attacks with good reason.

Dina paraded a book around the salon exposing Danielle's past life over 20 years ago as truth and tries to lie about it. Big sister bully Caroline covers up for her at a dinner party that Danielle and her daughters had to be there anyway.

The dinner party is now legendary with a table toss and almost Teresa ready to attack Danielle for ruining her party. What did Danielle do, she brought out the book that the other women including Caroline, Teresa, and Dina have already read and believed to be true.

There is some questionable credibility about the main source, her first husband, if you check personal reviews but not because of Danielle. The reviews have trounced his book as fiction and fabrication.

Okay, six episodes where Jacqueline, the sister-in-law, to Caroline and Dina tries to be Danielle's friend. Unfortunately, her sisters-in-law disapprove the relationship and pressure to chose between family and friend. After watching this season, I won't watch the next season. This season was ugly and not because of Danielle's antic but the overall mean-spirited nature of the other women except for Jacqueline who I feel sorry for.

She married Chris but married his sisters as well. If they had problems, it was long before Danielle came around. Caroline feels that Danielle is the sole cause of all their problems like the sibling relationship between her brother Chris and his sister Dina and his wife Jacqueline. It's sad to say that this happens in all families especially large-sized families. But my advice to Chris and Jacqueline, move your family away from Franklin Lakes.

It will never get better. Caroline, the unofficial matriarch, was first charming but suddenly she turned ugly too because of her actions and because she's lying at times.

Dina and her second husband Tommy were on the wedding episode on a cable show where they spent a million dollars. Her husband and brother-in-law both own the catering hall, The Brownstone, in Paterson, New Jersey and yet they spent a million dollars. Also Tommy admits to having two affairs during their five year relationship, I think he's probably at it again.

Dina and Caroline are both control freaks themselves. They are the bullies of the group and Jacqueline and Teresa follow them like sheep in a way. Teresa is a train wreck of epic proportions. She has three girls who she dresses identical. It's a no-no if you think about it.

She wants her oldest, Gia, to become a star rather than an actress going through the hard ropes. After being in a reality show, you really would want your daughter to do the conventional way by going to acting classes than auditions in New York City. Life is cruel and the business is probably the cruelest ever if you know about it. It's a heartless business and they can reject you. She reminds me of a pageant mother in the South who dresses her girls and sends them off to beauty pageants and spend enormous amount of money.

After this season, I don't have the stomach or the patience to watch this series anymore. I haven't been this embarrassed to be from New Jersey since McGreevey's resignation in 2004 and that's saying a lot about me. These women have to learn to work together on a show or forget about it. My main concern right now is for Danielle because their behavior is atrocious and malevolent and I know that because I have been an outsider my entire life.

If Bravo has any sense, they will try to fix it or forget about it and let time heal the wounds. Personally, I think they should all go on the Dr. Phil Show or Jerry Springer and have it out. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow night.

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