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The Public Shaming of Melissa

As the restaurant opening approaches, tensions mount between Melissa and Teresa; Siggy throws a cocktail party, but her anger comes back to haunt Melissa; Danielle shares a secret with Teresa that could destroy Teresa's...

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The Apology

Margaret throws a launch party for her purse line, but Siggy and Dolores refuse to attend; Teresa begins to work on a new book; Joe makes a business decision without consulting Melissa; Frank and Dolores spar over the ...


2 Jun. 2013
Garden State of Emergency
The wives get slammed by Hurricane Sandy, leaving their vacation homes as destroyed as their relationships. More than a year of silence widens the cracks between Teresa, Melissa and Joe. Jacqueline faces her son's autism diagnosis, as Kathy learns the "art of war" from Rosie. Caroline has changed her address, but can't move far enough from the Giudice and Gorga drama. Her shocking offer to Joe Gorga could lead the wives toward reconciliation or an all-out war.
9 Jun. 2013
A Manzo of Her Word
After an awkward afternoon with Teresa, Melissa is motivated to move away from her sister-in-law. Kathy's son tests her patience but it's her husband who needs a time out. The Lauritas host a poker night but all bets are off when a surprise from Chris leaves Jacqueline in tears. Caroline and Teresa face off in a heated exchange that puts Caroline in the hot seat.
16 Jun. 2013
It's My Party And I'll Fight If I Want To
Teresa's father gets admitted into the ICU just in time for her daughter, Gia's, 12th birthday party. Caroline returns to her Franklin Lakes mansion to find it's turned into a pig sty. Meanwhile, Jacqueline checks in with her new friend, Melissa, but can't save her when a little white lie makes Teresa see red!
23 Jun. 2013
Gym Rats
Crazy is in the air as Teresa heads to the gym to blow off some steam but loses her cool during a run-in with her brother, Joe. Kathy throws a joint birthday bash for her husband, Rich, and daughter, Victoria, but Caroline drops a bomb that causes one guest to completely meltdown. Melissa struggles with a dark secret from her past.
30 Jun. 2013
Everything Is Coming Up Rosie
Tempers flare between Joe and Melissa over accusations Teresa lobbed (along with her water bottle) at the gym. As Jacqueline deals with a crushing setback with her son, Caroline fears her kids are following too closely in her husband's shoes. Meanwhile, Richie oversteps, sparking the wrath of Kathy and Rosie extends an olive branch to Teresa. But all bets are off when the unpredictable cousins face-off.
7 Jul. 2013
Drinking with the Enemy
Cheating rumors surface about Melissa, and an awkward exchange between Caroline and her husband unearths new feelings. Teresa and Rosie plan a healing retreat that could bring her face to face with Jacqueline.
14 Jul. 2013
When Joes Collide
The housewives pack their bags and head to Lake George to work out their issues. Teresa prepares to confront Jacqueline, while Kathy plays referee on the sidelines. Years of hostility fracture the group when relationship building exercises turn in to a throwdown between the Joes.
Jul. 2013
Scum One, Scum All
All bets are off when a brawl erupts between the Joes, as Teresa, Melissa and Kathy seethe with anger. Caroline attempts to help bring this family back from the brink of destruction with the help of a professional.
28 Jul. 2013
On Thin Guid-Ice
Teresa and her brother Joe, along with their spouses get down and dirty with a relationship expert, but Kathy feels left out in the cold. Caroline reveals her own agenda for healing, and everyone is looking to Jacqueline for a final solution.
4 Aug. 2013
Best Frenemies Forever
Teresa and Jacqueline meet for a sit-down for the first time in over a year, but things quickly derail. Caroline worries about her children's needs but it's her husband that makes a shocking demand. Melissa and Joe get an offer one of them can't refuse, and Kathy spices up Rosie's love life.
11 Aug. 2013
Children of the Scorned
With the adults' relationships on the mend, Joe makes up for lost time with his goddaughter, Gia. Teresa hosts a charity event and confronts Jacqueline about a comment threatening their reconciliation. Meanwhile, Jacqueline makes an impulsive decision that leaves her family worried, but at least Kathy is on her side!
18 Aug. 2013
Hair-Binger of Doom
A scandalous article about Melissa's marriage rocks New Jersey. Teresa has her hair product launch. Meanwhile, an encounter with Caroline has Kathy questioning her partnership with Rich.
25 Aug. 2013
Spaghetti Western & Meatballs
The Housewives jet off to the Arizona desert to celebrate Melissa's birthday. But Joe rethinks including his sister, Teresa. As Jacqueline tries to mend her relationship with Teresa, Caroline struggles to get her husband to relax. Kathy receives a long-awaited message.
1 Sep. 2013
Horse Whisper to a Scream
An unorthodox therapy brings the Housewives up close and personal, leaving Caroline in tears over an admission from her husband. Melissa and Jacqueline face their trust issues and Kathy finally takes a stand. Shockingly, Teresa's husband, Joe, makes a revelation about his current legal issues.
8 Sep. 2013
Zen Things I Hate About You
In their final day in the Arizona desert, a high-wire course 30 feet in the air proves to be the ultimate trust test between sister-in-laws Teresa and Melissa. Tensions between Teresa and her brother Joe boil over, forcing Caroline and Kathy to intervene.
15 Sep. 2013
The Blonde Drops a Bombshell
Jacqueline faces her fear of public speaking, while Caroline weighs the pros and cons of selling her home. Kathy's cannolis score a promotion and Melissa's singing career attracts a new audience. When a gossip queen resurfaces with a secret, the Gorga-Giudice pact is put to the test.
22 Sep. 2013
Hair We Go Again
The heat is on for Caroline's boys as they open their new restaurant and face their harshest critic yet. Meanwhile, Melissa travels to Orlando for a test of her own: a live radio performance that could reignite her music career. Back in NJ, both Teresa and Jacqueline face attacks on their integrity as the opening of a new boutique brings them face to face with their enemies.
29 Sep. 2013
Salon Farewell
The grand opening party takes a distressing turn when a new face becomes involved in a confrontation with the Giudice-Gorga clan. Teresa wants to clear her name, but harsh accusations leave everyone wondering if she's really behind rumors about Melissa's marriage. Kathy, Jacqueline and Caroline try to focus on their own families, while struggling to repair the damage that has been done...
6 Oct. 2013
Reunion: Part 1
During the 90-minute Reunion Part I, everyone's favorite Garden State ladies, and visits from Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga and Kathy's sister, Rosie, come together to discuss some of this season's most talked about moments and reflect back on the antics from the season. Dr. Venus Nicolino, "Dr. V," also drops by to see where relationships stand since the cast's trip to Lake George.
13 Oct. 2013
Reunion: Part 2
On an emotionally charged Reunion Part II, Teresa and Joe open up about the indictment charges they are faced with; Rosie candidly shares her experience on the show, and the rest of the ladies discuss their overall sentiments on this season.
14 Oct. 2013
The Real Housewives Tell All: Part 1
Tune in for never-before-seen footage of everyone's favorite Garden State ladies in a two-part "The Real Housewives of New Jersey Tell All." From extravagant events to several bizarre antics, you don't want to miss the lost footage from this past season. Part 1 of 2.
20 Oct. 2013
The Real Housewives Tell All: Part 2
Tune in for never-before-seen footage of everyone's favorite Garden State ladies in a two-part "The Real Housewives of New Jersey Tell All." From extravagant events to several bizarre antics, you don't want to miss the lost footage from this past season. Part 2 of 2.

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