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Season 4

3 May 2012
First Look
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22 Apr. 2012
High Tide, Low Blow
The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back and things in the Garden State are not coming up roses. Questions as to Jacqueline's absence from the season three reunion are answered. Caroline struggles to fix her friendship with Teresa and receives a long-feared health diagnosis. Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley, has overstayed her welcome at home, resulting in a shocking ultimatum. Tempers flare between Teresa and her brother, Joe, when their families head down to the Jersey Shore. Melissa tries to bring her family back together, but hurtful accusations threaten to destroy...
29 Apr. 2012
Poker Face
Kathy continues to overprotect her children when she tries to shield her son from an admirer. Ashley gets a lift to the airport, but leaving the nest proves harder than she thought. Meanwhile, Caroline struggles to help with Lauren's growing insecurity over her weight and Melissa cooks up a musical surprise for Joe. At Jacqueline's poker night, Teresa's attempt to apologize for her cook book turns into a brawl that leaves one husband with a black eye and a sore ego.
6 May 2012
Third Eye Blind
There is trouble on the high seas when the housewives' cruise down the Jersey coast is filled with gossip about Caroline and smack talk between Kathy and Teresa. Melissa's anger over being called a gold digger finally simmers over at a Summer Solstice party, leaving Jacqueline to play referee when the sisters-in-law face off.
13 May 2012
Drowning Pool
Caroline celebrates her anniversary with Al, but it's her sons' surprise purchase that leaves her speechless. Jacqueline struggles to deal with Ashley's new life in Las Vegas as Kathy hosts a pool party that plays back drop to a blow out between Teresa and her brother, Joe.
20 May 2012
Spoiled Sports
Secret insecurities are revealed when Caroline's daughter, Lauren, hits the driving range with her dad to discuss her weight loss. Jacqueline hosts a family field day that has everyone picking sides.
3 Jun. 2012
Uncivil Union
It's a party Manzo style when Caroline's brother, Jaime, announces that he's finally getting married to his partner, Rich, of 13 years. The event brings Caroline, Teresa, and Jacqueline together, but their fragile friendship shows some major cracks when Teresa's husband, Joe, makes a joke that goes too far.
10 Jun. 2012
True Love, True Lies
It's a wedding to remember and a friendship to forget when just hours before her brother's ceremony, Caroline reads what Teresa really thinks of her. Meanwhile, Melissa hosts her own party and debuts her new dance song while her husband, Joe, attempts to reach out to his sister for the last time.
17 Jun. 2012
Best Friends for Never
Jacqueline's conversation with her ex-husband reveals that their daughter, Ashley, is running out of options. Meanwhile, Caroline's daughter, Lauren, comes to a shocking decision about her struggle to lose weight.
24 Jun. 2012
Public Displays of Rejection
Teresa decides to take a big step forward with her brother, but Kathy is suspicious of Teresa's motives when she attempts to make things right with her. Jacqueline locks herself away following her emotional fallout with Teresa but the two come face to face again when Melissa hosts a party for her radio debut with Ryan Seacrest.
1 Jul. 2012
Temporary Shrinkage
Kathy takes her relationship with Rosie to the next level as she hits up the gay bar scene to find her sister a love connection. Teresa and her brother, Joe, go to therapy to discuss their issues but the past comes back to haunt them. Jacqueline and Caroline have a family dinner to decide if Teresa and her husband, Joe, are still invited on their trip to Napa. Meanwhile, Teresa gets a surprise visit from her cousin, Rosie, who is determined to clear her sister's good name.
8 Jul. 2012
Sniff Test
Melissa and Joe throw their daughter, Antonia, an over-the-top birthday party that brings Teresa and Jacqueline face to face for an awkward exchange. Kathy hosts a meal for her sister's new love interest. Meanwhile Caroline's son, Albie, works up the nerve to introduce his new cheerleader girlfriend to the family.
15 Jul. 2012
Jersey Side Step
Everyone is putting on a show in New Jersey! Melissa polishes up her act with Chris Judd but it's Teresa's daughter, Gia, who threatens to upstage her at the live music festival. Jacqueline's husband, Chris, hits the road with Caroline's sons, Albie and Chris, to sell their BLK water at the Fancy Food Festival in Washington DC, but things go awry when a night of drinking threatens to damage their presentation.
22 Jul. 2012
Sit Down and Man Up
While Teresa is concocting the latest product in her growing business empire, Kathy makes her humble start at an old gelato stand in her native town of Patterson. An accusation that Teresa is stealing family recipes for her own financial gain throws ice water on Teresa's reconciliation with Kathy. Meanwhile, Jacqueline's husband, Chris, calls the husbands together for a sit down that exposes feuds and frail friendships, which sets the stage for a trip to Napa that can implode at any second.
29 Jul. 2012
Pack Your Baggage
As Hurricane Irene bears down on New Jersey, the Housewives flee to the sunny, golden coastlines of California. With their stilettos, fake tans and dried sausage, they pile into cramped RVs for the road trip to end all road trips. With tensions between Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa at an all-time high, it's a constant struggle to keep the peace. Meanwhile, Teresa confronts Kathy over her "stolen recipe" accusations and sister-in-law Melissa attempts to show Teresa the error of her ways.
12 Aug. 2012
If This RV Is a Rockin'
It's time to hang ten as the Housewives decide to take on California's supreme surfing waves. Jacqueline and Teresa try and see if their friendship can survive, meanwhile Caroline worries for her daughter Lauren, as she reaches her boiling point. Also, Caroline's son Albie shares some breaking news regarding the state of his relationship with his girlfriend.
19 Aug. 2012
Whine Country
The Housewives threaten a business meeting in Napa with their horseplay. In a shocking moment of truth, one phone call could change Teresa's life forever.
26 Aug. 2012
Hot Tub of Sour Grapes
A relaxing dip in the hot tub turns volatile when Caroline overhears a conversation between Teresa and Kathy. The men try to sort out their issues more amicably but soon get involved with the women's argument.
9 Sep. 2012
Dinasty of Denial
Kathy visits a college with her daughter Victoria, while Caroline gets her crack at being an oracle on Sirius Radio. Teresa invites Dina Manzo to her Fabellini release party.
16 Sep. 2012
A Bald Canary Sings
Kathy attempts to make a sweet business deal while Melissa meets with a music industry hot-shot to see if she has the makings of a rock star. It's time again for Kim D's annual Posche Fashion Show, where Teresa discovers a shocking ghost from Melissa's past.
23 Sep. 2012
Strip Down Memory Lane
Melissa prepares to confront her past as questions about Teresa's involvement in stripper-gate arise among the ladies. Tensions hit a boiling point between Kim D and Joe and Rich. Teresa and Jacqueline's friendship is put to the final test, and in a shocking moment of truth, Joe Gorga decides on the fate of his relationship with his sister.
30 Sep. 2012
Reunion Part 1
Part one brings Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile to discuss some of the most talked about antics of the season. Lauren Manzo joins to weigh in on the season's drama.
7 Oct. 2012
Reunion Part 2
Part two brings Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile together again to answer some of viewers' burning questions. Joe Giudice stops by to discuss his behavior.
14 Oct. 2012
Reunion Part 3
Part three brings together Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile. The husbands join in to hash out the season's most dramatic moments.
21 Oct. 2012
Lost Footage
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