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Belle and the Beast, kids know it, adults enjoy it also, but this new take on the story sees a scantily clad Belle and a Beast who looks like an elderly 4 times a week sunbed user, the acting is appalling, the direction is akin to that of a blind man trying to describe an object he has never encountered, in this movies case - TALENT - , bad script, poor acting and a frankly diabolical cast make this a terrifyingly dull and slow moving film, unsuitable for anyone with an IQ score.

Please be aware that this is a great film for the mentally infirm and the members of our THC squad who no doubt will be enthralled to find this in the bargain bin at the nearest (every) gas station. Avoid this film, i urge you, although, if you don`t believe me, go ahead and rent it from your local rental store, just don`t complain when the film is over and you realise you slept through it all.


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