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What have you done to my hero!?

Author: louis Delo from Malta
10 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WHAT IS THIS!? After all the stitch I've seen, this is the stitch that brought me to my knees. (Not that before, there were some I didn't like, but this is bad.) What happened to the stitch that sliced the pineapple with a chainsaw? Or the Surfboard stitch? The spaceship fight? Now, it's good deeds, clean the town, taking care of a bird. A BIRD! Also, what happened to the villain? Gentu is a crybaby, he can't even fight common Humans and gets his ass kicked by children by making him dizzy! In the past, he destroyed Lilo's house. His master Hämsterviel is even worse, he has lost his villain touch. It's no longer entertaining when he walks in (when he first appeared, he was hilarious when he stood on books, he was ten times the villain he isn't now.) And why does Stitch want to become the "ruler of the world", all he ever wanted was a family and Lilo was more than satisfying. So Lilo spends all her time teaching him what 'ohana' is and then leaves him for a boy? Come on people, I almost cried when stitch was shutting down. (dying) Now when he battles Hamsterviel, I wish he would lose. Please, don't do any more of this abomination.

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Adaptation of the original series to the schizoid Japanese culture

Author: jschiefer001 from Magdeburg
19 June 2013

With the original Lilo & Stitch (Movies, The Series) your children learn for life, here your children learn to be quiet in front of the TV.

"Stitch!" or "Yuna and Stitch" is essential an anime copy of the original Disney series "Lilo and Stitch: The Series". The story is set on the fictional Japanese island of Ryukus instead of Hawaii, the little native Hawaiian girl Lilo is replaced by the Japanese anime teenager brat Yuna.

In the first (revolutionary) movie "Lilo and Stitch" Stitch – an alien genetic experiment with superpowers but looks similar to a koala bear – came to earth and into the little family the orphan Lilo and her big sister Nani. Stitch overcame his destructive nature and learned what family ("ohana") means. Sine then Lilo – who is a clever, quirky, and extremely warm-hearted girl – spend all her time and power to show Stitch what family really means. In the original series Stitch's only wish was a family ("ohana"), in the anime his wish is now "world domination". Lilo's passion in the original series was Hula dancing, Yuna seems to be a Karate fighter. While the Hula dancing lead to tons of hilarious moments and fused Lilo and Stitch together in a peaceful manner, the Karate stuff is just boring. Stitch could not speak fluent English in the original series – one fact that made him extremely cute and lovable. This is gone now too. The primary antagonist Dr. Hämsterviel was hilarious in the Disney series, now he is just pathetic. Angel was a lovable character, now she is just a bitch. The movies and the original series impressed with beautiful hand-drawn watercolor backgrounds, now we have standard anime CGI.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and watch the original movies ("Lilo and Stitch", "Lilo and Stitch 2", "Stitch! The Movie" and "Leroy and Stitch") as well as the original Disney series ("Lilo and Stitch: The series")! They are clever, innovative, funny, extremely heart- warming and NOT classic Disney junk. Your children will learn for life and grow as a character.

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It's not as good as the American version of the show.

Author: Angels_Review from United States
13 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh my god… they made another one? So this one is supposed to be after Lilo gets a boyfriend or something. Stitch, up to no good as always, jumps on his little flying car and starts to create mayhem. We have the same enemies, the same stupid sidekicks, and the same out of control main character as before, but with a different girl. They have the same storyline with Ichariba Chodei (Also known as Ohana) which is pretty much 'meet ones cuz forever'. It's pretty much a Japanese Lilo and Stitch… bla… Seriously, how do I talk about something that feels like it's from America in storyline, characters, and concept? The only thing they use is that they are in some alternate time line in order to bring a new girl and culture in. Well, there is one other thing… Stitch is collecting good deeds. I don't know about you but if the little creature is doing good things for selfish reasons, I don't think it works. Also, his goal is not really good so it messes things up. The show does base around Japanese demon mythology instead of aliens, but I don't really care for this. And that is coming from a girl who loves supernatural stuff. It just feels really forced because it's a 'find and capture' game with yokai instead of aliens now, although once in a while they get an alien or two. It's good if they had one or another, but not both! The ending also didn't have really a good closer as it left it open for the next season. How they made a second season out of this I have no idea.

The animation is pretty much standard series animation for a show that was created as a rehash of the original rehash of a movie. Yes, that's a lot of rehashing and it seriously feels old. The artwork is bland is what I'm trying to say. It just looks like they pulled this together in a short time although pretty clean as a computer created. Scenes are reused many times over. Disney signs are all over the place from items that Stitch puts back together to some references. It got so bad that the dub even made fun of it. It's just too much even for Disney. I found that the opening was changed rather badly between the sub and dub. The dub just used clips from the show in order to make a stupid opening just as how 4kids does most of the time.

The dub sounds like it was done by 4kids, seriously bad with a lot of off kid language. You can't understand Stitch at all, though he should be able to speak a little better after living with Lilo so long. And this doesn't make sense because half the time, stitch talks more then ever and others he acts like he doesn't speak English. Now they do get better later on but it ends up to late. In fact, I think they even changed the voices for the dubbed version comparing it to the English version. It has the same childhood lesions as the show before, but they feel forced at times. Even the jokes are rather forced making me feel bored. The music is really bland with nothing that really stands out. The Japanese dub is so much better, actually having half of Stitch's sounds actually being words. Seriously, most of the gibberish that he says in the dub is supposed to be complete sentences.

The only thing good about this was they brought Angel back.

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Stupidly awkward anime is stupidly awkward

Author: Tora Kurai
4 January 2014

First of all, character designs don't match up. I have no idea about you guys but...whenever I see big cute (shojo) eyes or those wacky anime hairstyles. It just comes off as weird for me, same thing with the expressions. Do you know those "Sweat Drops" or the "Blank White Eyes" (Okay those two were from TV Tropes but you get the idea)

Mixing anime with the wonderful fluent animation of Disney is...ehhhh...not good. It just comes off as weird.

Let's compare this to something like...Kingdom Hearts. Which also had an "anime character with cartoons" The video games are very fluent. Sora moves fluently with the other characters throughout the game.

So why doesn't work here?

Anime sort of has a "limited animation" feel to it. Like only one thing moves throughout the entire scene. (mouth, arms, etc.) Just ONE thing. If you compare it to the first movie and sequel, you'll notice how fluent the movies were. (Video games are done with CG3D)

Also, the voice acting is WAY off. Lots of the characters BARELY sound like they're supposed to (when comparing to the original movies or the American TV series) You'll notice a significant difference.

and one more thing...Half the characters shouldn't be there. Sometimes it feels it feels like the cast belongs on Tokyo Mew Mew. (Don't get me started)as for the rest of it...all I can say is there is only so much cutesyness I can take...BLEGH...

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