Men in Black 3 (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

alien prison
maximum security prison criminal
time travel changing history
murder revenge
death cape canaveral
florida truth
shield four word title
digit in title number 3 in title
repeated scene breaking the fourth wall by talking to the audience
time jump jumping off a building
character says thank you hanging up on someone
averting disaster planet earth
earth viewed from space space rocket
rocket launch saturn v rocket
time out hand gesture pie
reference to the chicago cubs reference to the new york mets
reference to the rolling stones reference to mick jagger
handcuffed to a steering wheel backwards time travel
pulled over by police convertible
stealing a car slap on the butt
woman slaps a man female slaps a male
butt slap reference to elvis presley
mind your own business falling from a rooftop
using a door as a shield scene during opening credits
hit with a frying pan hit on the head with a frying pan
amazing grace hymn eulogy
the moon prison break
shootout in a restaurant face slap
marvel comics bar shootout
actor talks to audience breaking the fourth wall
waitress alternate timeline
falling from height handcuffs
torture fairground
severed arm englishwoman
interrogation restaurant
product placement held at gunpoint
detached head fashion model
catwalk party
hippie fortune teller
showdown brawl
fight fistfight
nasa beach
female spy undercover
government agent female agent
soldier revolver
exploding motorcycle motorcycle chase
motorcycle explosive decompression
arrest inventor
gadgetry gadget
rooftop biker
martial arts exploding body
shootout laser gun
wisecrack humor spaceship
spacecraft hologram
funeral video game
bullet time supernatural power
impalement blockbuster
violence creature
swat team armory
prison guard prisoner
spy undercover agent
amputee meeting future self
space travel outer space
deception 3d
returning character killed off 21st century
20th century 2010s
1960s hdtv
playstation 3 1960s spirit
saving the world manhattan new york city
paternity revealed younger version of character
tip diner
satellite pocket watch
asteroid nitrogen
explosion spike
shea stadium bowling
bowling alley stadium
coney island brooklyn new york city chrysler building manhattan new york city
new york city one armed person
jail break birthday cake
race against time 3d sequel to 2d film
3 dimensional watch
rocket launching moon
cake escape from prison
monster black suit
buddy chicken
altering history alternate history
changing the future kennedy space center
younger version of self astronaut
watching tv rocket
colonel corporal
military police jetpack
punched in the face lie
seeing the future baseball
carjacking police officer
andy warhol clock
elevator confetti
newspaper headline alien invasion
jumping from height chocolate milk
playing video game giant fish
chinatown manhattan new york city prison escape
alien friendship time machine
extraterrestrial apollo 11
buzz aldrin neil armstrong
chinese restaurant shawarma
music band guitar
year 1969 roman numeral in title
color in title based on comic book
third part technology
sunglasses sequel
secret agent numbered sequel
men in black high tech
fictional government agency buddy comedy
based on comic death of father
number in title surprise ending

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