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I'd say WATCH IT!
ninamn22-782-1971254 July 2010
I don't surf or climb, or know who founded various outdoor clothing and gear companies. I've never been out of the country or sailed an ocean. But I do know I enjoyed this film. I never once felt that the people in this movie were smug or talking down to me as one reviewer said. 180 Degrees South appealed to my sense of adventure; that tiny impulse in the back of my brain that sometimes interjects ideas like 'forget the daily grind, leave it all behind and go explore nature'. If more people just would listen and look at the world around them, appreciate the land we call home, do what you can to preserve a little bit of it.... the world would be a much better place.

Definitely worth watching!
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Great film. Don't give heed to the 1 star review.
jim-heissenbuttel1 July 2010
Very nice film, complete with wonderful, honest characters, amazing videography, and cultural insights. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, especially if you are an outdoors-person. The accompanying music is fantastic as well, and the soundtrack may be worth picking up.

I've been a fan of Yvon Chuinard ever since I started climbing in my teens, and it is fantastic to see him in his elements—climbing and conservation. What a fantastic inspiration he is.

Of course, no film of this nature is complete without its progressive viewpoints—that we are destroying the earth with our consumptive lifestyles, that our closed-minded society fails to value other cultures, that governments value the rights of the corporation over the individual, etc. This film seems to hit upon them, but not dwell, allowing you get the point, yet still enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Overall, a very nice film, and worthy of praise. Don't miss this one, and make sure to tell your friends about it.
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Worth Seeing
murraytaylor14 June 2010
I disagree with the previous review, this is a movie is worth seeing and has a great message. And I do not think the makers of the movie would be at all surprised that people would try to make fun of it - the Easter Islanders would have been the same way back in their day.

The movie follows one man as he seeks to meet up with the founders of Patagonia and North Face ("self important" fellas, right) in the southern part of South America. A few monkey wrenches get thrown into his plan and things change. Beautiful images - open country, sailing, surfing, climbing.

Is Chouinard a bit grumpy? of course he is, and has been for a while. In his lifetime he has seen the earth decline greatly in the name of progress. Ironically, as we "progress" our level of contentment declines. He seems to believe that we can progress without destroying our planet. Hopefully more people will consider his point of view.
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I will have my kids watch this!
goingglobalnow18 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Great movie!! It's real entertainment that inspires an challenges the intellectual mind to think beyond the next purchase at walmart, the next purchase of over-priced euro shoes, or the next designer suit and consider what really makes life rich. Beautiful footage of nature unspoiled with boldcontrasts to our progress (if you can call it progress). Patagonia's Founder has truly traveled a non-conventional path through out his 70 years, a real icon. Jeff Johnson's path is admirable and inspiring. KEEP IT REAL LIFE IS SHORT.

I'll watch this again with my kids!! Best quote - "Turn around and take one step forward."

As for the first review I totally disagree. If you really want to split hairs on self importance and make comparisons this is no different than the message in Avatar with out the special effects and Oscars. Watch it and think about it. Talk about self important and smug those people spend millions and millions on developing a film, then follow it up with million dollar awards like the Oscars where they can parade around and pat each other on the back so all the world can see and think "boy those people are really cool as they walk down the red carpet" look at me, look at what i'm wearing, look at who i'm sitting with. C'mon let's get real here and start paying attention to what's important. I'd rather have lunch with Jeff Johnson than James Cameron any day. it Simple....
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Highly Recommend
t_birdb8 September 2010
If you like the outdoors, and even if you don't the movie is worth watching. I'm a climber and a hiker, so this film appealed to me in every way.

The film does get a bit philanthropic at one point, but how can you blame these guys for giving a little plug about the things they feel so passionately about?

The outdoor settings in the movie are outstanding to say the least. I'm not usually a huge Hi-Def snob, but I highly recommend you watch the film on good TV.

As for the first couple of reviews, I say they are bogus. These guys give so much back. How you can call these guys self important when you have people like the Walton family around is beyond me.

All-in-all, good movie, good guys, great settings.
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Amazing doc about exploration of self & surroundings
msmollymac15 January 2011
This is the type of film that makes you want to get out and explore the world around us. I admire Jeff Johnson's spirit and dedication to his childhood dreams. This movie makes me wonder what our world might be like if we all gave in to our innermost desires of leaving our repetitive lives and as Jeff put it in the movie, letting our futures remain unwritten. This movie will take you off of your couch and deep into Patagonia. If you're anything like me it will leave you searching for the soundtrack to keep you inspired as you begin to plan for an unplanned trip you've pined for your entire life but always found a sensible reason to remain unhappy at your 9-5.
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One of My Favorite Films
Michael Kline8 August 2012
I never thought one of my favorite films would be a documentary - but it is! This is the ultimate story of adventure, mishap, and enjoying every minute of the journey. 180° South has it all; beautiful videography, the perfect soundtrack, and great character presentation and involvement.

180° South is the story of Jeff Johnson and his 2008 journey from Ventura, California to Patagonia in the eventual goal of climbing the peak Corcovado. Jeff's trip takes place ten years after he watched Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins' film 'Mountain of Storm' which depicted their 1968 trip to Patagonia. 180° South is the story of Jeff Johnson's journey, the ups and downs, and the parallel story of the 1968 trip. The film features terrific dialogue from Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins as anecdotes to the trips.

This is easily my favorite film to live vicariously through. Watch it! You won't be disappointed.

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Interesting, but a bit preachy
Canyoneer27 February 2014
I enjoyed it and thought it to be well made. Interesting editing and beautiful areas. Made in the format of a documentary. I watched this thinking that it was a movie about a climbing/surfing trip when in fact it is a flick about conservation, industrial intrusion into the wild areas of Patagonia, and oh yea....a small bit of climbing thrown in too. One or two surfing shots too. I think it could have been billed differently to be accurate. A film about environmental conservation with some surfing shots thrown in every now and then and an unexpected sailing trip. A bit short on the adventure side and more heavy on the moral message. Still interesting in its own way.
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Was this a real trip?
kzenkilla23 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I love the cinematography, the images of the mountains and the wilderness, and the idea of recreating a famous climb. What actually happens is that the plot takes on a bunch of debris and junk as it goes along, like a runaway snowball, and the idea that that snowball was supposed to be part of some epic snowman is practically forgotten.

This movie has strong points, don't get me wrong. I just grew tired of it. At first, I thought the two old guys were cool. Then, later, I find out that they are a couple of millionaires, which I suspected by their lack of concern for anything but dicking off and the environment. Watching the face of one of them as he blankly stares out the window of his plane he's flying around made me mad. I'd give anything to be in a plane in Patagonia, doing what he's doing, and he looks bored out of his mind. These young hipsters are no different. The main dude who hops on the boat seems like a really cool guy at first, working for his dinner like a normal person. Then, the mast mysteriously breaks on his watch, and he has to stop at Easter Island where he immediately meets a hot island girl who just happens to surf and want to go with him..??? They meet up with his buddies and the old guys later and just kind of dick around and bitch about the environment and surf. Oh yeah, they eventually attempt to climb the mountain.

Amid all of this "self-discovery" is a soundtrack full of some really cool tunes that don't seem to belong. They are all dreamy and slow and sad and make me feel like the filmmaker wants us to think his journey was more special than it actually was. I felt like I had been asleep after this was over, dreaming about special, privileged people doing things I only wish I could do. Then I woke up and went to work so I could support my family.
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Inspiring Doc.
tng49806 June 2011
Purely from a visual standpoint this Doc is inspiring and loaded with singer-songwriter tunes from artists such as M. Ward, Mason Jennings, and Ugly Casanova which compliment the imagery. This film is raw and if you are a fan of over-produced special effects such as the one star reviewer then don't watch it. 180 Degrees echos other films such as Shelter and Sprout in the sense of adventure, inspiration, and solitude. I have been surfing for 25 years and have recently taken up rock climbing thanks to this film, truly inspiring. I would recommend any film which involves the Malloy brothers. I have been watching the Malloy's since I was a kid and they have given so much to surfing and remain the greatest ambassadors to the sport.
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Great movie overall...motivating with excellent quotes
zach-949-67812713 January 2011
I am a big fan of these men's (and women's) motto and lifestyle.

They have an excellent message that many people can learn from. Yvon has some great quotes and its so awesome to see him charge at age 69.

Yvon and Doug have such humility for all that they have done; its too bad there aren't more people like them.

Jeff Johnson gets an awesome trip and adventure on tape and a inspiring message to share with the world.

This movie makes me think seriously about a 6 month break from work to travel to Patagonia.

Love it
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Self-mythologising Crap
withoutahat20 September 2013
I'm sure somewhere beyond the dull, carefully chiselled facades of meaningful looks and old traveller clichés are some ordinary, nice guys. But this meandering tale just seems to dissolve into endless shots of themselves surfing, or looking at a fire, accompanied by a never-ending series of just dreadful Jack Johnson-esque tunes. The only reason this movie exists beyond these guys own Macs back home, is clearly a misguided attempt by one of the two rich benefactors to promote their conservation efforts (the other rich guy just seems manically depressed). Occasional nice landscape cinematography is your only respite from this blatant attempt at self-mythologising, and creating a story where there really isn't one. Oh, and the narrator is making a book out of it all! The joy!
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Worth watching but keep an open mind
ryand898526 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The film is definitely worth watching, but make sure you keep an open mind, especially during the narrator's factually incorrect account of the destruction of Rapa Nui/Easter Island. He blames Europeans for the toppling of the Moai, when in fact historians believe it was actually internal conflict on the island that destroyed them. I will admit that I am not without progressive bias myself sometimes, but it disappoints me to see blatant disregard for true accounts of history (perhaps the researchers used Wikipedia?) in a documentary.

With that said, I do believe this film has a great message and is very informative and entertaining. So yes, it is worth your time, and I recommend you definitely watch it.
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Beautiful Footage...
shatchett20023 August 2010
...but ultimately an empty ride. The hero (Jeff Johnson) seems like a nice enough guy but his choice in idols leaves something to be desired. I got the feeling he is a little confused and possibly being used by those idols (Yvonne Chouinard and Doug Tomkins) to further their agenda.

The portrayal of the people Jeff meets along the way are shallow and one dimensional. For example, there is a moment in the film while sailing south that Jeff and his shipmates have to repair their boat. The solution is ingenious but the film never goes into any detail about who's idea it was and how it was executed. The captain of the boat is clearly an experienced seaman but you have to assume that since you never hear from him directly. At the end of the movie I never got the sense Jeff discovered any new questions to ask and that all the answers he received he already knew. That he discovered anything new about himself or the world during this journey is debatable.
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If you enjoy watching smug jerks thinking highly of themselves; it's for you
abark9 June 2010
Made in the typical MTV's Real World style of the day.

Ham fisted lack of subtly.

Filled with countless cut scenes.

Constant overly sentimental music played by people who probably have beards.

Rather than let the story tell itself, or having a 3rd party interviewing/narrating we are subjected to being talked down to by the smug and annoying main subject talking so highly about himself.

With even more smug interjections by the founder of Patagonia clothing.

Entirely ruined by the weight of everyone's enormous chips on their shoulders.

Neo-hippies expounding on how evil everyone else is while exalting their own self importance.

Pretty much everyone in this is a self important ass.
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environmental adventure doc
SnoopyStyle20 April 2016
In 1968, Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins decide to pack up and travel to Patagonia to climb a mountain. Years later, Jeff Johnson finds footage of the trip and decides to follow his heroes' footsteps. While sailing down to Patagonia, the mast snaps and the boat gets stranded on Easter Island. Jeff meets surfing teacher Makohe and she joins him. They meet up with Doug and Yvon. Jeff attempts to climb Cerro Corcovado.

This is a rather zen travelogue adventure despite the action. It is a documentary story that does meander. A recreation of the story would be more thrilling and action packed. There is a huge amount of environmental lifestyle philosophizing. I love the mountain climbing footage although I'm less excited about all the pontificating. It's all fine for the right audience.
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polakphil14 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I could switch off my brain like some of the people from the other reviews which turned me onto this movie in the first place but I simply cannot.

I don't believe a single thing in this movie, it seems like the whole movie was contrived to promote a political message and everything in it is scripted.

Worst thing is that I am all for the message of this film but cannot stand to have the wool pulled over my eyes just to get this message across to me.

They should have just set it out from the get go, introduced us to the Patagonia and North Face guys, explained their situation, and said they'd like to make a movie and take an adventure to show the viewers what they are trying to save instead of making up a fake documentary with these characters and story line.

What a shame, if they were just honest with the viewer it could have been such a great movie.
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Totally worth a watch!
jparker03205 December 2012
I ran across this as a "suggested title" for me one day on Netflix-and for once their suggestion was spot on! Besides Patagonia being one of the most beautiful places on each, this was actually an entertaining and somewhat inspirational flick! The music along with it made it perfect! Yes, there were a few "faults" with the "idols" being a little unappreciative at times, but looking past that minor catch was pretty easy to me, they did have their good sides as well! I personally would love to sit down with both of them over a few beers one night, I bet they would have some seriously amazing stories to share! Definitely worth a watch in my opinion if you're at all into the outdoors, a great one! Hope you enjoy it.
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