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"Southland" See the Woman (2009)

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The episode starts with Dewey cuffed to a bed. Ben is in therapy explaining why he bacame a cop. Newbie hero Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie) and his partner Ofcr. John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) discuss who has the worst background. Both had troubled childhoods, Bens father is a top lawyer whose clients came home and beat them up, his parents divorced. Johns father is a rapist.

They get called out to a rap millionaires house, he wants his dog back, not worried about the women who have driven off his Bently. His wife is away and the house is full of bikini clad women. Ben and John see the women driving round town with the dog in the back. The go to a house in Mullholand drive where a man has tried to save a womens life by giving her an emergency tracheotomy, they arrest the man. Officer .... comforts a relative. They then get called to a film set where a woman has gone mad with a gun, they arrest her and Dewey makes friends with the film producer. The fim star is going out with Bens family, he is on the phone with Bens sister when they arrive. Officer Billy Dewey (C. Thomas Howell) shoots guns with the film producer, gets drunk, is cuffed to a bed. Ben turns up the the family meal but leaves with out saying a word.


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