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Season 2

9 Sep. 2010
The Return
John and Jeremy are almost dead when Elena arrives at home. Anna's blood saves Jeremy and a 911 call brings John to the hospital. Stefan uses his blood to save John and tells him to leave Mystic Falls. Damon uses his blood to heal Caroline and he discovers that Katherine has returned to the town. Tyler is comforted by his mysterious uncle Mason, who is the black sheep of his family. Damon is rejected by Katherine and Elena and takes his anger out on Jeremy. Katherine begins her game with Caroline, leaving a dark message to the Salvatore brothers.
16 Sep. 2010
Brave New World
Caroline awakes in the hospital with hunger and she satisfies herself first with a blood bag, then with the blood of the night shift nurse. In the morning, she finds that she can be burnt by the sun. When Matt tells her that she will be discharged in the morning, she tells him that she needs to be released in the night, and he believes that she is worried about the upcoming carnival. Stefan helps Jeremy, and Damon is invited by Carol to be the President of the Mystic Falls Council. Damon also overhears a conversation between Mason and Tyler. Mason is interested in ...
23 Sep. 2010
Bad Moon Rising
While interacting with Uncle Mason, Tyler discretely looks for his part in dark family secrets. After breaking up a party at the swimming hole, Mason makes the shift in the basement of the old Lockwood property; Tyler follows him into the basement ruins. Mason, who chained himself up there, has to flee and transform into a werewolf in his truck in the woods. After saving Matt, who was bitten by newly-turned vampire Caroline, Stefan is in those same woods, fearing lycanthropes who are vampires' natural enemies. Damon is not amused how Elena plays him while on an ...
30 Sep. 2010
Memory Lane
Stefan is shocked that Katherine appears again to him as herself. She scares Elena, claiming she loves Stefan and wants him back. Stefan tricks Katherine, chains her and is prepared to torture her with vervain, but she proves useful and continues her story of how she tricked and betrayed the Salvatores, the Lockwoods, and hence both vampires and werewolves. Mason proves himself a dangerous adversary to Damon, and resists telling Tyler about the family curse, but finally reveals that it's triggered irreversibly by homicide. Matt is totally turned off by Caroline.
7 Oct. 2010
Kill or Be Killed
Mason earns the moonstone by telling Tyler how his Lockwood werewolf curse was triggered in his student days by an accidental fatal brawl while on a spring-break Miami excursion, all orchestrated by Katherine, but leaves out that he's in cahoots with her. Jeremy becomes a friend to a lonely Tyler. The Salvatore brothers get trapped in The forest by Sheriff Forbes after Mason convinces her that Damon is a vampire. Caroline exposes herself to save them.
21 Oct. 2010
Plan B
Jeremy visits Damon and reveals that he knows where the moonstone is and that Tyler is not a werewolf; Damon asks him to get the stone. Meanwhile, Caroline has a long conversation with her mother Liz, but she ends up having to compel her. Bonnie stumbles into Mason where she has a vision of Elena kissing him, but Stefan realizes that the woman is Katherine instead. Stefan and Damon ask Bonnie to help them kidnap Mason using her powers. Damon knocks Mason out and the Salvatore brothers kidnap him. Damon tortures Mason to find out the intentions of Katherine. Bonnie ...
28 Oct. 2010
Katherine becomes a threat to Mystic Falls and Stefan and Damon decide to stop her at the Lockwood's masquerade ball. Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric and Caroline help the Salvatore brothers, but Katherine brings the witch Lucy to protect herself. Meanwhile, Matt picks a fight with Tyler, but Caroline hits Matt avoiding the fight. Sarah is also compelled by Katherine to pick a fight with Tyler if Matt fails.
4 Nov. 2010
After the masquerade, Elena is abducted to a stately, desolate country estate by the ancient vampires Trevor and Rose. Jeremy is the first to notice her absence, so Stefan sets out on a rescue mission with Damon after Bonnie magically locates Elena. Tyler realizes Caroline is a supernatural too, but doesn't figure out the exact truth. The Salvatore brothers arrive after the ancient duo has welcomed Elijah, one of the original vampires, who concludes a gruesome deal.
11 Nov. 2010
Elena puts herself in a dangerous position as she searches for the truth about Katherine's past and what her own future may hold. Knowing that Stefan would never agree to her plan, Elena swears Caroline to secrecy. Damon uses a new-found confidant to help him try to discover the real purpose and power of the moonstone. Jeremy and Bonnie meet Luka, a new student with a surprising family history.
2 Dec. 2010
The Sacrifice
Elena decides to take matters into her own hands and offers a tempting incentive to Rose for her help. When things take an unexpected turn, however, Rose calls on Damon to deal with the plan Elena has set in motion. Jeremy's reckless attempt to help Bonnie retrieve the moonstone lands him in a life-threatening position and forces Stefan to put himself in danger. Bonnie and Luka form a closer connection. Tyler shows Caroline the Lockwood cellar, where she makes a discovery that leaves them both terrified.
9 Dec. 2010
By the Light of the Moon
During the full moon, Damon asks Bonnie to cast a spell to keep Elena incapable of leaving her home. Caroline stays with Tyler, who has imprisoned himself in the Lockwood cellar, to help him during his first transformation to a werewolf. Meanwhile, Jules arrives in Mystic Falls seeking out Mason. Alaric and Damon suspect that she might also be a werewolf. Bonnie meets with Luka expecting to break the moonstone curse using a spell. Elijah visits Elena and proposes a deal to her: she negotiates Stefan's release from the tomb. Damon and Rose grow close to each other and ...
27 Jan. 2011
The Descent
While Stefan seeks out Isobel, Damon asks Elena to take care of a dying Rose as he meets Jules. Damon asks Jules about the cure for a werewolf bite and she tells him that there is no cure. Caroline is involved in a love triangle with Matt and Tyler. When Rose's pain comes to an end, Damon hides his true feelings about her and has a mortal existential crisis.
3 Feb. 2011
Daddy Issues
Tyler is poisoned by Jules and seeks out Caroline to tell her that he knows that Stefan and Damon killed Mason. John arrives at the Gilbert home and tells Jenna that he is Elena's biological father. Caroline confesses to Stefan what Jules revealed to Tyler about the death of Mason. Damon seeks out John while Stefan pays a visit to Tyler to try and explain what really happened with Mason. Jules and Brady kidnap and torture Caroline. Jules calls Stefan and proposes to exchange Tyler for Caroline. When Damon and Stefan meet with Jules, they are surrounded by a pack of ...
10 Feb. 2011
Crying Wolf
Stefan agrees to a weekend with Elena at the Gilbert lake cabin, where they find the missing Gilbert journals. Back home, Damon attends a historical society function to meet Elijah and is unexpectedly captured by Elijah's acolytes, but survives torture until he can escape. Elijah end up finding the hidden moonstone. Tyler is recruited for the werewolf pack's cause to reverse the Sun and the Moon curse, but won't help with a sacrific. Tyler assures Matt that he and Caroline are "just friends" and that she is still in love with Matt. Jeremy, Bonnie and Caroline learn ...
17 Feb. 2011
The Dinner Party
After confirmation by a terrified Katherine that the single ash-bound knife can kill an original vampire, Damon invites Elijah to a dinner party to stab him. Alaric finds out a nasty limitation to that method. Meanwhile, Stefan tells Elena about the time when he was a vicious vampire, Damon tries to do right, and John Gilbert plays a surprisingly positive part. Jeremy can't prevent 'immature' witch Bonnie from being questioned and suitably punished by accomplished Luka.
24 Feb. 2011
The House Guest
The Salvatore brothers are unpleasantly surprised that killing Elijah didn't harm, but instead released Katherine. Damon indignantly rejects her flirtation. Dr. Jonas Martin uses invisible astral projection to enable his son Luka to retrieve the ash dagger and thus revive Elijah, but Damon notices and fights back and thus kills the invisible Luka. Grieved, Jonas attacks Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena, but ends up dead and surprisingly restores Bonnie's powers. Alaric refuses to keep lying to Jenna, who refuses to be protected by secrecy, so they stop dating until ...
7 Apr. 2011
Know Thy Enemy
Jeremy is delighted to have Bonnie restored to her powers, yet worried when accompanying her and Damon to the house where a 100 witches were burned to gather enough power to undo the moonstone's curse. Elena's mother Isobel Flemming's return startles her and even Katherine, as turns out doing Klaus's bidding for a gruesome 'prize'. John Gilbert confesses more wrong choices, also at Jenna's expense, yet unlike furious Alaric, Elena ends up choosing to keep her father in her life. The Salvatore brothers piece together from the Gilbert diaries what they believe equals a ...
14 Apr. 2011
The Last Dance
Original vampire Klaus forces captured Katherine to torture herself. Meanwhile Klaus takes henchman witch Maddox's advice to possess Alaric's body and use his history teacher job as cover to work on the school-kids and attend the high-school 1960s theme dance, where he hopes to tempt Bonnie to overexert her hundredfold witch powers against an unbreakable charm until she dies. Jeremy mistrusts Bonnie's assurance she can cope and consults Damon, who doesn't even confide in Stefan, to brilliantly mount an elaborate trap. Matt teams up with the sheriff for Caroline's sake.
21 Apr. 2011
Resuscitated by Elena, who even hands him the dagger as proof of alliance, Elijah explain to her how his Bulgarian family became the first, still most powerful vampires, but witches prevented them becoming invulnerable. He loved Niklaus 'Klaus', being his brother, but has to turn against him in the end. They ingeniously staged the moon curse in order to get vampires and werewolves to help look for a cure for Klaus's real curse, doubly monstrous genes. Alari-Klaus toys further with Katherina and instruct Maddocks to fetch a new body so he can leave Rick's. Stefan ...
28 Apr. 2011
The Last Day
Klaus completes his preparations to break the moon curse but luring Tyler home to visit his mother after a non-accidental fall. The Salvatore brothers bicker worse then ever over how to protect Elena, who wants to take risks by doing things Elijah's way, which will kill her but relies on an ancient resuscitation elixir. Stefano takes her away on a 'last day' excursion. Matt finds helping the sheriff with Caroline about unbearable. Alaric's secret is finally discovered by Jenna, who takes it well but runs into tragic trouble. Klaus refuses to wait until the next full ...
5 May 2011
The Sun Also Rises
Damon sees the bite on his arm with the growing wound. Meanwhile Matt shoots Tyler and then he tells to Caroline that neither her mother nor he is compelled and they know that she is a vampire. Jenna finds that she is a vampire; Greta completes her transformation and Klaus brings Jules and kills her. Damon tells Stefan that Klaus transformed Jenna into a vampire and John returns and meets Damon. Jeremy and Bonnie study the journals and the grimoire to see if they can save Elena. Stefan offers himself as the substitute for Jenna. Caroline brings Tyler home and Matt ...
12 May 2011
As I Lay Dying
Damon asks Elena to forgive him for forcing her to drink his blood but she does not accept his apologies. Soon Damon is raving and he has daydreams with his life with Katherine in the past and Elena in the present. Stefan tells Elena Damon's condition and she decides to seek him out. Stefan meets Bonnie and discovers that Klaus might save his brother and he looks for Klaus. Meanwhile Jeremy finds Damon and brings him to the Grill; however Sheriff Forbes shoots Damon but hits Jeremy instead and he dies. Alaric brings Jeremy's body and Bonnie tries to resurrect him ...

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