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"Primeval" Episode #3.1 (2009)

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Strange alligator-like creatures (Pristichampsus) find their way through an anomaly into the British Museum. They are likened to the Gods which were worshipped in Egypt several thousand years ago. It turns out that the 'sun cage' they enter through contains the anomaly - it shifts with the object when they move it - this leads to a theory by Connor that an magnetic/electrical field affects the anomalies.

One of them escapes then goes on to eat a self satisfied Traffic Warden just at the moment he attaches a parking ticket to an illegally parked car.

It then invades a cafe, makes its way upstairs and threatens a cleaner.

Cutter goes into full hero mode, wraps a fire hose round his waist, jumps out of the window and saves the day!

The final scenes contain Helen and the 'clone' managing to get hold of a strange cylindrical object that has some unknown significance.

This episode introduces some new characters - one of the Museum assistants, a home office Matriarch and a military chap to protect the crew.


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