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Plot Keywords

sheriff u.s. marshal
murder texas ranger
undertaker criminal
judge 14 year old
river hanging
pony eye patch
killing an animal sharps rifle
20th century 19th century
spanking threat spyglass
colonel obesity
racial slur film starts with quote
gravestone circus
church epilogue
lifting someone into the air hallucination
doctor sucking poison
sociopath mountain
slaughterhouse shotgun
tent rope
stabbed in the hand black comedy
shot in the forehead shot in the head
threatened with a knife stable
cowboy public hanging
child's point of view fugitive
revolver handgun
rifle sniper
cabin fireplace
shot in the side snow
deception cave
woods campfire
alcoholic arkansas
bounty hunter anti hero
latrine small town
desert train
actor shares last name with character climbing a tree
execution by hanging oklahoma territory
trapper title same as book
year 1903 1870s
actor plays character with same name character has same name as actor
braided hair teenage girl
target shooting trial
drunkard manhunt
bargaining trick shooting
snake bite gunfight
character repeating someone else's dialogue older version of character
pit thrown from a horse
amputee severed arm
1900s bitten in the hand
cut hand poisonous snake bite
snake hit on the head with a rock
hit on the head with a gun child uses a gun
kidnapping hostage
target practice whiskey
drunkenness forest
rain rescue
gang stabbed in the chest
finger cut off severed finger
knife dragged by a horse
blood blood splatter
shot to death shot in the face
shot in the shoulder shot in the stomach
shot in the chest shot in the back
shot in the leg shootout
outlaw falling from height
crow shack
held at gunpoint pistol
spanking child in peril
horse riding apple
letter spurs
boarding house hanged body
hanged man bag over head
public execution 1800s
testimony lawyer
court rolling a cigarette
pipe smoking cigarette smoking
coffin gold
deal justice
revenge horse
corpse voice over narration
no opening credits bear suit
winchester rifle remake of best actor oscar winner
remake of oscar winner remake
two word title death of father
based on novel title spoken by character
surprise ending

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