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I'll be damned if I'd want to go to this orgy!

Author: kbraidi from United States
4 February 2017

This is a nearly incoherent soft core film, with plenty of nudity and blood and all kinds of sex, to be sure, but little in the way of plot. The pacing is that of a snail, and a feeble, near-death but apparently horny snail, at that! The creepy music in no way enhances the orgiastic action. The main character (?) and narrator is incomprehensible most of the time. The atmosphere is one of gloom throughout. I was thinking that this film might be almost so bad that it could be trippy fun, but instead it just seemed endless and boring. ( I notice that the actor who played the second-lead male role, Dmitri, is not even credited here. He would be wise to keep his name from being associated with this dreck! )

Avoid this film at all costs.

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If you're into Vampires, check it out, its more serious and slow than most horror though

Author: JackieBNimbus from United States
8 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*** not really spoiler, but just in case *** I put this on the other night with some friends more just for fun and get in the mood for decorating a party..... I don't know if there's much to the story, because honestly couldn't pay full attention in the middle, actually it didn't work at all as background for what we were doing. So turned it off halfway point and actually watched the rest later.

The cinematography is very good, and the acting might be the best thing in it-- definitely not typical horror movie. Its sort of more of suspense than horror. If you're in the mood for a slasher/gore fest you might get bored though. And it feels like an Italian movie, even though for all I know its just the main actor. The main vampire and the girl who gets into it with him are both really good actors almost a little serious and they were both familiar pretty sure I have seen the girl on TV. Reminded me of True Blood too in a weird way.

One thing though- the music kinda ruins it at points, and I know this is a re-cut and the Italian one has different music so maybe worth checking that out.

But yeah if you're into all things vampire, check it out, its not a scream type horror movie.

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Extremely well crafted, original Vampire's story

Author: Alexander Ross from United States
11 July 2016

"Orgy of the Damned" is a refined and successful attempt recreating with sumptuous, Gothic style that retro (1960s/1970s/1980) European cult leading "genre" movies, with sometime rather inventive style and story telling. Here, there are terrific visual elements from gifted Italian cinematographer Mirco Sgarzi, and, the story by D. Arcangeli and Creep Creepersin is linear, but never trite, stylized and moving fast. We found suggestive the use of elements recalling some books of transgressing writer Brett Easton Ellis depicting with an hallucinated realism a doomed Hollywood weekend of a couple, who after clubbing in flashy S/M venues, ends up accepting (while also attempting to rekindle their seemingly tedious relationship) an invitation from 'Dimitri'(Chandler Maness) who seems well known to many. After a drink, or two, and what seems to be an allusive yet jaded conversation, the young couple is given the password to what is expected to be an exclusive hot after party on the dramatic Hollywood Hills, where only the most gorgeous, young, uninhibited crowd is invited to attend. After more drinking, and, having lost sight of the busy hunk Dimitri, the young elegant couple finally decide to break the ice, and to attend the adventurous proposal. By following the directions, and, with a secret code as a password to the unknown, they are taken to one of those Old Hollywood Goth mansions that looks almost intimidating in its magnitude, but that appears immediately to be a wild place where no barrels are hold, by the busy landscaping loaded with undressed extras waiting to enter by the main gate over the park, in order to be included in one Hell of an adventure to savor one more Hollywood's experience to remember. Once inside, the couple is quickly introduced by Dimitri, who immediately recognizes them, to the 2 proprietors of the Château, the languid, but, dark and tormented, brooding Fosco, and the savvier, more aggressive, out going Sabina: now, something "mysterious" and seemingly almost coming from the darkness of the beyond, immediately clicks among the 4, who are pleasantly surprised, but, also apparently immediately unsettled by it. Among a wilder and wilder shifting crowd composed by hot, gorgeous bodies, often in the nude, or often even having sex with or without the use of hard core "recreational drugs", Micah and his lovely young mate Fauna, become more and more loose and available to accept the edgy limits given to them by this world where apparently every moral has stopped, and conventions have been broken Centuries ago, by the 2 mysterious leads, the incredibly introspective and sensitive Fosco, and the more deceiving, drug user Sabina who seems often volatile, and definitely hiding constantly something more and more harrowing. I won't be giving away anything else of the thrilling, and, quickly unfolding plot that's following the fatal destinies of our protagonists, but i would like to point out how beautifully and luxurious both Art Direction, and high fashion's costume design were also photographed in very rich and saturated colors with an expertise that was also reminiscent of some of the most dense and outrageous atmospheres of an Anne Rice's vampires novel. While the scenario at times becomes even too gory, and disturbingly sexual for the prude or the faint of heart, we enjoyed instead this movie throughout , because it simply works mainly on 2 levels: you get the horrifying, Gothic, and highly suspenseful erotic situations promised by the marketing of the film, but you'd also be surprised by the incredible, almost touching depth of the character's development, that more often shines as a tale inspired by a modernized version of the 1782 Choderlos DE Laclos's novel "Dangerous Liaisons' as it starts its premise with a fascinating complex romance, and improves as it progresses, thus starts this tale of deceit and corruption through seduction, with the summons from the perverted Sabina to her confidante and former lover and son, Dimitri. The complex moral ambiguities of seduction and revenge make "Orgy of the Damned"probably one of the most scandalous and controversial movies ever made about vampires.. The subject of the major film, the script's prime movers, the dark and melancholic Fosco, and his clan, form an unholy alliance and turn seduction at first into a game - a game which they must win, just to defeat boredom. While this new tone gives the classic vampire's story a modern twist bringing to the plate many subtle argumentation, the viewers would be able to judge whether this movie is as "diabolical" and "infamous" as its critics might claim, or whether it has much to tell us about the kind of world we ourselves live in. I personally found a rich and increasingly surprising texture for a low budget genre movie, whose visuals often reminded me of the work of such European cult directors, such as, Mario Bava, Jean Rollin, Franco, and, Lucio Fulci: but its script is touching and ambiguous, like one of the most cruel of Ellis's prime novels (think "Less Than Zero" or "The Rules of the Attraction") where a bunch of desperate, drug taking, sexually 'uncertain' youth keep on pushing the envelope, manipulated by a society, that it is as dark and actually darker than some of their most shocking decisions. And, if at the end, there's a supernatural event changing, or perhaps, recreating the old Vampire's clan's rules, the situation from the very core of its tale, and the atmosphere comes across as completely re modernized and lethally dangerous as the type of literature the script obviously makes strong references to. And, this is also possible thanks to a very crisp, clear presentation of a story that is more classic than you'd think, and that also comes powerfully through with some excellent acting, especially from Domiziano Arcangeli, as the lead Fosco.

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