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DVD Review: ‘Lost’ Season Five

Lost is easily one of the most talked about, debated and confusing shows of the last decade. What started out as a tale of woe following the survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island –five years ago I remember thinking it looked like a modern day Gilligan’s Island without the coconut radios–has now developed into a sci-fi narrative complete with time-traveling and a multitude of story-lines.

For all of the hubbub, ABC’s hit show has its fair share of detractors as well, as the left-turn plot changes and inability to tie much together is passed off as “creativity.” Still, season five of the show has been both audience and critically acclaimed. From Emmy nominations to Golden Globe recognition (again), the season marked a turning point for the show and has lured back dwindling audiences with its clever plot devices. (Who is Jacob!?)

At the onset of the fifth season,
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