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  • On a day like any other, all of Earth is shocked with the arrival of large alien spacecraft that appear over major cities. The aliens themselves appear benign, offering to exchange their advanced technologies in return for replenishing their supplies. The aliens' spokesperson, Anna, is downright charming eventually focusing on news reporter Chad Decker as a means of seducing Earth's population. Earthlings are soon divided into two camps: those who welcome the Visitors with open arms and those, like Father Jack Landry, who see them as a threat. For FBI Agent Erica Evans, it's work as usual but as a single parent, she is concerned with her son Tyler's apparent obsession with the new arrivals. She also learns that the terrorist cell she has been investigating may have been made up of Visitors.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Worldwide terror when an alien race's spaceships suddenly arrive soon subsides with most, even tend to turn into sympathy after the 'Visitors' leader, Anna, promises and starts delivering cooperation and assistance, including cures for many previously fatal diseases. TV anchorman Chad Decker is manipulated to preserve a strictly positive image of V. Father Jack Landry joins a group of open-minded skeptics, which are individually invited to a revelation, which proves a trap. There they learn the V a cyborg-camouflages reptilian monsters, but some of them deserted from the invasion force to help earth defend itself.

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • An image of Anna, the leader of the V's, is projected worldwide as she speaks about everyone joining together and no longer being divided by country or separated by fear. She wants us all to unite, and is counting on a very important component of human nature -- devotion. At first considered a threat, the V's quickly become a fascination and a link to things that lay just beyond our reach. When FBI Counter Terrorist Agent Erica Evans discovers, while investigating a terrorist cell, what lurks beneath the alarmingly human exterior of the Visitors, she realizes resisting the Visitors has never been more important.

    - Written by ABC Publicity


"V" - "Pilot" - Nov. 3, 2009 It's a seemingly normal Tuesday morning in New York City at 6:30 a.m...

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