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Truly awful, do read on!
Domar_19 August 2009
Not sure who this aimed at. Travel documentary depicts couple of dumb bitches, excuse me, previous playmates of Girls Next Door fame who skip around a few limited locations in Croatia giving absolutely no insight whatsoever, nor showing much beyond their bikinis (their only gainful employment), for those enticed by the cover and title. Co-host Sara was, according to her, not even aware of the country's existence prior to traveling there for the episode, regardless of the civil war there in the early 90s nor its geographic location across the water from Italy, bordered by Bosnia. The two girls skip around ooh-ing and ahhh-ing worse than the satirical character of Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita, sampling local food, mispronouncing everything, and generally making complete jackasses of themselves in front of surprisingly well-depicted Croats. You begin to understand some peoples disgust with American culture when host Kendra introduces Croatia as being different from Borats Kazakh village she imagined, while the locals she encounters speak better, less twangy drawn-out English than she does. Skinny dipping vignette at the end tries to make it all worth while, though my answer would have been for the two hosts to step on an unexploded Serb landmine.
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