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30 Apr. 2012
4 May 2012
11 Jun. 2012
Voltopia/Kickin Boot
When Voltar and Dr. Frogg wind up at the city dump after taking a ride in the Lair's emergency escape pod, the two super villains assume they've accidentally destroyed the entire planet! Amidst the garbage and junk, they set out to rebuild the world in their image while Red and Doomageddon scour the city for their missing (and slightly delusional) teammates. / Voltar gets his evil little hands on a pair of discarded platform boots. The extra inches! The pooooower! But Frogg can't help but notice something strange about the boots... they're girls' boots, grant Voltar ...
16 Jun. 2012
Space Bugs!/Buy 2 Get None Free
Voltar has done it! He has finally managed to claim Skullossus's space station as his own by having LOSE pose as exterminators. With Skullossus staying at the Metrotown plaza hotel while his station is 'fumigated' for 'space bugs', Voltar hopes to use the station's mighty mightiness to... pester Steve! / In an attempt to get rid of Lair clutter, Voltar decides to start selling Frogg's useless inventions. And after watching an advert for Rotten Core's latest "Buy 2 Get None Free" offer, decides that the best way to do it is with infomercials! So Voltar and the gang ...
23 Jun. 2012
Mama Menace, Change for the Worse
When Red Menace gets sick, LOSE call in the big guns to put an end to his super sneezing. Parachuting in from the Olde Country, Mama Menace comes to save the day! But Mama Menace's sweet doting on her son has Voltar feeling a tad jealous. So the mighty leader of the League of Super Evil hatches his most devious scheme ever - make himself sick so Mama Menace can take care of him! But things go awry when he resorts to letting Doomageddon's pan-demensional germs make him ill. / Voltar thinks he's found a free limitless supply of change for the arcades when he discovers ...
30 Aug. 2012
Voltar's Parade/Just Us Genes
It's time for the annual Super Villain Parade of Doom! And this year, Voltar has his sights set on having his League of Super Evil float lead the parade. A herculean task considering that the mighty Skullossus float has lead float privileges... Also, unknown to the villains, their parade is heading for a trap set up by the Legion of Glory. / In a misguided attempt to spread justice across the city, LOSE's arch nemesis Justice Gene 'borrows' the evil Belt of Multiplicity from the Halls of Glory's hall of confiscated villain loot. And before you can say 'Just Us Genes',...

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