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00-Geddon/Hurty Dancing
Doomageddon is called into action to stop a righteous plan by the forces of good that could spell disaster for evildom. This leads to Doomageddon experiencing an adventure of James Bond-esque scope, complete with love interest, car chases, and high stakes collectable trading card games. / When Voltar's one and only belt winds up being used as the Cougar's necklace, a saggy pants Voltar sets his sights on getting it back. But how do you get close enough to a super thief to steal from her? By entering the annual non charity super villain dance competition and sneaking a...
Kinderprison/Each Sold Evilly
Voltar's evil genius will be put to the test when he must escape the most horrorfying prison ever built in the history of all things evil! A place of terror, a place of horror, a place of nap time, macaroni paintings and sing-alongs! He must escape from... a super kiddie daycare? It turns out that Voltar is just the right height to be confused for a super toddler. Can L.O.S.E. break him out before he winds up being put in time out forever? Voltar is outraged when he discovers the neighbourhood children playing with Force Fighter V action figures. After all where are ...
Gameageddon/Chez Voltar
It's a rainy day at LOSE HQ and the members of the League of Super Evil are very bored and looking for something to do. Red takes out his favourite childhood board game, Puppies in a Basket - an insipid board game that involves spinning a wheel, moving a token along a board, and collecting puppies. But when Voltar accidentally ends up in the lead, Red snaps and goes on a Hulk-esque rampage! LOSE's only hope to reign in Red is to continue playing the game and let him win. / Voltar and the LOSE boys open a restaurant of gross Doomhound seasoned food hoping to trick ...
Brain Freeze/Henchstrike
Voltar's 'brain freeze' from eating a Fudgey Yummy Fudge Cone too fast inspires him to embrace the yet untapped evil power of ice cream. Voltar commands Frogg to convert the V-Mobile into the evilest ice cream truck ever, giving away free scoops of Frogg's special sub-sub zero ice cream to Super Heroes, rival villains and innocent Metrotownians! But the Brain freezing turns Metrotownians into mindless Snowbies. / Voltar has gone too far! After demanding one too many excruciatingly difficult tasks from the Henchbots, they decide to go on strike, refusing to work until ...
The Skulloshow/The Cute of All Evil
Skullossus has the greatest evil plan ever (your standard drill a hole to the center of the world thus covering it in liquid hot magma deal). Everything is going according to plan until he realizes he's also got a hot date tonight! Can Skullossus get all his preparations for the big night and bring about world destruction at the same time? At the rate these pestering puny villains called the League of Super... something or other, keep on accidentally foiling his plans, the answer is going to be a no... / Voltar hatches a brilliant evil plan when he sees how stupid and...
V-TV/Cloudy with a Chance of Stupid
When LOSE gets their cable cut, Voltar decides to destroy television. If he can't watch it nobody can! But when Voltar is successful in his mission the world suddenly becomes a better place (people go out and enjoy the sunlight, children laugh and play, the library has line ups). There's only one solution - LOSE will have to start their own television station and fix this foulest of good deeds. / Voltar finds himself the smartest man in Metrotown when he accidentally covers the entire city in a cloud of pure concentrated stupid. With everyone reduced to the ...
LOSE Weight/Once upon a L.O.S.E.
In an attempt to whip his minions into shape, Voltar decides to sign LOSE up with Metrotown's premier super gym, the Sweatorium. The gym is run by Seymour Sweat, who is one barbell short of a set and determined to whip these wet noodles into shape. After a gruelling five minutes of working out Frogg, Voltar, and Doomageddon are floored. Red however is having the time of his life. Now it looks like LOSE are going to get a full workout - trying to escape the dreaded Sweatorium. / At long last the answer to the great question will be answered. How did the League of Super...

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